Sunday, August 31, 2008

justwrite 31 august

sunlight waits
at the base of a main street front door
a reverse shadow cat in the glass
no need for an owner

i know that if i write more
i will break this
will become the red-dyed hair
on the girl carrying her dog
for a walk

look at me
here is what i am doing
attention to the mechanical
a gear turns
pencil sharpened
words said aloud
allowed to rest/ carried on my tongue
until paper
sherbet ice milk cream vanishing
a cool sweet puddle

Saturday, August 30, 2008

justwrite 30 august

i have fed myself on illusions,
grown fat
peaches in the orchard ripen,
i want freshness
fill first a half-peck box
reach for all i can
simulating stimulating hunger
flat separate gray
i reach into the scene
curves rosy to the sun
a heavy box,
quiet thickens around me,
fuzzy, bright
sun in the branches
i will find the right one
one to carry close
before the tractor returns
the soft thud-- too late

there is no need to apologize in this place
nothing i could do would storm,
break roots
the space i carry with me melts a little

more to say
in layers
flavors of confusion
illusions pushed away, clinging back

soon it will be apples
gala on the pickyourown hotline
pick your own
selected retractions
baked into a pie
no tapioca
streaming hot juice spilling out

Friday, August 29, 2008

justwrite 29 august

it's a challenge to eat
a well-balanced valence
curtains get in your eyes
there's the rod to spoil
glass to pass away from
a dash glumly when it's gone
a strong-armed man
twisted into pretzels
the kind that aren't sticks
or squares
or broken
though too much more and snap
not the best stuff on earth
no bedtime stories by the hearth
imagining rhymes where they have no
time to climb in and ride
the sky's the sky and the limit's the limit
there is no spin to put on either
clothes suppose their own spin
cycling around the block
and tackle
camera case
just in/ this is
pierogies and pistachios
a turquoise cat in panty hose
nobody likes those suspenders
the suspended
the time lenders
i'm going around the corner for a nap
when i come back
let's just say you better not
or no more brown bread
no more pudding pops
systems from the west
catching the stream
jetting clean out of reach
i'm not bringing a suitcase
just a loose tooth and a string
stop me if you've heard this one
it's a hundred times tomorrow
just slam it and go
no hard peelings for potatoes
no spaghetti vegetarians
no reasonable offers will be accepted
try your business elsewhere
healthcare may be calling
fall all over those leaves

instant justwrite

instant choir
solve and shoot
scorn jobs not having work and being a moron
or a soldier with the backlapse enough
to wonder about say where trees go
and where babies go
when they're lonely
and what the breeze is for
and giving it what for
i gave it what for me myself and i was depressed
but this is the soil we have to lay
and the pants we have to wear
and the pleasant conversations we always have
i had one
and it was pleasant

Thursday, August 28, 2008


just the faux pas ples
nose notes just some of those ples
grim fandango a travelling carnival shuts down unexpectedly
when a bumbling wallaby cries infamy at the steps of said mayor thompson
said in the future tense cleaning his lens with a haughty hand and spitting in the dirt
in the dirt two ants enact forsaken war and jump when the other says jive
jiving is thompson with sticks and stones and four man homes

c'mon camping it's fun after all
i brought some breadsticks and some other snacks
if you want snacks just ask i have some

the carnival

uprising in the dirt and the mayor had his way and that's what happens to mayors

justwrite 28 august

out in the other room
there's a swooning time piece
swollen with hands
waiting to shake yours
heavy with guilt
spilt numbers
paper cuts
leftover coleslaw that doesn't belong here
moving on
to your right your eyes unpack
multiflora teleprompters
ready to send you your own words
inserted at the last moment
ready and waiting
sliver-plated and shiny
defining a whole hallway
a passage to grassy lands far away
expanding to stay there
i care not for that albatross
i will teach it how to fly
i will slice my apples and make it pie
tea for the latecomers
no words for the hummers
golden slumbers colored by number
i cannot take you all right now
there are words to hold on to/
hold off on
wait until the moon is empty
then the mail will come
then the numbers will run dry
flying into hurricane fits
twisting paper into lesser tickets
bits of advice in a pale hand
shaking/ delivering
i regret to inform you
wait until the stream
spill out all the spelling words
wonder what the difference would be
if the sea would sink

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

justwrite 27 august

this strategy is not working
jerk around that face and place your mirror in a palm tree
wiggle your fingers in a minimum wave
save those graces
talk a lot of coconuts
imagine what the natives think
who are the natives
where are their kitchens
who could cook in such a dream
the stage is set with frying pans/ cast by iron
there are no miracles on these pages
face your own disappointment
spades and diamonds
clubs all made of golf / claps/ laughs
the best things you ever told me
flushed / face/ away
i can feel the grinding
there is no one left to mind

fourteen or so

hey farmer
c'mon bread
make me some make me some
c'mon hot shots
c'mon lizards and doorbells
come make me some and look proud
look like a stand-up cut-out
looka lika and c'mon be proud
cut out those jean pockets and make me some
make me some pretty and be boy or else
shoot shot shore a bella dora
a king crimson shoot em' up
with ballroom barbecues and chills by the mills
c'mon be proud
c'mon look proud
and make me some

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

justwrite 26 august

a frosted rose grows no thorns
gathers no scorn
threads no needles with haystacks
lax measures have led us here
there was no protection
no plan for contingency
delinquency present everywhere
the reverse of confusion
wait until it comes around again
ringing bells without end
round cast iron/ reeled in
sketch a handmedown shopping list
discard the lard
apple dumplings will have to wait
fated transit across the atlantic
a mechanic and a carpenter
a real estate professional
an off-brand postal worker
how's that for a knee jerk
reaction collapsing time on its head
instead of feet meeting
the pavement in ordinary collisions
division streets
cross-purposed alleys
straddling the dinosaur footsteps
look i am invincible
barely erasable in latex caution
proteins in the air waves
save the party
recycle your grudges
nudges to the left/ back to center
enter the ender
the starter has gone off
a gun begun in infancy
in fancy hands
lace cuffs/ pinky rings/ silver spoons
wait until the landlord finds out
no clout enough to process this fluff
wait there was something i
no let me apologize first
rehearsed overtures
no i never meant to
thanks i've sent you
(in redundant abundance)
shall i pour a pot of tea
wait until the market opens
then we'll know the price
the right spice

drog days

gone in a jiffy
gone in a jiffy and two knocks at that
two knocks at perfection and one missed
missed by a mark for a lark and that's the occasion
for abrasion
a joke o joke for me and u
stringed together by two lengthy verbs
wood and drog
snook and canned his way into the factory
for fourteen full minutes
i was under the water
and for fourteen half minutes i joked around with several granular fishes
one by one ton gladhanding the masses
like the stringent yeast beneath the streets
the streets were wide if that's possible
smelling like mint air freshened if that's at all possible


water and land coexist peacefully again
and the ships favorite farmer can once again cohabitate
as if it never even happened
as if the big event and all of its adherents
just threw welcome mats at their own feet
and danced obnoxiously
sick of them
and their ghastly tricks
their ghastly pitches wouldn't give a lick for the trainspotting
if that's such and such a word
at such and such a place
is me
feet from the top window overseeing
and lending a
welcome toe
and being
what is to be

Monday, August 25, 2008

justwrite 25 august

in a panic we plan
our epistles accordingly
dear anyone please
do not forget the eggs
henry my darling my enemy
did you turn off the oven
when will our calls be answered
when will the voices rejoice in choices
melodies of calming options
adopting cooperative measures
rulers of leisure
a tendency to delete ledgers
plentiful abundance all around around
wait until i tell the doctor
we hear your fears
we are not impressed
have you no imagination
consider tragedy
consider badgers in the bushes
push the tulips from your mind
grow fruits with seeds
plant your star where they hatch
catch the imperative
turn it declarative
i am changing this scenery
beware the interrogative
the dogged bumblings
dog-eared fumblings through paperbacks
laugh tracks
situational comedy
where you had to be/ there right there
left in a puddle on the couch
a cushion of lemonade
blades of grass crashing the party
part your hair on the wrong side tomorrow
see where that gets you
left behind
text clinging to your fingers
too many words lost/ loose lips
wait until your father gets
scoots hollers
grabs a collar
lets it have the tie

Sunday, August 24, 2008

hats and belts

it's so long that it's ridiculous
it's so long and ar du ous
i just don't want it any more
i won't wear the belt
i won't wear the belt
it's crazy
so many belts

i'm goin all out to morr ow
come and see my bathroom
i am wearing an oxford
i can wear something else
i haven't got any mail
i can be a business major
i haven't got any mail but i think i'll get some
i can get a tie and sit in the same class all the time
but if i don't get any soon i might become depressed
i could complain and watch tele vision
i might wear one of those hats

justwrite 24 august

i will eat your smile with my teeth
splashing chewy gums into words
there are petals made of ivory
siding behind lips
there are always rhymes with lips
eclipsing sips and tipping flips
i am full of extra fingers
pointing the way your way
my way is pointless
my way is over there by the trees
my way is how i do it
without a musical explanation
but sometimes yes
test the waters and bottle your daughters
stun your sons with electric detail
draw deep from your wheel well
gasp the traps before they score your air
braiding your hair into confusion
the trouble with food
the perceptions of good
exercise leaves behind
tabletops expand
handy lands beyond reach now
sparkling climates beg for relief
a tablecloth laid with crumbs
humming too much
let me see those toes
i will kiss your broken elbow
bending again and again
reaching out to make a move
take a turn a spin of the roll of the
but everything comes up stars
blue moons
wait until the cereal is gone
tell me what you really want
tell me who you really see
remind me of your excuses
beautiful in your mouth
charcoal in my ears

so sayeth

horteen hours most mostly coming in twos witnessing steps and miles a minute
being a mile once in a blue windmill
being foretold is the best to be
dizzingly quared
i got my own two cents here and i'm never cold
give me mortgages and lending sprees
i want to buy shopping aisles and c'mon gladly
like a whipped gadfly
like an all shook up missed missionary
missed too many pocket stains
and too much of what not enough
that's okay though

Saturday, August 23, 2008

justwrite 23 august

there were pictures in the park today
photos of a fresh wedding
black and white set in color
the carillon bells at 4:30
country music
an inflatable movie screen
onlookers doing just that
tennis players making mistakes, victories
looking into each others' eyes
click click click
walking away
walking back
joggers on the ropey sidewalks
tying up the perimeter
willow trees and canopies
of course i don't recognize
i imagine i do
think of the drive home
the sun is warm on my back
closed captioning is why the second screen
the wind blows
of course
they ride away in a chartered bus
big windows tinted in
two photographers
minivans of extension cords
an AV trailer
extra toddlers and a stream
baseball hats and bald spots
click click
again with the bells

Friday, August 22, 2008

justwrite 22 august

i'd like to finish this book before the cook burns the stove
the cloverleaf pattern is too green for tomorrow
and the eggplants keep growing into chickens
clicking tattered heels into cartwheels no place like homecoming
frowning at repeated gerunds
comparing tense shifts with time rifts
i ate dinner backward into the fall
calling all superfresh grocery stores your order is ready
your carts are piled up by four horses
coursing through the vain trains preening their sleeper cars
sing me your guitar and i will call your bluff beautiful
i sing the mimic eclectic
i talk too much
i wait until the lights go out to speak my doubts
by the suntime there are thirty more reasons to wonder
plunder my alarms and snooze them boldly with icy fingers
cling to troubled palms swaying their romantic branches
sticky with sweat and letting go
molding the walls into real chair bumpers
the bees spending their knees on pollen and lollipops again
wait until the shepherd has his pie and then try again
a scanty scannery row plows houses up and over the hedges
i asked you to wait
you remembered the dishwasher someone else asked for
it wasn't me
i was the one who wanted the marble washcloth
i was the one who faced the day with a muddy nose
i write differently with line breaks
the space does something to the words
now i am writing about what i am writing
now this is a circle with an end

Thursday, August 21, 2008

justwrite 21 august

it's a redripe apple core more than i can bare like four arms flashing in the noonday none will be heard and all will be served last with a clash of knock-off bowling balls falling short of the pins and needles teetering on the records skating away on the thin lines of college-ruled filler paper scraping the mistakes from the floor and wondering how some can adore a bull when the pull away like to run to save your own tidy hide can't be denied can't defy conventions no matter who's nominated and whose confiscated house keys are ringing in the night owl diner's pocket locked up tighter than a shoestring with a budgetary peril showing in those cotton strands an unplanned recourse with scissors for lips clipping with quips each threaded head ready to roll to unlock the socks within a box of sins and one of them was hope which soaps up the suds and trips up reason greasing by on rainbow bubbles a consonant for your troubles and nothing but a pancake in an earthquake staking out a pie chart with a hearty gathering a smattering of utensils and interdimensional linens bringing the table together in an underweather oversweater type of deal feeling a little woolly for the scene whatever that means and weighs

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

justwrite 20 august

despite the height of this bowl and the depth of control required to conspire against gravity in the maintenance of its lofty position i cannot listen to you pouring prattling boring yarns into charming twists blistering the whole pile in a smarmy smiling beguiling childlike way blase to say the most of the least likely spike in execution of solutions carried out and married to doubts as long as they all shall live they all shall give their two weeks' notice two too many weeks early in curling pearls of swine plucked from the wine before it hatched before the catcher matches the pitch with a hard-hitting start-again roundabout with loaded bases and distant chases into a stewy meadow dewing as they do on such occasions with slick emblazoned buses fussing their tender wheels steeply uphill spilling over endless rovers and rose red beds with snowy white sheets discreet and completely unhinged from their hems and stitched up with lemons too soon to tell or to shell out those circle games though their twisted fame should be enough to translate into capital with the election pull filling the pool with buzz and nudging the budget up and over one and a half which is laughable in a climate full of high-stake salads and a crash sandwich course in realism when pointtillyoudropism turns out to be ineffective and the trend toward being neglective drops right off and gets left behind

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

justwrite 19 august

tell me again about your pleasant discretion the connections between our fingers your bringing of sweet smells to my ears to overflowing while growing poppies in your cornfields filling up my window boxes with gloves and sandwich bags full of cookies looking right back at you and straight through the clovers over and under in blundering relief crinkling your fries and eyeing the stagecoach hoping that the smoking comes from where there's a fire and not for hire and not to conspire toward death in ragged breaths hung out to dry left about knee high in the garden while steely glances harden into cottage cheese freezing out the doubts and sprouting an indescribable trial a full course of action tracking the lost cost the cause applauding lauding your noble callings collect while the rent goes hungry and your socks turn fuzzy while the tone turns south mouthing the words to the unrhyming jingle unheard since absurd addresses went undelivered went quietly shivered just unforgivered and words like that catching compliments in my palm and flipping them into a backhand an in-demand handstand jungle upside-able and stable enough for potato salad to be called for to be stalled and more importantly to be tire-changed and exchanged for a shaky hand and a commanding door handle scandalously tight in the stickyhot night on dry land having to hand it to you through and two by four in adorable separates mix and match catch-alls for the you who has it all but falls apart without things

Monday, August 18, 2008

justwrite 18 august

this is one i don't want to write until it's sunny when to try is to miss the bus but the luck runs marathons to try to catch up to drown doubt in a bathtub swimming pool when if i ever told you about the time with the duck you would turn your head away you would plant your park bench and water it growing but when i came home from bouncing the baby and petting the cat and dropping you off at the train (leaving the) station there was an empty mailbox waiting for me afterward and i know you have to give to get but it seemed like a little much which here means not enough so the tough waves have got to be crossed off or given raises saving their faces for nearer neighbors and bigger characters so misunderstood in the final pages when the earlier stages seemed to paint a picture of someone i once knew and you too the same do but a different name a rearranged claim ticket to punch while prospecting for hawaii and naming it a state with rubber shoes to boot while ninety percent are hesitant about self-incrimination the fascination keeps them from turning away watching it play out all four bases touching briefly on the outer reaches the pineapple features of plastic welcome shelved in the corner until the tornado passes and i'm sorry that your glasses got cracked in the staging but all i can say is thanks for giving me that role and buttering me up even if you took a few bits out of me i would gladly pass you the jam and give you a hand any old time

justwrite 17 august brokenheaded

it is colder in the dark
but the light inside the trunk
highlights plunder
peach fuzz and packages
warm together
in the goodnight
our leavetaking takes no leave
leaves behind
no underlined finding
giraffes half-step away
searching for whole rests
blessing their footsteps
resting on restored floorboards
waiting for the elephants
to dance

Saturday, August 16, 2008

justwrite 16 august

despite the spark that shrank the dark there was a starling stirring in the trees refolding its knees into a better state for dreaming when the careening color of orange appeared near enough to smell but not yet close enough to taste and in the face of such a happening of wings was a sufficient way to say that the day may as well start right now right then and again the whistles blew from the nearby watchers catching those angular rays in and out of branches dancing in nearly soundless movement a zoom-in on the backdrop focusing on the hocus pocus spin given to ordinary things like the fingers or feathers right in front of you and the thing to do was and always is to stretch longly and wonder what is this all about and if no shouts come through with answers then the doubts are enough chance for rolling back over or under but if the colors warm and new shades appear in a clearing sort of sense then the dimension that unfolds might be worth stepping out into like a juicy bite of orchard fruit dripping right down your sticky face and you know then the time is now

Friday, August 15, 2008

justwrite 15 august

when i get home i call rome for a picnic i stow a gnome in a napsack with a halfstack of dollar cakes a pan full of syrup a hurky jerky lurkle circling the globe with a hat looking for its match and i am the carrier and i tip the ferrier to make sure that we don't topple but the thing is the dapples on my peaches are reaching a whole new bowl full of glory with their crinkly skins their sprinkling sins growing up into better elves their sweeter selves richer in reflection a tree direction straight up in loving cups of hopeful stuff like spring onions though no one wants to smell like those fingers to ring those dingers but to linger in the shadows of a late summer day smelling autumn in the wrist twisted into your own it's a home-grown remedy to homesickness a pickled case full of erased dates and calendars slamming full glasses of juice into fruity treeflowers powering all the lights on a city street in the deep dark park with the love under sidewalks talking in secret riddles twiddling the earthworms into moist cool smiles the whiles away and out to play until no one says and when no one dares the whispers are gone again moths in the flowers watching the spider webs and imagining what could have been in a different light but it's bright enough for now that the cow has milked a silken earth full of queen anne's lace and replaced the dark with cool light

Thursday, August 14, 2008

justwrite 14 august

when the time comes the strumming will drum up a great percussive chord in the sky a high and dry mighty fortress is our sodden step creeping eerily with gurgling stomach flummoxed by hypocrisy and unsharpened pencils a hidden dimension full of hypertension and other noncasual maladies the endive subscribes to the forecast of the week seeking various and sundry plunder hungering through the zoo and carrying two loose strands to sew teeth back into the front rows when all who wants for christmas is what is a sputtering explanation of celebration without agreeing to a theory of creation because who doesn't like a party well i sure don't and i sure vote in favor of tupperware scare tactics gloomy like humidity the liquidity of fear free-flowing up to the seal snapped tight like good night and good pluck to carry through an open-viewed window a brain going backward warned like stormtroopers a steep superstar carving up the knife and preferring instead a spoon a boon of extra jam sticky on the black currants currently coursing through the elephants who struck out at the deli and filled their trunks with jelly and a separate case with biscuits and half a dozen triscuits of varying flavor easy to savor in discrete squares shredding wheaty cares into crunchy compare the shouting too loud and unshrouded and did i ever did we shiver those timbers with such limber limbs pounding our steps into place and time like a boardwalk pond song

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

justwrite 13 august

when the clock struck one in one's face the gender erased confused the scene and the obscene phone calls were for cats with whistling bats twisted into tender tails and hailed as the newest in weather patterns a smattering of clattering plates and states filleting blue and red instead of yellow which is a primary three indeed though the secondary questions have yet to be asked and the greenest of parties has yet to be crashed so sweeten your salad with a carotene ballad a minstrel song of long-eared corn and stormy celebration with conversations heated by geothermal blankets and the dankest of dark dungeons will come again will strum again the tenderest trends until the horizon is vertical once again and the situations transpire so that churches con-spire or sans-spire play the shirts and the skins in a game of distant twins mocked by clocked souvenirs for who was here and we were where the tie rolled out one side faster than the other but by the end it's a tie

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

justwrite 12 august

the cat is going to eat my eraser and when she does i will make no mistakes there will be discrete complete numbers no blunders no half-eaten remainders no strangers but fiction just reasonable contradictions worked out in jery facts as a matter of principle a justifiable rinse cycle more than sloughing off the suds stemming buds from seeds and massive weeds drowning in hand-picked windstorms swarming earfulls of cottonballs stalling until the phone rings and excitement brings itself down a notch or two and tumbles through and over a few flights with stairy delight in starry eyes in a heap at the bottom not a leap but a solving of problems which is how to get down from so high and no amount of counting can save you now can milk your cow and cash your sow's purse into silk ears to steer your ship into shape a masked caped costume blossoming in a comic brain straining to contain the frames and pouncing on pow! as the only way to say how it all went down from there

justwrite 11 august grizzly bear delayed

i hate you and your hat your scattered brains straining to stay within the sink or swim oil and vinegar distillery the spillway through the brewery overlooking the overbooking of the airline industry the business of bees and the trees they sail through to mail you so long a letter such sweet forgetters better than spaghetters and cheese with breezy knees knocking together in the argyle sweaters and the unleaded socks docking at the bay and piggy backing on all those lacking streams of consciousness the obnoxious fits of certainty preying on altars with the halters and bits of frothy lips flipping off internships by the bushels the constant updates on progress requested besting the good times and fighting the end rhymes too easily clipping off sense at the mention of closure an over-exposure of certainty tainting the delivery of meaningful thoughts bought and sold and scolded over easy with treasonous squeezing of original creation the divination of frustration in evidence tagged and bagged and defragged and re-pegged begging off work in jerky thumb motions reaching the ocean in a few short jaunts haunting the miles of the tollbooth spooks sparkling darkening smiles with wild children made of dew spilling through the truth but forsooth the sense presumably entrenched when benched by end rhyme is enhanced by internal burbles over streaming hurdles with hoopstitched hopscotch

Monday, August 11, 2008

justwrite 10 august

turn up your stereo
stare your oreo down
drown your milky sorrows in soggy tomorrows
drift away as eyebrows lift to say oh yes did you think so well oh no let me tell you though
and they do
they always have some carrots to shred
the unnecessary toppings lopping off greenleaf suggestions of ratified dimensions
constitutional but quite unusual
suitable for walk worth talking about
when the cat's out the moths play hopscotch from butterscotch paws
rolling in the drifting lift
quitting the quilting until the winter picks up
no one wants to knit a nitpicker
no one wants to quit one who makes dinner
for all of the aerobics
for all of the anaerobics
this one's for the steerers the cattle tattlers
telling all the tails to high go it away to stay out until after dark and forget the bread
no one's head will roll for this scroll to call late for dinner
swim with sinners and lay down with liars

Saturday, August 9, 2008

new babies

i did it!
ididit and you didn't it

fat chance man i'm standing in line
i'm standing here screw you buddy
screw you buddy buddy you screw
fat chance tuesday walk with me in the park
fat screw home and i'll make you a cake
a nice fine cake and you'll eat it too
you'll eat it and eat it and eat it too

justwrite 9 august

the upstairs is full of people who have forgotten their feet their sweethearts have up and boiled over while they were taking pot shots at black kettles nettling them in their flowery beds with reasons instead enough to stuff their handkerchiefs in their eyes and hightail it out beyond doubts and southbound trains have before and will again sustain refrains of woe but to go is something better than to stay in staid rows lining up to catch the track stars ready to go and steady to show and heady to place with the race lingering on with strong-armed certainty the dependency on strangleholds with scolding left for other mothers to bear and to bury but those left behind the upstairs kind have lost their socks and docked their pay three toupees to the quarter hour a sour lesson to earn once the books are burned and the cats scratch their catch and crane their necks to the birds with absurd words exchanged rearranged from the common vernacular to form spectacular phrases the amazing ways this answer forms a cancer while it sits in a corner purposely forlorn and forewarned of such eventual perspective the prime directive which is forward though the score board shows a ticking licking being taken with mistaken addition subtracting all laughing from the play-it-again stadium demoting all hope to second class carry the third carriage in the garage lumbering through the forest until the trunks abhor us and our own passing

Friday, August 8, 2008

fat joke

14 pilgrims
a vietnamese contingent
of real bussed people
rolled off a hill

a real pilgrim in a modern age
a modern age
full of real people
who are born and then don't believe they will die and then die

wearing their own legs for protection
being their own brothers
and blessing themselves like full-grown pilots
i'm a sky and one of them says it like he means it
i'm a sky and i don't need any help anyway and if i did i wouldn't say so

i was born under a full moon and this is my age
i was born to two or three parents and this is my name
i was born so long ago i don't remember and this is my social security number

the one who doesn't believe will be forgiven anyway

hot children go up to their own elbows and this feels good
like a solemn solemn
like a friendly gimmick
like a joke between two people
who don't laugh and don't want to

justwrite 8 august

when i get depressed it's a mess like a nest growing chiclets instead and it's a sticky click of the pen to write a story to bite my sleep in half and carry the graph paper around the corner to warn the sorter of impending disorder a washer and a dryer crying fire in the fryer and dumping all those frozen potato sticks on linoleum lips tripping the molecules amassing on their way to the trash can budgeting for the slowdown certain to occur the procurement of unintentional retention snapping off the peas and queues and impatient as all get out on their way to elsewhere something there much more entertaining restrained from going along and counting the throng from afar as pleasantly flowing without going and screwing it all up with a broken cup to sip from and complain about while spouting loose tooth tales and flailing unnecessarily glum thumbs catching a ride no one no one would want to and riding it straight through to the other side you wish you could hide at least until the company's gone but it's my fault and my cult of personality to believe in to deceive twin clone superdrone automatons from going on and on in far-gone guesses with stresses on every joint the anointment wearing off with scoffing winds winding down and calendar crowns slipping off the last of the great bales full of potential no great shakes to milk there and none of your ilk should care if i have anything to say about it and i do i'll shout it easily but the squeeze you'll see from the side view is out of proportion it's a sideshow distortion so caution in your consideration though i shy away from moderation and conversation though elevation and condensation are still safe and may save this nation

Thursday, August 7, 2008

justwrite 7 august

where the red fern grows its own tomatoes there's a wind blowing harder than that chair where you had to sit when you'd said it all and there was no place to take it back to you with your saucy mouth you with your pouches of reserved sass kept back for just the right moment when the right back was turned and the left cheek had earned enough color for one way a ticket to lick all comers to stick to the numbers and bet the reserves the preserved ringers all around the horseshoe curve the best old pie charting off to mexico at that rate of return no longer just a stronger sip of a clipped ponytail wagging a stump to brush off the gawkers wondering how and why the sighs added up that way stayed awake to say hello to the afternoon despite never having made its previous acquaintance the main dance a trance of utmost solemnity drinking the scene with tangerine subsets the pretext was a prologue had to be said ought to be read in triplicate like a transparency or a forgive me like a transcript demanding itself be heard be absurd with wording unseen and sights unclean even in the lean months once there was a moth and the trough it had to cross was so wide it decided to hide so it lied to its boss which it didn't have since it was a moth and it pretended to start the journey but slipped away into the moon instead spreading its wings and singing a secret song in the cool white air


harsh double pronunciation garners good advice from local policemen wearing nothing
noted biographer turns his sights on a last-minute hoopla generated in the cached out masses
going to school is as cool as it's ever been, notes a living mistake
mustard tastes well
a motion picture is being made
wars are being fought
and other such things beneath the sun
i am making some plans
a hoop is a sky and my eye is the ball
balling is like an ocean to my fancy
working hard or committing suicide?
being mutually exclusive is a sailor
torpid mindless scrunchies become whales in instant sadness
motion sickness is like a french-fried ocean
i opened a store
i was the lucky one
they gave me free in bulk

justwrite 6 august

flagpoles above the fields yield the rights of way to the left to stay above and beyond the call of duty the dirty suits polluting the fruiting trees the fleeing bees ringing the bells of smelling salts halting the haunting hollows from their hallowed shallows the callow behavior too sour to savor the pineapple saviors delivering us from evil from people from steeples great and small from curtain calls in the fall of the year the kingdom of calontir broadcasting their feasting and fasting schedules the menus growing up in rugged cups the fuss out of sorts the forts we build and the whine we've chilled to spill out at a warmer time once the dining fine has been paid once the skunk has sprayed its own trunk and spayed its own end to no avail a tale twice baked and an ending three times faked out and shaken down with crowning glories inaugurated which is coronated like two gentlemen of verona in a sauna and one asks hey you wanna and the other says why i oughta and so this is when the mail gets delivered with quivering college-ruled lines defined by a matrilineal spin swimming in and out of focus a soapdish for a boat and a slippery slope from which to hop and skip and flip hotcakes in mistaken ecstasy the fumbling next we see a slide of raw hides and lion prides all flaunting and taunting their naked tails and failing to reach their own limits to number their own digits in a reasonable order the source of all chaos is not being your own boss

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

justwrite 5 august

this is a computer
screening takes place every second of your sticky fingers
i remember they had teaberry ice cream
i remember sugar in my hair
i wish i could remember if i ever wore a hat
let me ask you could you live like that?
could you give up your no probably not
my eyes melt into the bright
the dark waits its turn
pathetic efforts may be realistic
to be continued in cop-outs

justwrite 4 august wayback shortstack

a catalog of leapfrog tendencies
fighting off dependency with a stick
it's more than i can bite off
more than a bear can scare in the dark
parking it in the shade
dripping like defrosting exhaustion
convoluted solutions by the dozens

justwrite 3 august still pennsic delay

a snap on tap with a rap song to throng to a strong brew chewing up the overcoat out of a remote course a chore horse getting together the forever trims rimmed like spectacles the spectacular vernacular on the common tongue strung closer together in the heavenly felonies the cello dreams of teaspoons full of humidity the tree and the treason the reasons for breezeways the stays tying down the railroad the trails gold enough for a brew for a newold toldyouso a throwback a laugh sack full of barrels full of apple monkey pie frying all the butter cookies brooked by trout doubting the rainbow will glow again the show will stroll down another glen a den of thieves leaving off their scoffing troughs and swellls and whales and yells with good times underlined and italicized with romanized contingencies the fleas and the flown the grease and the sewntogether cutapart darting between cubicles and breakfasting on cubicles the curlicue extremes and the dreams of another smothering letdown crowning all the giveaways with malaise and crocheted leis tracing the elements the stench of an ugly past lasting into and through a sunburned future nurturing the nature of a stationary turn of phrase wasting away on a laced-up tray and serving dinner and hoping you'll stay

justwrite 2 august pennsic delay

a clogged harvest locking the clock into fall always coming down faster than probability the silly way the faded state of this union will lead to confusion the logistics tuning in to such an adventurous station starting the conversation with an appetizer and finishing with salad the ballad of digestion teaching lessons to the masses and praying to stay out of the way of the weigh-in playing all middles against the end times the new romans holding their breath with matchless flames the lame made to go again the scandal mishandled by the trials the vials of experimental peril heralding a new loose tooth the truth too fresh to bake in a mesh oven the gloves shoving pages back from counteractive directives the protective donuts demoting coconut and cutting corners around the hemming and the hawing the cawing of a raven never more abhorrent than before another torrent of downpouring with mismatched garb detail-oriented and hearkening back to a different seam streaming forward with a point guard to boot in cahoots with the fruits of a different tree the fee pay scale failing at the last moment the quotient of loose-legged bar stools to drool latin pigs sings poetic curses against the grain above the salt the taut line catching the rat fish for a dish for all to stall out through the feedback the meat-packing industry stuffing the dairy full of loose talk and moist heat

justwrite 1 august parker dam delay

unclosed snores pouring out boring side pockets the lockets stocked with calendar collections the misdirections of an uncovered motherboard storing all the ages in caged opportunity a tunic and a t with a movie deal rolling in with a troll under the buttered roll strolling through the frying pan a crying shame to burn too early an earthly delight too bright for sleep too yawning to creep under the covers too smothered like yelping helpings of goat's milk with excuses for drinking too much but the cottage full of cheese bags to be delivered begs to be recovered like an unfortunate book with pink letters a troubling sweater itching for wool pulling out all the stops copping a new deal and the civilian conservation conversation saving grace under admired fires conspiring to live free or eat pie a blueberry try-it badge catching the eye of each spy worth trying for a half an hour more than ready for steady weaving up and at a scattered brain in training for tomorrow a sorrow to lend and not borrow to wander away toward other prepositions while submissions are limited the tins are minted by the hour and the plans somewhat sour in your head instead of going home a wandering roam away to wave the dream boat toward a featured defeat with measured feet in half-steps

justwrite 31 july belleville delay

by the time the sun sets in the trees there'll be no more lifesavers in your pocket and the lock box you thought you stocked well will be missing kissing another set of eyes surprised by the bounty it cost you so much to amass and the crass reminders of your debt will bet the farm on neon alarms up and down the avenue turning walnut street into a ritzy new venue testing your willingness to believe slipping the ace from your sleeve to the floor where it's lapped up by a jack russell terrier placed there for the purpose no reimbursement available and no salable goods recovered at the scratch and dent tent everything gold must go and only green is clean enough to stay to sort the way and doubts from the fresh and hot supposition mission a recovery of clover a shudder through the cheddar aisle styling dairy fantasies into the court departing from the past tense through an interdimensional trench scooping up the loops and the fruit and tooting your own scorn which is not attractive but counteractive to your noble purposes your classless gases in their own fine line categorized and sized with atomic weight understated and the sun when it comes will grill your cheese and skin your knees again you will be seven years old again and pigtails will be fascinating and the only currency worth any contemporary fare will be wrapped in cellophane but not for very long

Monday, August 4, 2008


horrid horrible and more living leaving and quaint
quick and quick and quick

i think her name is anne bee she is short and wise with herself
she has all that she can have at the time being and she is living
she is living in a library and 19
she is living in a libel state she is a cage this that
she is this that she has fake finger nails
they can't find her as she is a room no one knows about or cares to go in
and cares to know about they secretly know
the telephone rings and it's not for her
for her is a book stolen from a boy it is called e. ethelbert miller it is by where are the love poems for dictators?
it is not read she cannot read
she is offended by this and that and taxes

she has short round dynamos and eyes
and nose for six-year-old store
her mouth is from a different store an older one
and hot fingers and toes (extremities)

frequent misspellings are hers or not hers she cannot spell but her own name

at an atm and her her friend
opposite tall boxy like a box only not
metal trimmings and a voice ever so clever
only not
the opposite of and integral that machine...

Friday, August 1, 2008


let's end it all
let's end it all
let's end it all up
let's burn our rivers
let's burn our rivers under the rivers and
let's end it all
and let's end it all

let's take our infrastructure
and let's
take our infrastructure
and let's
send our society
back to the sender
and let's end it all

up and let's up and
end it all

and let's give us our daily bread
let's take our sidewalks
and walk them
and them we'll walk
until we don't want to
and let's end it all
on a preposition

and let's fish fry
coners melting the
corners melting
out of the open windows
hot fresh documents
hot off the end
bar codes merging
in a hot black pool
in a hot black pool
let's end it all