Monday, March 31, 2014

31 march

if there was a track i'd skip it
a path too rusted for roots to shoot through
i try and i cycle
let me tell you more about the story as i see it
this is the part where i open my heart and pour poorly
even as the record spins worlds twin split and i've written the ending
pretend scenes and missed lines
undefined status catch us and regress
the best is yet to have passed
muster or elsewise
the surprises in the pinwheels reveal air only air
up there the sky is crackling bold
the tires wild and squealing hold music of an otherwise day
let's step outside and provide cover for the grass
shade asks nothing but space to spread
beds and pillows window seats
neatly folded napkins adapting to the unhinging of the set
having met it's harder to ignore
applause for all those good moments
showing it's still possible
though denial in the back pocket still looks like a card
hardening my feet while softening my knees
bracing for a fall a call to arms shouldered
smouldering seems too much but when suddengone so is oxygen
a gutkick to stick through
then suck up as it were
the clouds allowed to reform and so can i
making no apologies
seeking no acknowledgement
drawing close the rain

Sunday, March 30, 2014

30 march

although in the end it turned out to be just the middle and the fiddle wasn't a banjo as some had suspected - a clearly misdirected angle to try and wear out - a scouting party sent out that never returned earned plenty of reputations across divergent nations of similar statures (whatever's the matter will make the guide book / will cast an easy look about appearing to case the joint as if that's something one does) easy as the fuzz separates from sweaters no one wanted to destroy the joy falls off of trees that haven't been fruited or mints that haven't been watered the otter and the pussy cat totally unwritten and unrhymed have chimed their eager paces in starstruck races toward infamy when we see the truth unfolding we're easily beholden to the teller but no matter the buyer the seller is higher although the customer must defer in some cases and anyway i'm no business type though the line that drives will always arrive faster than the score if you know what i mean and it's an angry scene that knows its own ending pretending to fabricate dinner dates and other sideswipes with overripe tomatoes and plums like depths you crept past while looking for heights and what i want to know is who to show this as i blow this chance to smithereens the soup tureens and handmedown silver deliver too many chances to be good and understood as i am tired as a ham sandwich without any lettuce there are situations we cannot pretend to defend but it's a deep end we're diving into and we can swim through if you like with those sundays wide open just a cherry toppling over with snowish delight

Saturday, March 29, 2014

29 march

other things to talk about, you know
walk about and show - don't tell -
who wants to know the thoughts that glance off of cardboard windowpanes
who reads the lines between the spines of abstract feelthis projections
there's other, you know
there's real in detail there's rain
washing through the parking lots where someone calls a name
not mine i am not phil
filling space with the chase of revelations
waiting for conversations to explain explore uncover and show
waiting to know
and yet
the inbetween is where the real
the headachey nap that farrunning brings to an otherwise afternoon
moons and other sky pieces doing their business
keep going
there's plenty here to see to do today and only now
why hold anyone's breath
why and how
where is the time when i will sit and write and write and write
please let me care less about other
please let me care more about all
please let me progress past questioning
answers are for the writing
onto the shelves and into the pages
a suitcase of novels and poems in cages
waiting for the sun
who loves the sun
other lyrics too balladous to bring to light
scrambling eggs and slurring the weekend
running through dreams while waking to stillness
forgive my apologies and here are some more
i mean to care less but i forget againagain
there is more than one angle
try as might
melting night and coffee too late
waiting the end of waiting
moving toward forward
how hard to be satisfied uncurious and tired
looking listening thoughts curlywild exploding through cloudyhead wonder

Friday, March 28, 2014

28 march

but the truth is if i had more time i would give it right to you without a second thought / bought and sold and rolled over the digits too frigid to spin in any other scene but here they mean more and i'd store up expressions the lessons to learn the projects that burn in the wings singing sweet for attention but dropping through dimensions in comparison the air we're in too thin for freeflow and too thick to let go although what is held onto is only from this angle a tangle of tries and errors the mirror's too far so i'll just make guesses - the tune's too guitar so why take lessons - turning in toward while wondering where to board and when to what the gut drawn out with a swift kick and remember it's disappointment but there is else plenny other shelves to draw into that space - no chase required, still a race inspired - let me see the curtain fall and i'll turn back my ticket but for now the play is still the swing not set but still let's go

Thursday, March 27, 2014

27 march

options up for adoption crave staving off or cozying close/ the most mean the least release in joy the toys of greater days and scenes while the opposite topdown still unfound - making a list but missing the checktwice, just nicer to imagine other than to know the show itself going on - a stronger opportunity for immunity to darkness than a park bench of unmentionable views held true and self-evident - sent packing in but not out or away and to say what i mean is easy but to know where i'll go is hard - cracking yolks like ten thousand rises hitting the sky in the same instant waking the lake geese and the shaky knees of progress

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

26 march

running against sense i couldn't help but mention the tense i caught myself in
rather than abandon the future and the past both i found myself a moat of present and drowned in it
possibilty some might say some might pray for more of that glut to flush through the system
a drain to stain the sky with to drip dry with
even as those tomorrows know i find it hard to blow dry hair and care at the same pace
the race to the fittest the finders with fees and the planters of trees wait outside
where else should i wait
until when and where what date my last and what bombshell the blast that will shock these waves
craving somethingelse
waiting a shelf high and drawer low
in and out utensils and linens
we are all flat where we are planted
blooming in substantial beliefs with wreathed dreams and saturated themes
i have been to windows and i have watched the snow
there is no wasted weather
there are seats but i am walking away
no cheers for this steering committee i am in a different lane
i am plain to see and easy as a paid fee to cross off any list
rising a fist with sun and hands full of applications
we are the stations changing tuning in to static to listen for clues
useful in our truths we search for self-evidence
ideas for the wonder and folly for the blunder
let us all have our maps back and we will chart the courses
carts and horses and soup for dinner
frost's birthday and ferlinghetti's week
vonnegut leaks all the mirrors in our direction and we look back at ourselves to answer
don't stand for it don't sit don't stoop but even as the porch does swing and conquer with air
the space to compare and to breathe through listening
the lessons to learn and i should be doing

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25 march

in the middle of running forward i paused to consider my form / found it untoward - abnormal
this hampered my laundry and basketed my case:
no longer able to score, i snored toward snooze and lost true distances beyond the finish
(unable to start progressing beyond a lesson barely learned)
earning nothing but regret in the catch and release -
a season's greeting meeting nothing but the agenda
tendering admission for a wish and a prayerful lane-swap
adopting another hobby for wasabi and peanut sauces
(glossing over disconcerting semi-failures with glories of a spicy sort)
no one at the top of the mountain even made a face
a charitable taste of sky and a blue day filled with snow - a to-go package deal, even
oddly enough the bluff to call was steeply trending original
the pivotal scene played in slow-motion split-screen
what's likely to be/ what might have been in some other universal understanding
a landing thud budging a toboggan out among the carousel horses
looking to cavort in assorted abandon
abandoning abandon, seeking planned tangents to climb aboard
taking on chores like miracle rescue (i'll do while you go)
showing all the cards but keeping back jacks
(attacks on the self unhealthy but richly deserved, swerving in and out of confidence)
bravery comes first and control still rides along
down the mountain up the course: riding and sliding and running in force
icefast and skywild like forgetting how to fall, forgetting fear at all and taking only air
forward as we fly - streets and feet and motion as we've chosen it,
pushing past the safely dark - eager into light

Monday, March 24, 2014

24 march

No reason to hold breath here but it’s clear the steering wheels its way out of control while the sole powers shine on whole songs and skidding alongs we dream ourselves awake and through the foods and shoes and news come-true we fill our plates and closets with the humble bliss we’re waiting for but even more we’re looking to some other-colored truth and when it’s compelled to be revealed in some fresh catalog unsealed the wheelhouse and what’s in yours restored the wallet uncashed and recycling untrashed we are compelled to seek greener change and higher domains of learning earning our keep and renting what we’ve spent – we are our own best customers in the worst ways the easy plays with words the birds and how we’re for them the glory and greater to it… we blew it and we know it but in between there now we sow it hoping something fresh will grow its way to the top a jacked-up beanstalk with a different kind of ending a giant worth befriending and a golden sort of goose with an elegant kind of solution there’s a confusion with these stories and it’s hard to plot the courses but who would want those horses to ride in straight lines to define every stage and scene to set what to mean and to say how the play-out ought to go? Let’s throw out caution and categorize adoption of the push as the number one skill set we haven’t met on the most opportune of resumes but if I can say a word or two I’ll leave some for you and listen through the rest like a test I passed by and waved without saving raved without bathing in the sea the European versions the most humbly perturbed shores with scores of teacups and easy-up umbrellas for ladies to tote and fellas to boat about past the last of the seekings to find the merrygo passersby to mind when really we don’t and it’s our own fault we won’t be paying attention at just the right when

Sunday, March 23, 2014

23 march

faster than disaster is perception
catching up to that sense of self unhealthy or realistic
catch and release its own dye cast in the trash
cast away again and scan the freshest produce
the raw goose and the gander withstanding bygones
sung songs always sweeter
yesterday's defeater
window washer meeter in the best of open scenes:
let us have our dreams and keep them dirty for the sun!
even as the records wrung out to dry on the taxicab roof can be less than proof...
i am the answer to nobody's question
sorry for the schedule that you meant to have before
but the score is now imbalanced
the glance off-cast
the elastic stretched too far for expansion
packed in cackled glass and stacked in the cabinets laughing all the way
play it again!
standard-issue insecurity that you don't see
this is a sort of immunity created here by you for me
even as the window blows even as the cotton crows polyester stretch to dry
wick away the easy rides
let us have our dreams of veggies
let us heat our diner bevvies
miracles of seeking finding
drift away to pleased rewinding

Saturday, March 22, 2014

22 march

after all it's a big world
the buy-in still tryin to establish
but famished otherwise
no surprise to find
the arguments fell apart
the charts come off of
shovel that hmmm

Friday, March 21, 2014

21 march

it's a big world after all spices and leaves and kinds of corn and grass and birches and mushrooms and buttons and drawers are counted not to mention all of the scarves and colors oh! of course colors! and flavors! the textures and the ideas the people! and the clouds the mirrors and the rounds of voting over and again the kinds of light bulbs and the cereals the breads and the peanut butters all of the jellies and jams and honeys of many flowers and bees the trees and also animals the styles of music even from within a single decade or year or walk down the middle of a street of trafficparked cars knocking on windows asking for samples all of the watermelon seeds and the spittoons in and out of fashion the tofu jiggling waiting for its turn and the cafeteria workers ready to spoon something different all of the ketchups and the varieties the weather patterns and words for freezing fog the kisses by Eskimo nose stereotypes and penguins imagining flight all of the doorknobs wishing for a peek at their secret twist on the other side all the distributor coils and transmissions that no one knows what to do with and the pub quiz answers and what's more the questions the lessons skipped and the saddle-shoe laces tripped over jumping like jacks jumping like flash to fix all the everything in a stocking that could never be stuffed back in all the paper pieces and all the crayons to say so all the walls to come down and bridges to build and draw together all the new and all the old and all the stories to be told all the blankets blinking toward sleep as the wondering grows wild

Thursday, March 20, 2014

20 march

it's a great big world to find unwrapped and waiting at your feet
pretty neat! sounds a little weak for all the things that could be instead
hey i really like the way
so there's plenty of wonderwhy and not and grossout jealousy and tearout hairery
but otherwise
i had a milkshake and there's plenty more where that came from!
people say things like that in movies true but movies come from real life!
and if you like real life there's plenty more where that came from!
if the world were a library you could check it out or i guess it would be a book
anyway dig it like you're record-spinning not breaking that is not awesome
you can check out the world whether you've got the right card or not
whether you've got any card or hand to hold
whether you're old
you know there's a lot when you've got your eyes open
you know it's hard to shut them after
anyone can make disaster
anyone can feel it upside down and tell all around it
bringing down is easy and so is painting grayer
the saviors of opportunity the crumbcatchers
immunity yours for the stringing along the stitching together of weatherclouds and cymbals
or there's the fresh approach to broach the peach to reach toward -
scores of barrels of oodles of new: truth and cheese and marigolds freeze in the darkenough cold!
unrolling the possible a map that collapses in fits of hilarity when noticing a mirror
no clearer way to stay out of joint than to stretch

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

19 march

it's a big world after all the cards are counted and also before
(scores worth nothing more than numbers and even less than totals)
points disjoint noses and throw off proposals/ shots foul and fair and alltheway inbetween
meaning to say there's more to mean to be and we are pleased to know this
although this has gotten by many fine notfew who onward continue and let them go so
adding up and percentaging/ rates and factors notwithstanding
over and under the offchance there's romance in the interval it's long run dry
cajole the decimal if you will and i will be outside
ride again the seasons and calculate the loss of grass grown unobserved
absured in certain perpetuity but necessary in discrete moments and scenes
averages and means but the ways to play so suited for today / for who? / the truth = it's the viewer
the knower/ believer: the rhymer of reason makes the rules for the fees and the prizes
surprise is unpleasant to get to the end meant to win and to find just a bin full of rules followed
a cavernous hollow of hopedfor otherwise and notquite
there's a certain light that shines to say THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME.. but do stay if you have seen it
explain the way it glances off of choices nonsensical metaphors nondimensional
chase away those ruled by rulers and lured only by fact tracks
those are not the answers - rows of backwards dancers with low-heeled dreams and alternate plans
nothing is so clear / no knock at the door / no second call in store
jump and how high is up/ to you
a playbook with no X's only O!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

18 march

it's a big world after all the curtain calls are far off - so we hope, the velvet ropes, the sidelines undefines - we rewind our minds to take in the full scope but such a spectacle! the full realm of possibility! our tendencies to wishwash away the white fences of others - the challenges to brothers and tricky twists to sisters when on we stand alone holding nothing but our own: we are meant to discover, to grow, to create - we are the fate we write for ourselves, the secret elves that come only in stories are powered by glorious energies and ideas the trials overcome and the humdrum vegetable soup thursdays - stay with me while i count the silverware and we will know our greater dishes - the fish is swimming upstream to catch a better view - the sun is casting backforth and loosening the truth - a juicy peach opportunity waiting on a not/too/high branch the chance to find the orchard even yet the tree - you and me and the sun to rise - pie on the window tomorrow

Monday, March 17, 2014

17 march

it's a big world after all the clocks go to bed and i'm still tocking
right around the battery packed with ideas and nevergoround the blockade:
lemonade and irridescent marigolds - packing the hold with ships to shape up
docking up to fly right - to steer tight and swim faster
we are the ones who dream elastic
let me tell you when i'm thinking of / where i'm going to rightnow
there are steps to take and so milk to shake but all the cakes to take our time with
all the aches to stake our rhyme with
we are the ones we can't live without
we are the worlds and the words are trout
rainbow and magic in the stream filled with waterwish
flash means fiction and facts mean questions
let me know when i'm done with lessons and eventhough even then start up again
let's wait for the tugboat then give it once a pull
a push an easy thrill to find the world so tophat turvy
don't mind if i do don't mind if we chew our satisfaction openly
go right ahead and ask / i'm tasked with answers and there's a cherrypie parade
can you bake it make it rain instead?
we are the ones we dream of in bed with fevered twists and subtle wrists
it's always in the spin
always ready to win with that smile easystyled and understated
did you know it when you saw it in the mirror
is it clearer when the sun turns back snowfaced peaks and breaks open the sky
let it open and show the bright
yet even as the balcony fades to night the kites come down and the wind sleeps still
coffee drains to silt and the spillover wipes to tomorrow
wake to learn to churn better stages
stretch wet pots and fine fabrics grass and air sky sun possibility this is why anything goes

Sunday, March 16, 2014

16 march

it's a big world after all
call those blanks what you will
fill those tanks with gas or thrills
only the power to do what you want call all those haunts or bring them to real
feel space and time and clouds align
nature unwinds and green unfurls
mountains swirl sky in creamsugar sweetthink

back on the other brink: conquered by concrete
twirl is slowmotion in exhaust-filled devotion
inhale the snail-pace the ratrace and other animal movements
the proof spent looking for the pudding
diving in and gasping for meaning
grasping for reasons

ours to wonder why
ours to jump to try out in real time
only this now and trite as may be
let's please our opportunities
let's build up immunities by taking on risks
down the hill there's else
up the hill there's view
through there's different

unfurling possibility too easy too far too vast a cast of thousands
a bucket of bouquets to give away to all the lucky winners
chicken dinners and cabbage rolls and cheesecakes sundaes whatever
treats a menu full with all the picking left to us

Saturday, March 15, 2014

15 march

it's a big world after all
the called-off race
still chases -
grabs by the tail
and flails
calling out for
to ring again/ again
once more

Friday, March 14, 2014

14 march

it's a big world after all
the calls come back and the answers echo
the mountains climb up and the cannonballs boom
seeming swoons over subtle sunsets frying in the pan
catch me if you can: the king of carrot flowers
music in the meadow and the larkspurs all on fire
poppies and the rutabagas kumquadts this is nature
sounds we eat and words we wallow in
calling all the chances wild
dialing up the possibility - streaming live and highing five
roars to score the lions home
we are zoned for residential
we are leaning over the ocean - capturing wishes and silvering fish
flickering the light as the heat wakes through
capturing the message as the dawn comes true:
here and also there beyond the yes more and you'll see
windows open winder and the going on is free
it's a tired piece of cliche and it's tossed
lost arts and frenzied hearts - wild peace and baskets on bicycles
in a cabin in the woods
brokendown roads and blueberry salvation
back from vacation and eyes filled with other
braced for opportune lines twined into sense
all in all there is no road
the path we find is brushed aside as it happens
magic in action
come along and sing for our tomorrow
take my hand and listen for the whynot
close our eyes and jump until we fly

Thursday, March 13, 2014

13 march

better to push away cast off like the push from goodbye the cry from a rifle a fresh french horn cracking up and breaking out into the rest of the airpsace i'm chasing tomorrow while the sun gets stuck in today the way the play leads we are steeds and marvels carvel we are weak and this means ice biting at my heels the feel of goodbye the work unclearly done

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

12 march

crazy enough to think so and to say it
play it out and call the shots bought and sold told so and more
there's a score but not settled gold but not mettled couldn't stay nothing can
hours as the minutes pass and whispers through the settled grass a wind blows thick
no need for the question when there's no use for the answer
let me tell you let me have and hold but there's no need for cataloging
even as the water breaks the sky turns the earth falls
i imagine knowing better
i imagine stopping to consider
going big instead and then going home
anyway anyway it's a long steep way down and right now i'm alone
hurtling through -- still this wind unhinges saddles and rides its own sprinting fever
steer clear of gambling and listen for the signs
it's not a bother if you're invited it's not a day if you see only night
it's easier to stay closed
it's breezy answers and toodleyoooooooo
knock-off jokes and howdoyoudo?
on the same airplane destination situation small talk and pretzels cranberry juice goodbye
landing is such sweet closure
cookie crumble turbulence and even as the reminiscing goes on the trajectory is mapped
we're collapsing the distance and still the clock will let the talk go on
and still
and all
i have a call inside to say
ahead and waiting and possible monstrosible
words absurd and listening for playalong thanks
a tank full of goingon and crazyplease and this is the way we grill our cheese
this is just to say i'd like to ask

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

11 march

but if anything there'd be a switch and if would have been something already coming a slow yawning turn a lean into new and everyone would say yes yes i thought something like that might happen i thought the sun might also rise even if before yes it was dark it looks like one of those things

change like in pockets for coinflipping purchases the making choices and forward movement yes i know i want and this does not look like need sounds selfish sounds like a whine and a flail but every minute is now or never there's only one go and even so

alone is a good and a fine place to be when it's bright but when it's left it seems darker and the picnic plans sound less appetizing there are bills to pay either way and nobody likes to talk about the sense of defining who's to who and brewing stew but boughs break and it's harder to build trees once the breeze gets going and there's no sense of what's underground

printing up the words in broadsheets and posting them on walls it's an all-call for suggestions but the lessons already learned push back to say yes i know the answer if not all of the steps and having leapt already it would be helpful to have a direction if not a correction because those aren't quite as useful and truthful lines to be delivered - i've shivered and shaken off scoffs and kindness both delivered with the blindness of mad hopeful help of knowingbest an easy test to fail

a set-up to avoid but questions to be answered like where the story turns and the characters that earn recurrence or disturbance in the plot lines when easily mined gems sparkle to blindness or disintegrate - an easy fate to walk into - the rake in the face with banana peel yields - -  fielding all questions at any time but knowing fine and full and sadly well how crashed that landing can be

Monday, March 10, 2014

10 march

wash percolations

end of my pen says INDIA is it india ink mass produced the narrow tubes transulcent the PAPERMATE EAGLE M blue true enough to the rest tested at least in some control of quality and mated to the date to catch by the batch full of boxing dazed and confused but ready in profusion to be used in a true sense of sentences the tenses tight as the seal broken and easy tokens cashed as all the rest lashed together in cool dark weather awaiting the word

2. the cavity-free club

her face
as the hygenist pulled down the polaroid
showed only the still-perfect teeth

suddenly resolving
lips pressed whitetight with shame
never to show so many again

claiming space by virtue of purchase/purpose
signed and delivered by appearance
the like
wiser to know the nature of reality
reality of nature
letting go/ getting let go
[easy to lapse into the trite - dare care share]

sounds abound - drowning an option
adoption of absorption/ filter through assorted
where the meaning easy screening
traveling words of certain power - drifting to lift
co-opting attention, adding dimensions

shift sense - change tense
now the future
/past clash


4. breakfast burrito
because when i wake up
i take up my dreams
shake loose excess nightmare bewares
hard edges filed off in slowfought night battles
pull resources colorful juicy bright
take heart in strengths gardenfresh organic
add yes sunshine hopeful saucy justenough
gather together and roll out
dayforward and flavorready

5. fence

not color but apparent texture
is what i noticed first
so crisp i thought
if i had the chance
i might add it to a salad
fresh, bright
catching the sun in narrow sliced angles
even from a distance
i imagined the sharp lines softening
underfoot underleg underback
earwhispering coolly
[anything but] not your side


away does not mean apart
distance not forgotten
hello and of course

breathe in where
take in the space/ the space takes you in
belong and grow
taste local

Sunday, March 9, 2014

9 march

unknown nexts line the step the kin the child mild in the manner and strong in the arm alarming all the neighbors and savoring the sunshine dining out on marlmalade serving up in easy spades the renegade amusements parked in mindviews the simple truths of what could be as blank TVs and silver screens chime doubletime the thoughts we brought in carry-on wonder the blunders of menus we undo with our hunger: these are the plenty and we are the few -- easy as we do and steady as we rush sporadic charms of suggested alarm and joy the toys of one thousand hours showered in surprise tries and reasons beyond sense -- mention the why and i'll be there for the call/ answer the question still unasked and i'll fall headfirst into color and a tumbledown makeshift convenience of reachingfor the bleachers more and more empty the farther we go the longer the show and the better the channel the tuning-in standards of wordings we gather the matter and the why/ the hopeso and the try: we are all just and we are all so but even as excuses show their sensitive underbellies the noglow wears and the betteryet stares back let's have some and sun our possibilities

Saturday, March 8, 2014

8 march

another way to overstay a victory is to thrill too early to an overside defeat the cheating start too hardy for the season too unreasonable for the thaw calling out doubts and thumbing one's own nose the crows rowing out spectacles too meticulous to be dished too porcupined to fish we're missing pieces in the muddle but the puzzled faces only mirror one self and the health of the reflection leads to unsubtle conjection and other madeup words too absurd for hearing steering clear of lenses trying angles too bangled for sense

mentioning the tumbledow opportunity in a nearside fallscape there's a great state of affairs up there and the scene as seen from this angle tangles hopedfor and noped poor efforts brushed aside hiding fears and steering clears the things we can do without the doubts we paint upon our faces chasing the next idea of maybe the next stage we see ourselves in and shelving this first rehearsal up full and over easy with hard cards to play staying on the course with remorse waiting patiently for the tuck-in the luck in the draw all piled-up aces changing our places with the sidewalk up stuffed crossing of the country and the money tree we're pleased to season feasible and treasonable or not we've got opportunities and should take them but the baked gems glitter warmly in the lava pool cooling its heels on the fallout as we call out for more with a score still building wielding power in the courtroom as the trial fades away

let us have our day in the storytelling vernacular see it was like this he said then he can repeat this and we can mete out the rest as it happens anyway there's no stay to this meeting though there's go in the coming

Friday, March 7, 2014

7 march

pearl street drafts

the sound that's in brings the world unfurling through my ears steering in unweildy motion the devotion to my own thoughts bought and sold and scattered in tattered remnants as a bentover backward to tackboard shrugs off all those buttons cut out and lost from imagined schedules - we are the listeners the watchers the catchers of bothers and glistening pieces striping through the air - aware of too much and focused on all else but -- cut out and over and around with astounding ease, a breeze distracts from purpose too soon, too blooming any other flower's pearlbrilliant scent shines through when a call for inner calm comes cleanly too a blank page, an open stage: take this time and draw it in our: cast out doubts and breathe in yes - thsi is the bet to win, the only one who matters watching, the lonely reader writing, the only sun lighting a sky filled with open that turns to stars far off enough to bring to view with true intention, awareness - a meditation upon doing without stalling - upon calling into being by making true believing

they say

today's the first way you'll take these words
bend them the way you heard -
stirred crazy - not shaken -
mistaken or grown up, spilled over,
fourleaf-clovered into lucky strike renditions
marigold editions of anything goes
showstoppers and caketoppers
overheard and understated
passed along and carbon-dated
what was meant to say - caught
the way the sale was bought - expensive
corrective ink and lenses: focus pocused
meant to be kinder on those wrongspewings
notright-thrown homophones
this is just to play kinder
one wants to herd feelings
nobody's body wants each its their his here
fizzing as the energy fades
dashing away as the passion plays
communicative methods lionized
grains expiring in sandswept firing
all the beaches have one day
their our own each his her way
prevaricate your twenty-five cent way
costs are extra for backtalk underbreath
know the word get the right
hold heads hands words right high well good
all is called all is out

3. nowsong

thinking again about meditation
time again to lean back into
always a challenge to practice
practice always a challenge
when how what where
building up and following through
why and why and why
fade dark on the analysis
edge back on the reasoning
relax into the space that opens
open into the try
accuracy not a/ not the goal
wide awake and full intentioned
listening breath, time to see
on the channel, tuning in the song of now

lookaround don'tlook:
interview try angling
undergrad quizcramming
elderly travelbragging
at-home-moms break-taking
scene kids porchsitting
headphones worldblocking
:here don't hear

this is the stage
[what's next?]
as the mic comes up open
crackle lacking feedback
[anything could happen]
starsky openwide wishupon:
what if you could anything?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

5/6 march

rising as we fall catching as we call out for stars as the cars catalog the roads we have ahead the steady holding fast outlasting the cattle rattling along we strongarm our way into stays of execution and useless truths fusing with realities we've seized upon in reckless moments - toss those donuts overhead into the bins and spin those cycles dry - the miracles are - we try our health out we wear our wealth out in the buying the vying for truth and for youth we have soothed the flues we have colded molds and the oldstyle and folded the turns while the loops get stunned we fun our hearts open while the band plays on the scan frays onward and the call stays words against the middle with strands against the energy we mean we theme our wires and fire up toward go as the readygo engines take off

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4 march

on the way to soon i stopped to pick up else but the groceries fell from the shelf into other and suddenly there were buildings to be somethinged into meanwhile and the buildup toppledown trickling through schedulewise although everwhile eventhough i could see through in snips and glimpses of the hopedfor soon and the moon rose and the growings-on cattled like calls and roostered like crows waiting for the roster to go up and settle out the scores exploring who would be and how would know: where will all those rutabagas grow and who's the pumpkinest fair of all to take the mirror to see the wall? with twists and tales the fairygoround the potential found its way on through and the useful truth full and easy slipped its cheese-colored fingers out of locked pockets and back from the grill spilling over and giggling under the startled masses yearning to have brunch once the prayers have been rugged and the coffee's been mugged: we are matching our catches and kettling our corn but the scorn for the notquite is a big bite still to swallow -- where's the wallow and how to get out/ out the exit removing the doubt that it's an invitation to save a nation of wonderers and moving forward into the doing drinking up instead of just brewing and this is not to say this is just! to say william carlos williams again eating the plums humming for forgiveness dear flossie between the sheets an icebox away but play onward with sense but get there to soon and care and dare to eat the peach the plum the thumb if it's all you've got a troubled fruit perhaps but lapsed lists sink hips and the fleet flies faster when the ocean's made of currants making waves catching saves and tossing strikes running races swimming bikes and these are where the soons go juicy as the scenes know fresher than they come

Monday, March 3, 2014

3 march

in terms of goals the whole swallows the part every once in a while and a cheshire smile giggles while it glugs hugging the limbs in a deep dark tree breezy in the toppermost while the rest a ghost and the sleepless blunders wonder their way through obscurity to accomplish meant-for-others tasks while basking in the hoped-for glow -- to throw over the rest and test ends: split the difference and focus on the little, spit to whittle the thistle from the middle up, cupping hands over ears to hear the ocean whispering devotional hymns to bette and get born while jet speed overweeds the garden and hardens resolve to revolve the motion the earth the birth of a new deal and we feel these truths to be self-evident: i meant to leave a note -- i wrote it out and all -- but stalling on delivery just left me weak and quivering like arrows too broken to discuss (who else is gonna give you -- that's me again, me a culpa fulla injury) -- let's rustle up the regrets and catch what we can -- i'm standard issue in this department, green in the disposition and lily in the liver -- shivered timbers and sailing away: tom waits for not many and can we make more? can we score points to disjoint the script from those scenes we've seen play out in imagined ignominy and other despondency? away we're already gone and the song doesn't matter the parts don't patter the pits don't rattle the writs the habeas corpses of trees and fleeing as we fly glancing back will we track anything will we return to early earnings will we chart parts or holes to trip through the blue-eyed william carlos williams poem you knowem and you seeem but to breathe and to believe better is why to wake up and make up possibility and so we beat on like gatsby and catch we our wind

Sunday, March 2, 2014

2 march

plenty of notes on the day a musical interlude screwed into place by laces tightly tied and woven though anxiety and humble piety the gratitude for health and a wealth of opportunities to breeze down hills and will my way up when possible and sometimes when too dark to think through the true reason for such pursuit the breath and muscles rustling in an attic attacking shadows of reasons when seasons of sense shake weary wonder back and the crackle of electric push comes through at last casting out a long thin line into the stream a silver lure up ahead instead of blank space instead of erased sensibility the logic that can't be found hounding its way to a doghouse in some other part of town drowning sorrows in biscuits and rubber balls calling out for water for electroloytes and other bright imagined solutions the truth in sneakers and steep blurs of highlighter flashes the clash is with stillness for here all is motion the devotion to pursuit of self of otherwhere of thereness of presence and in this action i am gaining traction with myself i am studying who i wish to become more of i am chewing on the questions i find myself asking and the gravel that appears and the sweat that freely freezes or teases the wrong hair stares down the wrong eyes i am disguised from distractions for i am the only engine here and i am the only key i am the ego that drives this ship and also the metaphors should be more land-based as i chase my way through the earth mostly on the surface but legs don't know it they slow it and feel each curve as significant the difference so little through other modes explodes with intent as bent knees trigger reactions cascading upward and throughout the troutstream of rainbow wriggles that radiate through my body as i course with wonder with possible success and also certain failure at times the need to stop and the need to go sparring in throwdown harmony wondering why after all this traintracking i have come to this place and still face such questions but knowing the lessons are still learning still burning earning the potential such a word absurd always to my ears but hearing itself echoed here clears all decks and stretches wondering after next time the possible knowings and growings the audacity and more of surfing through structures built within and climbing up breaking down swimming through without drowning without swallowing more than i need to know i can get past and fly

Saturday, March 1, 2014

1 march

both an up and a down and at any time
that's the trick it seems to seem steady
weeding through the grass and the flowers and powering dandelions with the sun and rain kept in pockets
we lock our talk and keep our thistles to our sides
wait until affection is clear until risks are swept until fools have spoken first - what rehearsal?
this is the only once
skiing upward and flying through dreams i have awake
taking prisoner the disregard and trashing it through recycled anthems: cancel all the credits
even the keels and steel the girders
we are wobbling as we call out for mourners
we are our own best audiences, preponderances of meanings meeting our toes
we throw ourselves to mercy and look around for reactions
the traction we seek
the meek eyes and soft knees
padded on the inside with reinforced moans
may i cry another tone
may my voice speak clearly
may i answer my own call
may i move without waiting, holding my breath for another's nod or shake
let me take this picture and frame it with new presence every day
the changes we are seeking in other places we must find in ourselves
ordering from the menu when there's nothing we desire
filling our plates with space colored to look like possibility
opportunity knows itself and we look in only mirrors
let me see the beyond the within the openness of yes