Friday, February 28, 2014

28 february

making it up as i go along
alone stones pile up and the freeway grows more expensive
the rates change the bills pay out and the doubts crash courses
how the horses run through rivers and the wild grows flowers
let me take the hours to tell you more on minutes
we are in it and cannot see through
let me speak in the singular
the song goes past the clouds but the evening sinks too fast
language crawls past meaning while i wait for thought to catch
easy on the hopeful chorus leaning toward the verse
breathing in and shaking off the better and the worse
flow through as becoming becomes and the numbing melts
easy as the ice cracks open the heavyglazed windshield
even as the scene shifts
turning the corner through the room to sit beside so easygo
who knows and notices while my smile rises
this is the glow i will take just a pocketful
dark as the posture that passes through laterday
heavy and i will shake my head at myself too many too nonsense
there is no one to find but myself
no one to seek or to call out to
answers are for the asking and for knowing the questions
always to wonder to wander faster as the flight lifts
from the ground and into the maybe
landing again before the stars reconsider
too much to ask for too much for delivery
take small pieces and make for yourself
healthy as the light comes up and days we make our own
thanks we give and good we grow
all and more to come

Thursday, February 27, 2014

27 february

writing the story as the words fall out the doubts come true
confidence makes itself / paper lines the shelf
let's all try again and spy against the wind for easy access parables
staring into disregard the hardscrabble sidewalk talks itself to the curb
let me have an ounce of stopandgo let me have a chance to play the show
over and over the reruns only / never original from the minute mistaken
let's shake hands in the air and pretend impunity
let's ride ships up the stairs and defeat bangedup tenderknees
we are the makers of our own life cycles
we are the riders of our speedy eye cycles
blinking as the day goes through the motions of convergence
they urge us to be vigilant, they ask us to be wild
let's all clap our fingertips and paint our salsas mild
we are open-ended and our wits are at the other end!
we are dark-eyed rivals for the fears our dreary fits pretend
the ingredients left out some of the story
the protracted angles and the calendarpage glory
i have cut my hair with no one looking
i have booked a flight to somewhere else
i am telling you how i feel in so many words
so. many. words.
let's keep our stories straight enough to rest upon in ease
a flow that brings the heart to take apart a cooldark cellar tour
to lift the floor and look beneath
to walk with balanced candle wreath atop a postured head
these are the answers but questions take their turn
easy as the summer sets the candles wicked burn

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

26 february

so the stream goes on and i am tipping my toes in
the sinking swim feeling reels us in and we're caught
fishlike flashing as a wriggle and the giggle goes through
bodywild and mashed as a crashtest alarmist: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
these are all the things to say but there's no time to weigh it out
wait until the music changes and i'll catch my breath
when will all the chords run out?
when will i take too much time?
wait until the scene goes blank and i am holding empty pages

here again another stage is filled with these same players
tweedle dee and on again
measured as a penny wild - cashed out for the candy fare
joyful as the notes unwinding through the trees and tiger tails
top the tents and trail mix towers - left for some late passer-through -
so lucky as we lunch on maybe, notes of cranberry evenkeeled

darker chords - eleven o'clock -
too early for the day to crack in pieces of a sticky brittle
toothtired as the crayfish fumble for the rocks that house their homes
clawful saving hope in sieves - buckets of apples from last year's sack
waiting for winter to come again evenly
crumbling salt as the laces attack

splash away handmedown brokenfoot turnaside:
this is the anything else i will not
wake for the wanting and live for to be
give all the having and keep only need
grow for the dreaming and shine for we can

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25 february

brush it off
the color runs and the sky falls
there's nothing there worth bringing along
no room in pockets already waiting for something better
let me wonder where the else is coming from
i am thinking of something not in the abstract
imagining concrete - tangible, fresh, citrus to the eyes and air
walking in feeling softer than comfort - grass for the mind but also the earth as the feet hear it
i look for the taste i cannot imagine - hungry for what is not on any shelf
growing on some tree, some idea half-opening into colored power - a smell you can hear for miles
these are the dreams i cannot sleep without
come with me
or i will go alone along this jungle dream
this caravan of sympathetic cloud catching
the nets for release and the deep breathing we can hear in our hearts
full of wonder and the promise of baking the next away from what could never last
the cycles to try and to pedal through - taking the tops and shining the stars, the shoes
blues and othercolored music with glistening liner notes floating through the trees
breezeful waiting in line: pick me two of anything and i will try
crying out but only for more
push and fall back
catch and receive
learn more than the spin cycle allows - trousers and marigolds tucked in the baskets
grassroots efforts -- despite the topdown crownings -- the poorest choristers in glorious array
staying the seam and meaning the scene
intentional and full in the moment
to own it and to be /
both satisfied and curious
growth in presentbeing

Monday, February 24, 2014

24 february

as the song goes the flame lights
up the stairs and through the hoops
hooked up and around corners
even as the prepositions turn odd: still motion

circulating only rumors, turning only trains
tickets over easy and the scrambling of the brain as expansion comes fast
lasting impressions caverning and dipping: toast mostly full
wooly mammoth socks with two-toed teeth

we are the catchers, the relief in the pitchers clinky with lemonade
we are the feet springing forward to new seasons
we are reasons without answers, steps without dancers
we are the sparkle in cleaning products beyond advertised prices too low for this sale

even as adjustment bureaus are overflowed with socks
let the papers report the retorts and the cavalcade of stock options
adoption of the fittest and imaginations for the rest
test the limits and addendums for gravity

let me tell you how i feel and you can keep it in your pocket
lock the door when your key fits and i will keep mine under the mat
tiles without tires and tracks leading in vinyl circles
time for dinner and the wonders forward as the checklist works

Sunday, February 23, 2014

23 february

her greatest fear
she said
was that she would develop Tourette's suddenly
and throw her child
her baby
helpless to the ground

and with this into the air she sat back a little
face open
ready for the what
but having breathed out just a piece of this
something gravelly
something stuck within
something read or heard or wound up under a pillow
sleepless in the cracks as the weeks pass by
furniture and baby clothes
breast pumps and decision machines

this will not happen
we all said
will not
and if the baby falls
which babies do
babies do
and they grow up

but even farther back in my own chair
empty and unlikely
i knew this as the reason
what if i were to drop the ball
so much to carry
never mind the weight the body the wriggle
who could ever take the chance
long beyond armcarrying and rocking
midnight feeding and babble talking
out into the big the wide the real

Saturday, February 22, 2014

22 february

shattering to pieces brings relief so fresh the taste is crystal glass and silver
putting together is too wet to catch in the right order and the sorting disgusts mistrusts and falls
we call our own shots but the pots boil over so quickly
thickly spoken words may be misheard and any step can be mistaken
[keep quiet still instead - undefined rhymes and meters for discreet unled movements?]

fear of no is the stop
go is the whynot the tryanyway free
i am failing and it is glorious!
uproar in the orchard and i have grown many brilliant errors!
pick them and juicysweet they run down a laughing face tearful and alive

tomorrow i  wake up and make up no excuses
the truth is i want more and asking is no crime
there is nothing blacker than giving up without any with only the calculation
[i am a mess and too complicated to compete to delete insecurity]

take the sun and a pocketfull picnic
there are limits but sleep is for the times we choose
stand up taller and call for a hand to hold
reach out and forward steps in grass too wakeful for fear
clear decks and disregard of unmattering flushaway

bold is the life i will tell
story in the making
live to come true
invite always forward

Friday, February 21, 2014

21 february

in dropping the dots to map the run to chart the training the space remaining beyond the start is relatively close -- even in the most extreme distance relative the compelling sell is the from and the to and their sameness the sweetness of knowing as no wind turns frozen faster than the one blowing you away from safety the way we wake up in the morning together and think of the day ahead - stretching toward wins unimagined and some in clear relief, stark bleak hangups in the middle of the bulletin board refridgerator (i am proud and you are proud and this is how we show we are) and some still floating out there tingling the ether and the either or but what we've got to know is so small compared to what we want to everything everything so take this hand and read the record spinning winning a closed-eye audience [a preponderence of opportunities lost there as mine wink asleep yet wake ahead]

Thursday, February 20, 2014

20 february

as the world turns the fear of falling off is an occasional consideration
brushing off such fears keeps the deck clear for other worries
hurrying toward tomorrow pushes past today -- pointless
for what is the now if there's only the wonder after other?
being in the middle of the tomato the juicy delicate balance
every knife slice occam's razor the measuring changes the picture
that's the principle the wonder the magic creates the meaning
shake it like a -- yes: development is the goal
learning is the now the here the why the hew the cry
grow the tree before cutting it down to finish a to-do list
wishes and fishes and cannonball destruction of marmalade beauty
take a look and energize the scene with attention --
dimensions of depth leaping through the hoops of placid flatland lake-effect glass
trash the ambient apathy
yes there is elsewhere elsewhen
mainly there is now there is this the me the you
to stew is fine but the kind with vegetables
to stir is grand and the hand goes around
ground is for electric safety and explosive growth
wild-eyed weather patterns unplanned and quilting the sky
imagine homesteads and canned gardens hardened by real
feel the hope of knowing how and why and what to do
brushing off the whatif and marveling in the now
the energy of color and geese at the lake
shaking off winter one more time until that final shrug
strong and sure and night breaths deepening to spring

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

19 february

tumbledown motherboards shortcircuit as the jerky logic collapses past syllogisms and into real life
there's no use in forcing sense where only weather can pattern
where a smattering of wonder plays: this is where my path will lead
steeds instead and words unsaid (truth or factions tracked and lacking)
will you remember how we sat?
there are lessons here but no one's teaching
only tests and no right answers
from the floor the world is taller
in the dark the snow is smaller
wait as the melt helps itself to the earth - soft and kind and wet and blind
even as the season thinks it through
even as the pass from me to you comes untwined
a half-bind and a stretch up toward the ceiling - looking to the sky
let me ask no questions
so many tired mentions
the spiral of a staircase
a shell too easily replaced
sitting still and counting half-pigeons
lotus locus no control and open toll bridges
forgiveness of the self the health and the paid-out loans
droning on i hear my worry seep
holding fast i will the letting go
backmind maps the future steps
heart aware and sunfaced to the sky
dark eyes and mirrored days: let me take this hand and answer
thank you welcome goodbye also please

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

18 february

there's no trick to stick the landing
i'm handing off the secrets - discreetly but direct
(correct me if i'm wrong, stop me if you've heard)
absurd to think you're none the richer for conversation
the fascination with things rings and automobiles -- unwieldy
feel me slipping away as the dogs have their day and try for more
coring apples and adapting to traps full of live ammunition
glistening in the noon there's a moon full and rising
surprising to those who've never noticed
surmising it's recently hocus pocused
where has all the sudden come from?
this is how the humdrum comes up - shining in the west
the sunset reversed, unrehearsed as an freshborn adage
early in the cycle - trying and spinning
winning ways and words
i see your packed and i raise you a takeout
there's no doubt who i'd rather have at that table
stable full of fruit and a pocket full of rye
lead straight to temptation and no crooked alibi
who will be the first to ask the glasses halfly full
who will take the salad fork and spin the pasta carousel
well and good, well and wild
plenty of time on the list to sun
plenty of yes on the way we run

Monday, February 17, 2014

17 february

earthquakes and i realign
simple as the equation goes - a chalkboard and it shakes: becomes an etch-a-sketch
catching all the revelations at once
dunce caps never clear in the mirror
steering in my own direction
pausing to make too many connections
this is where we this is how -- see
and believe / retrieve / conceive of
shove back from the shore and explore again
strand myself in a different pile of notecards
harder to imagine tragedy when there's no one else
self is the biggest and also other
bother and fuss? who needs
exceed the output and there's a curb
disturbing as the trend tends
i extend my hand my arm my blanket:
walk across and i will carry give invest
no tests to fail but still (can be done)
humming through the constellations
connecting other dots
spotting no alarms - clocks or bells spelling disaster
sit down while i smell through the roses
supposing belief were worthwhile
suppose matching worth catching, clues truly useful
full up and spilling over with possibility
dark horizon too pointless to point to
blue flash on the water's sky: exit without words

Sunday, February 16, 2014

16 february

spring forward and draw back - attack the nerves and deserve better (you could do better)
heap sweaters in piles of disregard and harden resolve in tip-top shipshape
cape the towns and canaverels - turn them all to carnival watchtowers
win over the lookingglasses - never let them look back - never let them win

i'd like to know the end game here - maybe just the middle steps
withdrawn, your honor, withdrawn again
the carpet's clean and so are the curtains
certainly open, my dear, my dear
no fear no steerage no headlights
brightening up the road ahead

instead of all the next steps
growing adept at the now
the how it is not could be
the better this than should be
why worry why hurry why what
when now there's this and plenty

Saturday, February 15, 2014

15 february

when the curtains come UP it'd be nice to have An Answer
not a dancer-around just to-the-point a jukejoint full of on-the-spot tatertots ready on the ketchup
and when i grow up i want to be
when i grow up i want to see what else there is
the space beyond between and under
never mind the great within: unthinkable unsinkable and on
strong enough to stand the asking - bending enough to follow breeze
that's a good idea too / wondering after undropped shoes -- or not
caught up in the moment: own it
possibilities of cities far and farther
vast expanses of earth unravelled
travels through and pausing
causing misdirection from whateverelse
the what-ifs and the maybes cozying up crazy intheface
chasing that heel, feeling for weak chinks in the now
cowards and deskeaters
overfeeding parking meters
what about that other place you dreamed of once before
what about the saving grace that's been there waiting for the chance
uneven lines and uncertain times: stay / go
inspiring to tiring out or lifting up at any given moment
still: there is peace in being present / even as

Friday, February 14, 2014

14 february

planning to make a plan i scan the register see what pops up dismounts flounts the total and routs the remainder - nothing left could save her but only right was available anyway, or so the legends say : grow up strong and stand up straight but also when you sit and also more than it can be said there's no way to the other side but through and wide enough to get there is a foursquare deal hopping on all corners chief mourners and other witnesses / fitness is what we're aiming for - body yes but mind unwindable remindable but only of what's worth - rehearsals we have none for this stage is overrun with other actors and distractors : how can i try harder when there's only so much room - no swoon for reward: re-score the card and schedule for habits - grab it out of my mouth and slosh it through your head / even as the matching goes the race is still ahead / even as the greener grows the sun still needs a bed

Thursday, February 13, 2014

13 february

if i had all the space and the time i would still climb mountains looking for the blank / to bank the shot / tank the idea and fizzle it down

drowning in retrospect there's no way forward but without that back there's no perspective no direction home / cloudhigh and fireproud

louder than icebergs and fierce as a marketplace i lace my fingers and am the tree of last resort / sort the birds and settle in / count the nexts and nest the sins

winter sharpens dull aches and mistakes seem longer / stronger groans for other homes not yet found / rainbow connections of vintage invention / truth at a discount

mountains again and a trend made of two / apples and staff full of worker bees bussing tables / fables are for the telling - not for life

knife-bright flashes clash with tables set for one / for two there are dishes with ingredients / coming true menus with disregarded castasides re-imagined in full color

other than the sense of disbelief in reality everything seemed clear / otherwise the fear melted, replaced by curiosity / wide-eyed infancy of gettingtoknow

show and tell and just as well there's listening / glistening wonder of thanks for the chance and the dance of an undetermined sort / tortoise supports all choices: rejoices in the conversation

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12 february

making the list is the better part
the batter starts with ingredients
expediently laid plans: mice, men -- etc.
weather patterns scattered -- green blob, other
wait until the details fall into place and the middle falls out
the trout jump ship and the rainbow forgets to end
there are places i remember all my half-life, now expiring
firing all the cylinders - passing around the pink slips
crunching chips and slivering ice
party softly, exit nice
waiting for the next opportunity?
jump when the chance comes -- already too late
affection is a funny thing, ticklish as an allergy
analogies and similes -- pace me if you've heard
i believe with all my blank you have got to blank this blank
fill the pockets, catch the train - making bread and major gain!
there's no word to tell the secret - i could write the script myself
wait for costumes, search for extras
we are all the characters
we are all the motion-makers - no casting calls, just starring roles
where's the space that's in between?
where's the time that doesn't matter?
when's the why that starts with who?
let the list begin with me
plans ahead to set examples
sample scenes and snow to fall
organized randomness: celebration --
promotions ironic and departures required
we are the we to be warned about!
the day to come, the fade to numb halted -
brighten the view: truen the shade, grade on a scale:
zero to better where better could be something else
room for improvement - a letter sent out - a question floating up

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11 february

easy as the sand spins the hour twins itself to dark matter the opposite attracts and counter tracks the surface below the zigs the zags dragging down the measure wiggles as the earth shakes no quakes the wiser and giggles on the geiger - we are holding steady as the silver screen shows clearly - we are wishing futures as the past flies lists too nearly full of today bleeding tomorrow dry as the minutes unaccounted for are scored and roasted like toasted jams crammed too lately -

slated for removal: a tooth full of regret, bet on a horse to win spinningly, trimming fees and handmedown cares, staring at the knowledge that college overprepared for this - there are better ways to bliss - i am plenty of pieces of puzzle - rompecabeza et al / stalling out and filling in as the train lays its tracks, i am counteracting sense as i ponder counter offers -- kitchening the sinking feeling even while lifting a sail -- what may be to no avail and what's the path to the belly of a whale -- all the ways to go and stay: too sticky, too played, too easily mislaid like paths scattered in breadcrumb clouds in birdwild crowds : these are the scenes we can't do without -- tracks are only as good as the ones you lay yourself [but your health gets helped by others, too] [thanks for helping me find those shoes]

Monday, February 10, 2014

10 february

as predicted: we've lifted off
no trays locked
no tickets bought
forgot to pack -- anything
the spring of the season
the rhyme of the reason -- lost
this is what the affection cost:
open-up honesty in all things
laidbare truth in the utility of belts
the wonderwhy felt glaringly
desks and their function [?]
promotions and devotions by the hour [?]
scouring pads of the kitchen sinks of others [?]
metaphors we can't adore in nature [?]
kneejerk reactions bruised in the parking lot [?]
bought lunches sold in the company of others [?]
what are these senses unmaking?
insideoutside: no mistaking

Sunday, February 9, 2014

9 february

registered and lined up -- the signed up march goes forward at a pace to race ahead: nothing to chase but the tail of the end (the beginning of another, the opening of a curtain). it's certain that the table's set for a new dish but the menu's hard to read with exceedingly small print and the after-dinner mint keeps showing up early-- wait for the cue! wait for the roux to form or the norm won't be set and the apple won't get far enough from the tree for you or for me to point fingers: linger longer and pull up a chair to the fire ----- too close, too close! you'll roast your toes and iron your socks while the lock still smiths and the rabbit still roars... core your apples while the rosebuds wait and the haste you waste may be your own [a groan in the cheap seats, carbon made of meat eats itself in a biosphere -- wonder why we steer clear from some and not from others -- worrying after druthers and rathernothavesaids when the future could be pretty lights and snowy sun instead]

Saturday, February 8, 2014

8 february

it wouldn't hurt to look, is the thought
bought and sold on sleepless shuttles
back and forth through unrehearsed engagements
stages set for dinner and the wrong guests show
toweled off and showered up: stuffed like a shirt
sitting at a desk and there's no one standing up
wait until the future rings or call your own ride
baby i can drive my car
constellations draw themselves - dots connect on hectic timelines
stuck inside the bylines but we are stories
fade to gray to somewhat less
linen crinkles, clothes undress their buttons
wheels fall off of expense reports
where have all the glossy pieces gone?

there is no separation: real life and the other part
heart around the matter of it
circle, lasso, ride

Friday, February 7, 2014

7 february

glove's labor: lost
storm tempest: tossed

salad ballad days of summerbleached hazed
overexposed and grown janglewild
trials of asparagus: winners in the market
parked by parakeets unleashed from their cages
upstaged by handmedowns -
glorious in elbows
threadbare with transparency:

bring me your transparency
and i will sing in watercolor
watermelon singalongs
apple dumpling disregard -
let the puppets fall away
and growing season come again

(polaroid development -
shaky wakey GO)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

6 february

in the sky there are miles to go before the clouds run out but the steam has doubts too steep for tea, too wild for hearts and lazy for darts: these are circumstances meant to be tickled like fancies (dancing like wolves at the drive-in, thriving on peanuts bought one at a time) easy as the pickles, learning as we go - bruised like a faucet and dark as the snow: let me tell you how the tide turned and the dark came up: we are cupping our hands and lapping up the watermelon understanding of summer in humdrum cavalcades of lemonade alarm clocks - patronizing tick-tocks: judge not lest you be (pick pockets grooved beats and hooved seats with rhinestones aplenty - when we are riding the targets go denty all along the outside) the dusty pride of happenstance - even as the backward glance of springtime catches dusk offguard, we are paying all our tolls (one dollar and ninety cents at a time and I'm pretty sure that's on my tab - an easy grab when no one's looking, no one's cooking and when's next time?) easy limes and vinegar - salt in all the chips and vinegar wounds and bruises, breaths and truths is there something in the idea of sour what? cream ice dreams that caramel can't quite cure but don't need to be willing to break out sideways fillings (wish you were anyway here and so) (even as the pageturns wheel i know) let's say go on tell me as the grilled's on top and the cheese goes on the gold sounds swan and the goose lays eggs - watch us as we beg and find the win the won the way (listen speak and learn and play)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 february

even as the styleddown disregard hardens the starred gardens spar in start and stop mode - exploding in neediness - the total bliss of being the one who gets it all - calling the shots and cracking the pots: i am the tot in the rocking chair! the one with the teddy bear won at the county fair! blue ribbon rock star - near and far and anyway the stayed execution - use in an emergency - stating any urgency: this is how the power flows! this is where the wonder shows in the faces of observers swerving out of the way (let them have their day! destroyers of the else!) the balance is irrelevant - the smell sent from a shocking direction - no correction, no recipe - no senses or dimensions: we are the retention of order (all the backroom chatter - the pre-departure clatter of flight attendants prepping the coffee - laughing their toffee thick voices into shape, scraping off the real world, hurling off the ice and the trash out, the soccer practice carpool, HOA manuals of lawn heaight and tricktreat night (where has all the life gone?) - dose yourself with honey and glaze your smile with true - all those tired travelers cranky to be soothed, misdirected and unclear in the weariest of ways - saving ourselves to serve others - mirror ready? check

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

4 february

having spent the greater part (so great) of the day denying weather
(there is no weather)
I cannot notice the lurking hulks of metal skulking on the sidelines
waiting for the turn
earning miles in exhaust
costing taxpayers exorbitant forecasts and two to more hours of delays
way off into the alphabetical march of districts irresistible and irredeemable
I cannot see the glare of lowbeams
scheming with their hopeful ropes full of frenetic energy
casting elastic lassos of frenzy
still nothing to scrape up
to salt down to sand up to scrimp up to save us from
I cannot hear the rumble the runup the percentages rising
too busy surmising that all will be well
spelling sunshine with a breezy wave
saving the day with a disposition unwilling to listen
reason? what? why?
can't try any size of that pie - no slice for the tasting, no goose for the basting
flying past the migration - no hesitation of purpose:
the forecast clearly set here
a painting hung in front of the tube
with curtains strung to frame the view
the window scene as possibly seen:
some enchanted afternoon
click! it sticks steady
heading a mind's eye edition
glistening distraction past those rows of plows
those heres and nows
ready to push away the possibles
those dark and icy maybes
just try to save me from what's not coming!
 'cause I'm humming through a lemonade picnic and a cherry tree sky
there's no reason why I'm believing that tale
that dark fairy whale might swallow us whole
but for now I see sun
so let's not come unstrung
lining up one by one to unhinge our own scenes
breaking down to scattered beans hoping to be planted
dreaming of enchanted maybes
how about yesses
tired of those guesses and ready for a go
ready for a showup makeithappen getitdone soonsoonsoon

Monday, February 3, 2014

3 february

even while falling I'm calling in for the to-do list
can't twist away too long while the song's on hold
who told you to turn left there? where's the square and the T that they modeled for -- the car, I mean
the scene changes and the dream fades
wading in the river where the shiver turns black
whack-a-mole and the chords sound wrong
strong enough to arm a bear - wearing out the welcome though the cave will have its day
wading in the river again
standing in the sun
let me tell you how the song goes
let me tell you when the chorus
even as the picture fades the curtain comes again
the skin itches the screen twitches and silver goes the flick
click camera action roll and silver goes the screen
dreaming as the B-roll fades and gentle to the night
dylan thomas cabin john and park goes the way
the cinema stars and cinnamon rolls all fading as we rise
with cavernous eyes and and carving knives and evening stars to fade
we have our thoughts and recipe cards
but not a thing to wear
the tragedy is, the chapter to turn: nobody knows the score
it's halftime again - it always is - and thoughts turn back to gray
the rhythm appears, a natural gait, and steadily fades
it's gone
while the skip
now we've done it against the speed of sense it's happened while concrete crashed an elephant once
even as i waited for night
a helicopter
bold in the tangled trees
the taglines
threaded tight like thriftstore dummies fighting over spare buttons
only the lights caught but still i could hear
fearing i would sleep with those blades caught against the window
blinds leading the scrape
glass against the trees
freezeframed and searching
lurched against back then gone
finally flung apart out into there
anywhere else but here
darker void of east
swallowed by the someday sun

Sunday, February 2, 2014

2 february

Even as we dive down our closest closets for known crowns - those overgrown thrones of identity thrown down and worn away - faded in doubtful trout stream magazines and hobby horses of other designs - the defined lines of too many shakedowns made over and caked up with breakroom doughnuts - sugar powdered unempowered - where has all the energy gone? easy songs of future dreams and silvery screen delivery shivery with potential - we meant full well - we knew those truths as self-evident, resplendent in tomorrow's surcease of sorrows - borrowed lines and easy-earned times - they will know us as we come - they will see us as among the stars - we number our own constellations - frustrations fade as the paths melt / come clear / steer - unaware of scene shifts as authors drift and enter alongside - a ride not for the settled - having mettled: the coast is clearer - a mirror for the looking - tickets for the booking and sun for the rising - open the horizon and can the act - counteract and balance: stop the saying and brew the doing cometruing - the lookingback versus action: only one means traction and abstract collapses language into bags full of nothing - the images gone and the story's all gappy - missing the lappy trap around around and drowning - smiles in for frowning - space the place and go -

Saturday, February 1, 2014

1 february

Are there no words to herd past this headache gate this bad mistake as if  there are good kinds as if there are mad blinds like scientist set them up as experiments -- an early dawn coming in before the sun goes down rounding out the day before you're ready, unsteady and no waiting -- the shirt I wanted to buy but couldn't because holes, the story I wanted to write but can't be told, the food to be cooked, the face to be looked, and more and more and more, but in the dark parked and done...