Friday, September 25, 2009

justwrite 24 september

there is no time but there is all the world full of space and the chase is not rushed the wings are not hushed but flying boldly higher and sleepier and i am sorry to say this is all i have time to rhyme along these lines now i am being whisked away but there is love and there are words and they are both for always

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

justwrite 23 september

let's just say that bouncing upwards leaves the sky to be desired to be fired up and fully functional the transactional immunity we discussed may not work the clerk in the other office told me to tell you she'll smell you later but if you want to date her this may be the best chance for a dance in the park if you know what i mean if you say what i've seen then i'll just take the day off the sharing compares with a doubledip drain the strain of the colander can't fit on this calendar can't sit on my shoulders as a blow out the candle can't handle another heartache like the steak they served undeserved and unordered out of sorts with cohorts all the merrier as the ferrier pulls on the poles and rolls another hole out to dry the pie and the doughnuts mean no nonsense and the fence growing up between the hemispheres is a fear trying to light its own match i can catch the drift but i can't ride it the whole way to anywhere and it's only fair that i should get the chance to cancel the next rehearsal i've been practicing to do so all day so

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

justwrite 22 september

blue tops the scale of electronic records the herds and their absurd charges electrical and alternatingly directed over the neglected wires inspiring faith of an untold sort resorting to a system of lost beliefs in seek of relief and also of joy annoyed with gravity and the situation a proclamation of declaration and other types of sentences weighing heavily on the shoulders of boulders on the trojans of horses and all their kinged men the round red tops and the circling black blocks piling on like sneakers into bleachers out of reach here's a simple plan a retinal scan and a tram up the block clocking in multiple laps at collapsible speeds the greed of need is unrelenting give me all your vests and make it snappy i am happy enough to be right but anxious over being left the sense of forward of adventure hardly worth mentioning so repeatedly the deceitfully empty lunchbox pretending to hold sandwiches when really the bread has fled and the toppings too the lettuce glued with sundry condiments passing on compliments to lips and chins and shifts via spins only a machine could dream up gripped with vice and twice as nice as pizza if such a thing is possible such a ring is plausible passed on by the sound of it a fitting chance to dance with an underarm suitcase i am wallowing in feigned disgrace making haste to the next item i've spied them lining up at the window but i need to take a shower first and luckily my batteries are sharpened and my pencils came pre-charged living large in the land of grandstanding anxiety imagining the piety of a far-gone song the desk offering no rest for the rest of the day no play no scene i am practicing how to say it i've played it out too often it is worn and the twinkle has lost its tossed salad in the mean time it's pulling out the weeds finally but the car won't start tomorrow afternoon and there's nothing to be checked out except doubt and there's no room to carry on or check much of that at this rate with out-of-state plates and a ticket to park in the dark the driveway but to stay is quite implausible and causing full hilarity of a distant sort so of course it's onward and on board for all

Monday, September 21, 2009

justwrite 21 september

nothing to do with something to what with the answers are all squared the traffic has to imagine its own stand in hand feeling bad for the glad hands the pickles tickling the ivory feet the slippers whispering wildly the baby eyes disguising the skies as blimps limping down the hallway the dolls crazed in their lazy circles the working week deep enough to dive into to thrive over all the way around the town the upside down elevator from the west the best of times crying out for limes and aid and the fading footsteps have leapt the building i am feeling my way outward the words have heard their answers lifted up and above ready to roll with the numbers fleeing from the refugees the squeezing of lemons the walls have fences and the mention of a cabin sends us grabbing for the remote having hoped for another chance to dance into leaves to squish the juice from a loosetooth smile the wild happiness of a blueberry smeared across the sky

Sunday, September 20, 2009

justwrite 20 september

when you meet the wall you fall all out of sorts and your cohort has long since minced all the words fit to sprint toward you have been warned and warmed and the latter is better your sweater is neat enough but where have all your shoes gone are you interested in stock in socks because if i don't mind telling you i have some ideas i have a hat and it has gone on ahead i am laughing at my unintentional hilarity and beside that i have a cat but he is not yet named the shamed fact of it is he is not yet he is just a guess of a future and by the byline it is mine it is twined time in my head the communications unsaid but ingrown and thrown out by intelligence as garbled barbed wire the fire has been lit and there is smoke

Saturday, September 19, 2009

justwrite 19 september

stalling out without doubt into the troutstream upside down a team dream cheering the best part of waking out and walking up the depth of field and the woe betide rides again we are hoping that they'll win we have no vested interest either way we hope they lose we can be swayed we love that team we would name our children after them and their children we will always eat our popcorn on the left side of our mouths after halftime when the tickets are taken we fake each other out before dashing to our seats the last one there buys the soft pretzels and it is all for the team we dawdle between commercials at home we never miss a replay we point at it and say did you see that do you see where yes yes we tell each other what the commentators are about to say before they say it and then we say did you see that and i just said that but we should be the ones making the money we should be the ones buzzing the honey we are doing our best and if the team could do a little better we would make all sorts of promises come true we would clean the garage and bake that endless course fancy dinner or clear the desk we would scrub the shower if only the points would at least double and maybe the other team just goes out to get some lottery tickets instead it's an even chance we'll be here again next time we love this team they love us we are the players of games and we pay the same

Friday, September 18, 2009

justwrite 18 september

hey i hear you calling stalling out in the underground the route less taken the shaken less baken and all the little chickens go home for supper which is scattered across the floor a mess or more delicious rest of the day could not be foreseen and when i look up i see you are having a time you are keying those rhymes into the board and the soup sopping up the top of your lip drips into a wild smile hiding from lemons and whipped cream heaven to the uninsured the soft green of a shirt that works overtime that does its fine and pays its jail failing health is not to be sneezed at and the cat into the bag is a tougher trick than a lick on the old carnival pop a top-notch dollar with floods under the collar for all the callers are leaving messages these days all the bandits are having their ways with the upstairs citizens and we are down below we are up in the count and any amount will have to cover it will shove and buffer it with pancakes no mistake there no fine cake bearing intentional congratulations the fascination with major keys and minor chords the gored handkerchief regrets the bets that have paid off and on the floor you are making a stand a command performance seated before the colors and turning all the notes into rote memory so i can play them in my mind any time my fingers go like this

Thursday, September 17, 2009

justwrite 17 september

following the calling the birds herd into an unheard-of pattern the lantern tilting slightly to spill lightning bugs all over the view the landscape who ought to be a what but objects slightly to being objectified hides in the shadows and wonders where the swallows fly the trained eye sees the symbols but the crashing is much too loud and the volume comes down and down another round of scattered glories and the worries all get washed away like gray in the laundry appearing where once there was white or at least cream but in between the spinnings and the rinsings the thin things have grown holey and the marco-polo scolding of the upstairs children has got to come down has got has ought has aught got not where the others have some but the pudding's too thick and the porridge won't stick to anyone's bones if you ask me it's a tragedy the way that the meat comes first an unrehearsed apology i am telling me and yelling you backward into the past but forward we cast our glances the trances of accidental attention we are at our desks and next the scene changes the war wages on in search of wages of an equitable sort the court of last resort having turned to torte law a raspberry cream dreaming of leaves and teacups the cusp of an invention at the bottom of the to-do list whisked away like caramel twisting up a dimple and into surprise

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

justwrite 16 september

coffee table storms the snores ignores the stores chloroforms the norms and performs invasive surgery the place we see our answers kept locked up and docked clockingly a rockabilly beat in the heat of the moment the postponement of the interview the truth we seek and find behind the cabinet a rabbit hit by a rare bit of inspiration our destinations notwithstanding yeswithoutsitting transmitting a high frequency state the affairs too late to disprove in caffeine fancy the trance three sheets to the people the banging clanging up the kitchen with roethke's mission unwaltzed just halted in tumult and tomatoed in adjectives the big enough batch of cookies unbaked mistaken and quaking in their blue ceramic bowl lording over the leftovers for the refrigerator reach-in preaching the best is yet to come the song is yet unsung like an alabaster disaster the mold cracking faster than the statue can form warming in the grecian sun to earn an urn to churn with indecision i am whistling and the song is long we will meet again eat no meat again and a scan of the far-off is less clear than the internal yearning the fascination with radiation and the less left behind having rhymed out of time out of step with the rest of the harmony which meant to seem more accessible but the message full and hearty got packed into a can of green beans which you ought to have for dinner but any beginner knows pizza's more likely and a salad's more sprightly on the extra-innings fork

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

justwrite 15 september

no way man can walk backward can go forward into the wilderness the bliss of creaky streams the flipside of a sunday dream the panorama the pajama muffins stuffed full of berries carried on by fairies and other similar imps the last with a limp twisting his lip upward in a friendly warning scorning all takers and faking out bakers who compose with pens whose deep-knee bends lend gravity to any situation the depth of imagination forgoing frustration and plunging into a lunge the exercise reference notwithstanding a command performance an earth-saving tortoise and his leather-backed friends pretending to be confined to the sea but easily overcoming any number of obstacles like grape and orange popsicles dropping in unexpectedly like a storm of jell-o like the fellow travelers adding up the negatives and letting the positives apologize with sighing eyes the complete surprise of separation the sunrise over desolation the promise of compromise and when the size is lost in the undertow the nails will not be polished the varnish will vanish in transit and the overhead screens will seem less than texas in comparison the view having changed and the knees rearranged with subtle geometry the lining up of subsequent t's and the trap that collapsing your calendar engenders the danger of strangers and the wages of spin with the recycling bin caving in beside me while the angle seems a little obtuse there's no use in trying to forgo the only show on the road better to explode a potato than reload a grenade to pay out in spades what you bought in hearts and if the chart's any measure there's no leisure in such a club no diamond worth relying on just a bygone ferrier drifting with an undersized terrier on board

Monday, September 14, 2009

justwrite 14 september

we crane our necks toward what's next there are many declarative statements in the way the rent's paid that's what i always say and to play the field is to yield questions although lessons notwithstanding the command of the language i have is not to be scorned just warned against overindulgence the sandwiches i eat are full of lettuce and expectation when will i will we ever can we have the chance to and the dance i hope you do is the karaoke flu spreading soundlessly out of bounds and under control when we sit quietly our riotous thoughts caught off-guard are slammed hard against the edges driving wedges between our toes and fluffing up the nails the paint stale and shiny like cottoncandy lipgloss from last year's fair i am more than reasonable but the leaves are turning earlier than ever and the hand i'm holding is achingly beautiful in a cliched way to say the least to blog the feast and the feats of defeat and the strength of the feet running away in unmatched boots we are ready to take a deep breath but there's only one left and please i insist although you resist we are considering the caffeine we have no idea what forever means but the scenes we're setting seem quite fetching like a bone sailing through the air into happydog teeth the relief of the fall and the catch and the match where what's left is all right

Sunday, September 13, 2009

justwrite 13 september

baking up the bikery we are greening the sidewalks we are talking the organic walk in rows of prosey roses all set to bloom where they are enchanted planted in their feet firmly the ground over their heads under the hedges the wonderland taking a stand and filling it with music sheets to the wind for the civic bandshell the trumpets never letting go of the instrumental decisions there are collisions and there are egos to be won i am letting the tide come in it's the right thing to do even if the wind blows and the breakers are all over the radio one-nine and a half step forward is worth two bloomingdales in the belfry the bats in the pudding and the corn on the cob a watch fob less traveled fairly unraveled like rapunzel's ropes which were mostly unused though her follicles were bruised slightly from the sprightly knight who stole up in delight and gave it all away like scissors in the mirror the clearer shade of spades filtered through the curtains i am hurting here and there but i'm uncertain how to compare the ace to the hearts and the club cannot be met in with those hands have you even washed your stockings have the ducklings lost their sockets when did you last plug in keep the sinners from sinking the swimming of sinkers having long since been accepted

Saturday, September 12, 2009

justwrite 12 september

when we all call down we fall up together and out of touch we are in luck we jump back onto a track we might not have seen coming and we are running forward into slow motion our devotion to the seasons beyond reasons we are counting our coffee beans and considering tea we are filtering the caffeine out from the clouds the sky too loud to imagine and the energy too large to charge interest let us list our distractions and bake them in a pie when the morning opens we will serve our deserving selves with a wealth of cards and letters our own forgetters are forgiven even when we bring in the reinforcements there is no consideration no devastation we recognize what we're getting and we're sitting down for seconds and thirds and years more we are overcome again running into tires four squared and shared with enameled smiles in the style of a documentary this is me and i am in the phase of the moon that's in tune with the stream the flying machine tweaking its path to counteract the cream diluting the pollution and cooling the jets not yet we are running out of letters but never out of words it's absurd to imagine complete quiet to depict the way it's going to be before it is and how it ought to be without and with

Friday, September 11, 2009

justwrite 11 september

now then let us begin again in a paradoxical shift the lift in the uppers of which the leather is pleasure in its own original spin the position it was taking while it was making the rounds in the grass having passed again the tan hided and seeked and the meek shall do their duty their thing their ringading picnic table dances we are starting the canal is up and down in this world we have hurled our coffee cups upward and they have caught rainwater we are rushing to the falls to fill our halves to have our wholes to sole our shoes and other such fish i am wishing for another candle i am raining on a dream and the theme is openness forgiveness bigness of heart and a new towel to dry up the rest i am testing and passing we are lasting into the let me just tell you when you walk in there the lights come on and there's green and the decor is more than any milkshake could take and i know because once i was the popcorn queen but now i'm in between reigns and it's really just a situation to deal with all those colonels and their uniforms all starchy all birchy barky like they own the place like mice eat rice in the winter time all nice and tinytoothed as you know they are as they steal their cars stuffed with oatmeal and drive off into the blue mountains the close ones with color not the misty ones turning easily gently into clouds into sky

Thursday, September 10, 2009

justwrite 10 september

jump another hedge and wedge the steps up and over the window pane no gain for the weary the bleary eyes surprised at another morning in awe of the light and the silence slicing through the clouds they are loud and unmoving and the usual thing is to slip into disappearance but the delirium of pasta supposes another past one without the blast of mirrors and comparison i am seeking the forgiveness for bigness of heart i can not depart without i am a trout in a lean stream and all the rainbows turn earlier corners the mourners have hung flags too tired to fly and the messages stressed are far and far between dreaming of an incandescent light the lamp of the damp pages warming up to dry turning the cleaning gleaning gentle script earlier ripped from a mind and delivered to mine the library is a tool to employ in the excavation of a latemorning sofaplace the space perfectly sized with accompanying warmth the hearth of imagination and other such metaphors never met one i didn't like but there are two or three i could pass by without complaint i am no saint and i never said i was but the buzz of a thousand bees could not make dirt into flowers if you see what i say and you mean what i play over the loudspeakers is out of tune there is noon but it's too late for morning and way too early for night although the fork's a spoon in some circles

justwrite 9 september

it is too late i am tired of retiring i am expiring from all the rhymes and the lines keep appearing faster than disaster can make excuses for i am tripping over my lips and clipping with tooloud sounds at the edges over the hedges and under the curtains i would like to be certain why the reasons are treasonous to you for i have always found them kind and understanding like soup resting two days and smiling back from your bowl in a cajoling sort of drippy love i am growing older and bumpier i have not had enough to drink and my water bottle is shaking its head which means it's time to sleep i have laid down tracks today and you are welcome to follow them around around through headphones and under the collar the ring you just can't shake on a hand that just won't take no for an answer just a yes for a please and a thank for a you

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fly curly short

The fly landed on the short curly hair at the back of his neck. The man was so engrossed in his project that he did not even feel the tiny spindly legs go for a walk about. The fly stood suddenly still, frozen for a moment as the scent flooded over its body. Then, just as suddenly as it stopped before, it began a frantic rubbing, its front legs sliding together then over and over its head, absorbing the molecules of musk and pheromone. Anyone watching the fly would not have believed it possible, but the rubbing became faster and faster until there was a minuscule shudder that ran through the entire body of the fly, then it flew away. But the scent was still fresh in its insectoid mind. It had to find the source. It needed to be close to the originator of that perfume. It flew for what it thought to be hours and then landed on a soft beige/pink mountain. It froze again then took a few hesitant steps down the steepness. Finally it began rubbing itself, all over again in a kind of ecstasy. The euphoria lasted all too short of a time. The last thing it heard was a voice then it flitted off to fly heaven.
She exclaimed, "Gross! I hate flies!" as she smacked one that had landed on her chest and flicked it to the ground. Then she proceeded to rub his neck again.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

justwrite 8 september

the air is turning colder there is too much conditioning
i am uncertain of whether the files will be sharp or alphabetized
the size of the swallow depends on the coconuts
i will tell you a secret if you can eat it whole
let's just say that the phone has a hook for a reason
i am sunk on this hook like a purpose without a season
pens and their caps tipped look askance at the pencils
i prefer the pencils but i am not intending to be rude
no one wants to be misunderstood with moving parts
i have a moving heart flying in your direction
the corrections will require more than thin white paint
i am pretending that this universe is parallel but brighter
while we are thinking about dinner let's imagine lunch
i am starting every other line in an egotistical style
you are hoping to make it into the other line at least once
i have got to say that i would be happy to have both lines
although having you rightbeside in the pair is sweet too
i will compromise it's a promise

Monday, September 7, 2009

justwrite 7 september

now we are waiting for the other side of dates of months hunched over an operating system the disdain for pain felt by each aching penstroke i have hopes of another beginning over here after there and when the ice cream is all gone there are deep sighs there are trials tribulations vacations and surrogate elephants with all the eggs they can hatch

catching in and out and up again we climb trees we are freezing our smiles in summer styles for easy translation commitment with you in it and around again the laundry at this time in our lives we are ready for we are steady for adorable messages whispered into the brightening dark and the park where we enroll rolls over with seasons laughing with reasons we know not we throw bought kindness out and replace each face with a fresh chance the romance of the sweet corn amazing in its simplicity i give to you you give to me the peas and the carrots and we dot the ayes have it and we are all the majority we could want undaunted by commercials the theme music playing through our fingers and out our smiles our ears are tuned and our canoe floats through the moon and toward beyond tomorrow

Sunday, September 6, 2009

justwrite 6 september

up in front of the clock we are tocking our talk so it won't run long along the tracks collecting the stacks of goods and services for which we paid while we stayed out of trouble we were searching the rubble for bricks but sticks were all we could break could find into stones and the bones of the matter flipped into cadaverous jawlines with the frauleins still serving from frothy pitchers i am not too sure about this keyboard so be warned about the futility of leaning into proclivity the rhymes won't chyme quite as brightly and i am spelling words notrightly but this too will passover like kosher macaroons with toffee crunch bunched into the middle of the aisle for ninety-nine cents and the past tense of the matter splatters longhandedly into the candidly undecided townhall the candidates brawling it all out in the middle of the circus with no rings all divorced of common sense of course the events telecast for payperview and it's true there were many their voices were plenty and the signs seemed fine until we read them closely mostly out of touch and out of sound the sights delighting in synesthesia and when i feed you muffins i am apologizing for the stuffing they have not got the spots having rotted out from the middle and they used to be blueberries but now they're just blue and you'll have to forgive the lack of flavor the bridge between now and then the empty cabins grabbing for your attention the fifth dimension jumping out of film and music we are grooving and we are losing touch with much of the idle idols of the past where have all the flours gone baked into cakes we can't take due to all the icing calls the hockey falls on its own skates making mistakes and supposing the rosiest riveters to be australian sheep dogs wandering into apartments too small for couches and a little tight for spouses but finding a sudden fit a snug bit of real estate to make the scene greener and such little inbetweener when you know what you want you must haunt it in your dreams and hunt it in between on green screens and blue prints adding up the colors by number and not by bank account but by overdrawn amounts of travel via eyescope eloping through the clouds never shrouded by sleep of the awake kind but enlightening lines of vision into collisions with beauty the duty of a thousand saints fainting in delight with flavors and sounds and when i turn up the volume you solve them all the puzzles nuzzling into my hand the pencil the pen the keys fall away and i wiggle my fingers triggering understanding in a distant manner the planners all full of other people's appointments but we we have our own time

justwrite 5 september delayo

in this world of ups and downs tired clowns drown in steps having leapt backward seven dollars in energy while the collard greens beet around the bush the lake the porch built for two no blowdryers through the tetherball thanks but the tank's refilled with mayflies in september leaping remembery into falls and marketed farmers warming into coffee into silkscreen folly a vintage trawling calling all hippies into cornfritter dreams on the rye streams of tricolor beans the buttermilk around every corner climbing every dogcat mountain and southin' slowly into the dark with muffins and category medleys freezing into pressed place a race to kenya a dairygoat backup and reverse packup picture show knowing there's more to come but easing reluctantly away back forth north

justwrite 4 september delayo

learning from turning right we are left again too bright after a night of rolling dreams spreading steam across cream cheese and film over flash a catch full of sound a garden growing coffee with smoke breaks on the take a vinyl holiday replying too late and reserving no reservations when the stations come in in auburn relief the waves saving women and their rights with thrifty leftovers and camerashop owners we are looking like two spoons in a pod hands in gps and dinner on the deck of a docked hill with an openspace cabin the only one to grab in this summer-ending frenzy the trend we shine toward a full moon on backroads hoed into sleepy rows with brushed teeth in rv relief a scene replete with arcadia and plans worth landing on beyond the thruway for today

justwrite 3 september delayo

depth of field yields high-impact traction the lacking locks have docked at the bay staying out of the way and playing the hayfields i have patience into the depth the green the blue out of the licensing bureau three drawers to the wind and the bringing of gelato the colors five and plenty and the fair means wheels within wheels stealing fat from the fry from the fire and expiring before the retirement parts its party ways in a pub bubble the trouble with HD is the freezing squeeze is too lens-y a frenzy for the chocolate class party a presentation with a loud designation of grapefruit and hazelnut a big house basically bent on dinner and irish fries with two options where one is new zealand and the other is pizza meeting the demands of a wooden ceiling too glass to pass over like an eggplant for romance

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

justwrite 2 september

an average of good and food spelled into backward songs will take too long to navigate so i'll borrow a computer and get back to ya later

we have leapt from the pages in stages fading faster than night than slightly-off pillows and cookie echoes we are eating omelets and we bet we better cheese our sandwiches check our computers at the universe the ultimate the cake taken the pictures baken out of chocolate milk spilled over a map collapsed over one route and two broken tires expiring in an earlier state too late for dinner too early for the fair but a wrongname switch stares into the moon full and swooning with trees crowded onto mountains like there's a fingerflood coming taking memories down the walking lane and ending up with a lightless cat and cork where it's at we'll leave it there and stop scratching the paper's itch with a loud twitchy pencil

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

justwrite 1 september

birthday can't hold a candle to this light this night is worth jumping over can i get a syllable or two from you to add in here and to steer forward into the islands there are seas and seasons and i have two reasons to want an extra there are seasonings wider than the aisle and i can not pass o'er like water like a blotter with no ink to drink no notes to be left cleft from the cheese sliced finely in divinely translucent windows the frames rearranging for multiple views and if i could choose i would not have to type so loudly so as to cloud the sleep from others