Monday, February 18, 2013

18 february

Off goes the wirework/ the spark perks its own caffeine and brews the truth that sets itself freezing… We are listening quietly and listing to the right, always the bright star rising and the darkness surprising when it comes and hums tiredly toward night. Wait until the wonder falls, wait until the curtain calls and the crickets light up. Do you have the tickets yet? Did you want to book a yes? Operators are standing by, operations are concentrating with focus too hocus pocused to admit in wider circles (we are all self-conscious, by design and underlined with highlighter and charcoal goal posts). I am telling the truth and it is setting everyone else free: What’s the deal and how does it feel to be you? How does it look to be ruing the day you say what you mean but it’s heard the wrong way? Wait and I’ll scramble it, wait and I’ll ramble it backward through a V8 a V6 a Super8 vocoder, an underwater decoder—give me a ring and I’ll climb in my cereal box… scratching all my chicken pox, I ended up with scars… elementary bars that I’ll wear toward the end of days and anyways who’s counting? The mounting crisis is one to step down from, the way numb fingers tingle in jingle jangle hypocrisy: knowing what I’m doing and knowing that I’m fading but believing in believing and believing, too, in hope. These are the dreams we make and stars we toss up into our skies even as they fall on our heads, land on our pillows, and interrupt our dreams. Hello, I call, hello right number wrong, and hello, awake. Wake up, remindbacker. Eagertime puppy seeks prettysun kitty for hello and yesplease but just asyoulikeit.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

3 february

When there’s no shadow that means the sun has gone and done due diligence or the silly thing is elsewhere the real scare is otherwise the big surprise is waiting the carbon dating hating its reliability predictable spilling of beans the way the scene can’t help but preen its feathers the selfsame way I played my part and my heart’s on my sleeve weaving in and out of messages I’m sending up in smoke if you’ll please check yes or no you will kindly see you’ve poked the circuit broken the rope and also jumped the cable we’re able to make metaphors out of socks but the rocks and the scissors are paper in your hands and I’ve landed without being picked up this time I’m rhyming without steps having leapt to conclusions that may have been illusions holding hands in outstanding hurry but without worry having realized sense in innocence and experience in lambs and William Blake reclaimed the other songs too long for those lips we eclipsed the buses and trussed the couches I told you those ouches and set aside dog days those over and handed you grand without expectations I changed all the stations and tuned myself in swim said the fishes and also the cat we are the prettiest but there must be questions and also the lessons keep learning themselves and also the teachers must keep writing down I went to the cupboard to take down the soup but you had already eaten and I didn’t even find out and this is how it happened I am thinking about the answers but there are still the questions and while we are me and also you I am thinking about canaries and how to sing we are lambs and chimney sweeps innocence and experience and I am thinking to keep singing there are two books and so many words and while these are allusions also these are truths