Thursday, July 31, 2014

31 july

fiveish minutes from rightnow i am asleep with orderup dreams to come numbing my toes and nose and also all else though my eyes twitch in time to catch up the scenes and my brain streams liveaction sparks the quarks reassembling for meddling with the motor skills billed as incomplete in sleep though it seems so real to feel legs moving lips soothing the fictions truthing out there trending foursquare none the richer for the picture incomplete but shuffling still buffering as the night spins on and the skips smooth out in a glossy vinyl swirl the flavor of choice for joyful noises and whatif dreams

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

30 july

trying to fail means hailing cabs before mary
ice cube softballs calling out redemption
don't mention the melt, don't broadcast goodbye
try another angle
tangled up in tragedy the mud can't help but stick
easier to stay clean than to do dirty
harmonies and distracted destruction
mutually assured confirmed desertion
how it's possible to feel so all alone
thrown out and picked up
lifting paper cups and saltine wrappers
let us rejoice in tomorrow's growth
the gain that remains before us
and the darkness to leave behind

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

29 july

dreams that turn sleep to fiction
take places, rearrange decimals
surprise opportunity from dark corners
animated reality in no-stop motion
calling out for encores, snooze alarms
no cause for gravity
constant revision to the no-script
yes to everything - even no
the other end of the rainydaybow
entries in a tournament
collect all twelve
sweeten the reward and pass it along
strongarming redemption and other morals
quarreling with the invitations we send ourselves
hitting reply and leaving blank
open to a somethingelse
waking life still too bright

Monday, July 28, 2014

28 july

let's talk about that space again
the strands and all
wait until the curtain calls and we'll fall all over ourselves in sweeping up regrets
some to hold and some to toss and some to wave like flags
we drag out the wonderwhys
we set aside our last goodbyes as something new comes ripe
as something old turns right
toward the clock facing
hidden hours erasing candles burned and ended
light your own darkness
see your own song
listen for the growing
creaking underground

Sunday, July 27, 2014

27 july

the space is clear when the story is told
excuses and explanations candied with light
nobody asks for sugar coating
delivery just the same
carried away again
stranded like a braid
twisted into missing what never was
the bugs in the sink and no ice to speak of
wait until the rent runs through
listen for the backup truths
(and also there are toys)
cannot hold the map that high
opening another trail
crackerjack and appetizing

Saturday, July 26, 2014

26 july

thanks for holding
listen to the dial tone as tomorrow dawns and also other days
we are crazing into hope
we are lazing through with rope to pull or hang or string along
songs we used to remember
words we thought to play
there are numbers to call but letters too few for bingo
rings of leftover drinks sweating into the wood
summer is for condensation, conversation
all those dreamboats sailing
all those margins erring
an abundance of caution and we are welcome to sit tight
move about the cabin
turn around in the closet
list the twists in the plot and let the buttons fall
hooks and eyes and nothing surprises the closer we are to free

Friday, July 25, 2014

25 july

i also thought about the way the trees ringed the sky with stars floating about in the glassy middle
reflecting bright cities, big lights, and the steady stream of flashes that surround us
while the waft of sweet drifted through the music to connect senses draw closer
there are no words to sing, no chords to bring closer the meaning that we hear
steering forward through a parked lot of possibility, driving on into night

Thursday, July 24, 2014

24 july

uncommanded strands
landing on the water
tying up the waves
braiding light to depth
pictures of forgotten hope
vintage wonder, sepia

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

23 july

pickup truck spits a dustwide trail

corn rows as we go

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

22 july

field trip
high yield
a downy pillow at one end
crosswalk geese at the other
when the flood came
(ago, again)
pulled over for speeding
grant wood in the lobby
the door plates
the floor
we have our work to harvest
roadside drivethrough abundance
the space between beyond
listen as the stations change
tune in for the rearrange
steady as we slow
faster into night

Monday, July 21, 2014

21 july

blankets that
in thinking about clouds
became clouds
crowding a sky of sleep

Sunday, July 20, 2014

20 july

after the sun came up we were surprised to find the clothes that had once been dry but wet before were damp again
cycles as a marigold chasing back rabbit becomes the rabbit later on
we become the noise as we complain about it
silence is a golden spread of butter melting into the soft inside of a crusty day
sidewalks take their time, winding as we whine and stumble hurryforward
tired as an avocado waiting too late in the fridge
let's bring our chickens home
let's hatch the roosters too
we are all the mornings alarmed and eggs as they turn into pan

Saturday, July 19, 2014

19 july

the attraction in distraction / lining up to dance through sleep / wait until the brewing's done / listen how the song unwinds / porch is an opportunity / afternoon is a lemonade fantasy / easy as the bough wows / fearless as an avocado / invincible and sleepwound / now i find the suns

Friday, July 18, 2014

18 july

quiet but for some little noise
the space so far between
angles and other thoughts on geometry
math is science is art
darkness closes distance, sets scenes
odd degrees and even minutes
too close means freezing
too far melts to stalling
magnets of a nature undiscovered
dance without words
see without light
taste of the openwindow night

Thursday, July 17, 2014

17 july

running toward the end of day the sun drops faster than noticeable until exhaustion in the dark

hurrying to rush past

while the day is bright there are windows and doors and also minds for escape
not to avoid being present
not to be other than where we are

hurtling through excuses and also reasons whynot
too long of a line and too short of a patience

drip honeyslow moments through sunlight and wonder
turn a phrase like a key to open that smile
eyes and clouds and stars: the brightness we create

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

16 july

madcap collapses and shenanigans on toast
we make the most of the least and ask for little else
though the stars tossed with romano and caesar-seasoned croutons --
i come to bury fear and praise possibility
when i looked through the window it was no mirror and i could see out
into else and near and far
beyond screens and gates
into the menu of cando and whynot out past the whatif

reading me you place a bookmark, turn to question
criticism of a literary nature -- observations and fine-tuning
we are calibrating balancing returning
back to forth to each other and through
chocolate milk dreamfroth of orange juice pulp mornings
as all of the eggs lean to hatch

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

15 july

i took off and changed colors
the numbers not quite adding up
cupped rain poured
we scatter sun, mosaic sky
tasting possibility and filling up on whatif
drifting into reality
high definition slowmotion yes
gears turning minds churning
mining clouds and coffee
scoffing at doubts and balancing potential
dimensions reframed
shifted uplifted and rising
steam into the streets
roasting the aroma of home

Monday, July 14, 2014

14 july

freshness means chopping but also colors
we number the minutes toward fullness
chew recipes in anticipation
wait until the water boils something more than itself
roast until the flavor's there more than it ever was before
dicey as a situation knuckles to the board
thin garlic shavings: tiny petals to the flame
frying onions means flourishing success to all within range
chocolate pudding pictures push promise
now with mint and low-fat milk

so many ingredients and yet so many elbows
learning to apologize and better not to start
a small kitchen, a larger heart

Sunday, July 13, 2014

13 july

going against a mind defined by twists the turns earn their golden feet faster than ribbons spin the braids / fading against extremities we stretch and please our muscles with easygo practice a little at a time and our albums will always rhyme / too much to forget but a list that can't get started / departing again we scan the sky for footprints and raise our glasses up / cupping hands to ears and mouth the fears the eyes can't help but show / we row the boat and count the corn and sing our sweethearts home / even as the bough breaks nobody needs to fall nobody stalls out as imagination breaks hesitation and carries us forward / forewarned and forearmed we balance planked and solid / called out and set back the curtains rise and fall / waiting for a playbill to come due / true enough to bluff the scene to raise the cards that fall flat / catalogues and bossycat dogs all waiting the sun to shine / hearing our answers we take all the chances and carry our feet to twine

Saturday, July 12, 2014

12 july

peaches and porches and a moon i can't quite see
full enough, it should be
humid on the inside
cleaning up and out and away
being fully in one place at a time
or intending to be
to try to hold my breath while running in place
i am moving but the pace is unclear
the destination is in question
there are lessons for learning and i have read many books
taking my time and having it taken faster
i am giving myself away
the slip the slide the wonderhow
mosquitoes that always find my ankles
sleep that looks rich and comes up short
i meant to write down my dreams again
dreams co-opted adopted and annotated with references
the space between what is and seems
so many pots to water
so many sighs to shed
plans to grow stronger to catch and release
not to need anyone anything
not to reach for something that's not there
stock shelves with reality
invest in fair trade
trade fairly
fade gently
color in the rainbow with improvised suggestions
a script gone through the wash

Friday, July 11, 2014

11 july

it's true that's what happened but the details are expiring
firing neurons through synaptic galaxies
trapping freezeframe snatches of conversation elevation of wonderwhy recollection
a mess in a bottle all shaken carbonated and easily related to through poetry
we please ourselves when we fill our shelves with progress with crossedoff lists
the twists come when we find we've strung the same bow with the wrong arrows
sparrows and canaries and other singers of warning laugh in yellow glee
sun also shines in the morning on the patio
turn the mint to catch the glint to live in the house that i built
spilling milk and prayers and chinese fortunes all across the yard
tarring feathering and barely weathering the storm we put on for ourselves
wealth and health and nourishment of soul of body and mind: we mine as deep as ever
we chop tomatoes and laugh
this is the summer we'll want to remember long after the plants have gone
harvest is not just a metaphor and poems are not just the past
we can say we and please the court in resorting to smooth fantasies that fill in all the gaps
as collapsing sin and swinging tins of spices we season our plates

Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 july

pounds of grounds and ounces of dunce caps
the cup's in the corner and the mourners are aflame
waving wands to ready the table
fabled eclipse of reason and sense
waking life and rising dream
steam escapes as carbon drapes its cards deepwide
skies to fall and oceans to flood
blood and fear and wonderwhy flaring up in clear surprise
thrown off so easily

even as the day flows the bright glows of possible flicker in and out skipping stony streams and dreaming overwhelm of hopeful scopes the ropes to learn and butter churned from leftover morning steam powering clouds and other scenes allowed to develop even as the pages day by

one more time the thanks the apologies
freezing in darkness and shuttering as developments
shaking out that picture coming clear
steered away or misplayed the grace is slow in rising
let me know better
let me care less
let me know how to care more than caring

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

9 july

what i meant to say was yesterday is not the time to wonder
blundering through today means tomorrow falls short before the sun makes its play
wait until the intermission
wait to hear what's always missing
the space between what's real and thought
bought enough to sell and now nobody's buying
frying the pan and the fire
hired hands and sorryfor expressions
teaching no lessons and counting no cards
harder than it needs to be to clear the deck and raise the flag
lag time between meant and heard
backing farther off again the strands unravel and night comes up
lifted out of circumstance and changed uncharged expired fired
tired of inconveniencing a schedule that's unreal
tired of apologizing not knowing what to say
yes it's very also much
how the curtain falls
call the number and i'm sure to answer
what we'll say's unknown

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

8 july

nearly asleep mumbles so convincing toward the point of response
wait until the stars hatch and catch them as they call out
appalling opportunities dashed in the grass as the wind turns its head
instead of sense let's have fun but only for a little while
fading even now as the cows come home the graze well roamed
with dark upon the table
meant to be invisible to keep that deeper down
the swells of push and readygo energy cycling yes and no
goodbye to the wonder and greetings to now the more we needn't learn
spilling revelations and unhooked conversations the pieces i'd rather mishear
steering off the path and it's okay to find a split
you know it's coming anyway so there's no need to double back
optimistic and turning the page anyway
let go and leave me back

Monday, July 7, 2014

7 july

uneven expectations and the garden grows wild filed and sanded in undemanded rest stops the high top sneakers and the oversized speakers railing against the narrow paths to the overlook we book our flights and decide to walk instead we head off the footers and trail the whaleofa deals to steal quiet moments of wonder and awe and golly if it isn't just the thing the ring to bring all the other bells tolling cajoling loose moments of strumming and sleepydark humming we rhyme our tunes in soontoshare words and the herds of sheep and flocks of bats collapse into patterns again and a strand to tug on we unravel the channels and watermelon alarm clocks to wake up to the other side of day the space we choose the time we lose elsewhere splashed aside to hurryup glide toward this better port we sort the categories in easy simplification we save the nation its time we mine for what's yours and the chores get done anyway we play our songs the long way home and the stones still rolling the moss still polling for a softer result a catapult to stars into beyond and through the caves we saved for rainy days as the pools fill up and the cups run over we clover our fields and yield to the density of clouds loud enough to have their say and ours too a realfeel fresh deal and carrots for the rabbits the dang and the nabbit with shucks to match a train to catch and on we go to sleep

Sunday, July 6, 2014

6 july

considering opportunities
seems slim that this trim to the string could bring about a knot of this kind
winding and braiding and fading in and out to weave to breathe anew
true enough those bluffs laid down in bragging bost
but still and all the call too open to resist the chance to miss

back into the concrete
kettle corn at the farmer's market today and a lost coin purse
announced in unmistakable tone by the Market Master of labeled tshirt
hurt by neglect the green somethings keep waiting
hoping to learn their label and earn a stable decision: tomatillos or baby eggplants still unhatched
catching up with the season: melons in, strawberries out
we doubt the bread and change received, embrace cucumber snakes
shake off any hurryup choices
rejoice in the cooking kettle corn, the balsamic strawberry jam
i am and i will and i do

Saturday, July 5, 2014

5 july

unwinding i'm reminding myself of other times unrhymed with these scenes but inbetween the same
changing the names and zip codes the inroads and outbound motors i know how this must look
cooked books and alabaster handmedowns the missing puzzles pieced like quilts built for tomorrow
let's have a look at that list and twist the ties to bind the vines toward sun and light and airywhere
seeming like infinite strands landing with gladhanded approaches to clapping adapting at once
bunches of fresh and ripe and truth colored green and the seeming's a pleasure anyway
stay open don't mention stay close don't drift off to just yet we've only just met this set piece
before it's time to go sit slow and honey the moments soon enough to be past

Friday, July 4, 2014

4 july

conflicting interpretations of nations united or un
stunning as developments building breaking down restarting
departing hearts herd diamonds, club spades
what will grow is unwise to know
we throw our hopes on heaps and light with love
above and below and between and the mean is not average
we meaning I the ongoing try and other pieces of puzzle
muffled warmth and muzzled charm
no need to bid on what’s been sold
no need to be more young or old
trial by expectation
resulting conversation unescapable
who wants to know the truth and what comes next
I apologize for endless tries uninvisible
the fiddling around with ideals and feeling possibilities
everywhere the forecast outlasts what meets it
discrete bits discreetly written here clear spilled guilt
confession: no lesson learned, stirring not to burn, cooking still
no reason to close the menu, the door, the day

Thursday, July 3, 2014

3 july

cups full of otherwise and the pourover start-up
wait until the head clears and the cheer leads onward
we are the sleepers of days and the wandering ways home
i am tired and fired and ready to fry
wild as a rollercoaster high on static
dramatic tenses shift and we lift up to breathe

2 july

good work we said and kept our heads above water
the starting line seemed fine but the end was far
too early the sun and so long the day
weigh the meaning and stretch the screening door
wild as the clouds break we bake bread of many colors
numbers and graphs notwithstanding - no landing on that runway
stay forward stay green stay gold and unbeholden
we're running out of excuses and the truth is still out where
save the moments and add together weather patterns
scattered as we go steady the rows across columns
solving all preventative illnesses with fillings and with water
we break lines and fine doors gold from green weather
passing the smattering of graphs with collapsible XY's
we try and we succeed we read and we write
remember that time when i threw the ball as hard as i could
into the corners we ran with scandal and abandon
dropping all the calling birds with cards and gifts aplenty
when we meet we seize days, make plays
stay wild through clouds saved in momentary weather
better to see you with to breathe through lips of day
sun as the way the water flickers long
day as the moments bake to filling
stretch the meaning and line all the breaks
long drawn out with longing

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1 july

surely so early i'd figured it out but then later
wait until the menu unwinds and the letters fall from ingredients
expediently gathering no moss but rolling so slowly sometimes
no music plays and no dogs have days
just confusion alluding to sense and making no change sparing no coins
intellectual property and other scares beware to keep on top of
the rack dripping clean and the hair drying blow
show up late or never
weather any storm and reign over every parade
we stayed and played through
open holes and sandytrap pitfalls
yours as the curtain falls and the sun comes up
we mix our vegetables and ask for secondhand
land and sea and air and please know more
questions and lessons and days we can taste
wading into deep and fading into tune