Wednesday, April 30, 2014

30 april

there's no reason to apologize
no need to hold breath
let it out / draw it in new designs

fire rises fast green flame contagion
logic torn from the spine
weakens hope and sense to spend

even without proof clarity
spin darker to decide:
should know have known keep knowing
let go give thanks / an exit
gracious while breaking

easy to say
fallapart on impact
scene sets

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

29 april

rain piles up and sleep fades in
wash away the otherwise
lean into the opening
press close the closing day
and release

plantings and plannings
green for growth and maybemaybes
noone wants to think of weeds
nobody shakes heads in nohow

color the numbers delicious
tictac the toe to the line
leap over and through time
meaning as we make it
inventing the upnext to share

Monday, April 28, 2014

28 april

#57: shoulders independently
another kind of laugh for you to know

(it's a range, mountainous and vari-valleyed)
recognized from otherside rooms
tender in the ear

#34: eyes alive
sparkle flash bright as a cliche

shared quiet known
noneed words

#16: kicked-out burst
spontaneously awkward joy

a splash of color through graybeige
natural, a gift

#8: twistwrinkled mouth containing
lips folding teeth away

silence noticed is read
punchlines cheap where meaning lives

#1: together until tears
raw shaking open spillover

happy is the sound new and known

Sunday, April 27, 2014

27 april

when the time comes that there ought to be time it's a surprise to hardly no one that there's none / just undone by the hopes that rope off sections of daylight trying to shine in some other direction / corrections with tiny white paintbrushes are insufficient / innocent to all ticks and tocks the easygo blocks build walls and call collect from the other side: when's it time to play? staying out early and in late / crates full of lists and scandalous plans / opportunity knows not to knock but to creep on by / open windows for leaning out of and pushback drafts pulling through multiple meanings (when a noun is also another) / whether or not the checks get off and the cash comes through we are selecting all that apply and frying eggs on the legs of some other scramble / rambling through treetop disregard the hardy stage is set and the weakest roots fall away / staying strong with toes in dirt but working toward a bath / crafted in fine lines intertwined with sleep we are deep into dreams that tomorrow's scenes will come with intermissions for wishings to cometrue

Saturday, April 26, 2014

26 april

holding breath we hold ourselves
closer in and tighter
hugging backbone flesh clings close

centrifuge spinspits out all else
hopedfor scenes filmstripping far out and away
words said unsaid and inbetween

no pause no rest the weary on
calculating wondering what went rightwrong
how to tell the difference

Friday, April 25, 2014

25 april

inside the window
it's easier to frame

leaps and bounds
thimble measures

sitting down to think
standing up to go

talking about it
doing something

pressing play
listening awake

someday totally
right now only

Thursday, April 24, 2014

24 april

when the switch comes
sudden as a goal
easy to say: saw it coming
reading back the script
lightning in the forecast
overtime holdingbreath
easy to say: never saw it coming
words pop like balloons
cliff edges eating air
easy to say: next time --
(there will never be a)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

23 april

escape on both ends
the middle is settling
is looking nowhere but the floor
is forgetting the words
is learning to sleep through

waiting for the door to open
afraid to push out or in
to recognize the difference
to tire of wheels
to capture the escape

wakeful listening focus
the sun also sets
also keeps waiting for more signs
also turns on
also licks lyrics with sweet satisfaction

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

22 april

give credit where it's burned through muscles and chords
action of notes through the air in streaming fastforward
driving bones through earth and shooting sparks to the sun
power in connection / in coming unstuck
fluid through time and seasons without weathering
balance through the rise / steady and awakening
growth through love through practice

Monday, April 21, 2014

21 april

except that i have no hammock
so my lean is into the ground
curving down back around the earth
stretching to protect
reflecting in the oceans
grassbright angles and clouds to spare
sun bounces through at its own spring pace
lifting to curl, i cradle the sky

Sunday, April 20, 2014

20 april


when i start i know
it will be dark before i'm finished
but the thickness still surprises
the white dashes stretching into nothing
no sense of rise or fall
water running alongside
breeze of soccer field grass
windows lit in distant trees
porch dog watches yard deer
and i watch, push, stretch
batteries warn, then fail
know better: the sun fades so softly
settles into wetlands
onto trailside benches
turning off time
leaving only space
the air to make it home

Saturday, April 19, 2014

19 april

half a bite
she said
I've only got a minute

brunch and porches disagree
ease into
pass through --
not to arrive, but for the passing
breeze and flavor and the music of air
conversation drifting into shapes beyond
a menu of possible whatnow and whynot

(same as ever)
always enough space
for matter

Friday, April 18, 2014

18 april

out driving today i pulled a phrase
from conversation and surroundings
that should be my poem
i told you
smell of french fries at the stoplight
heading to elsewhere dinner
sun enough for spring
easy as the music goes
treeflowers and parkways
friday night outward
nodding back agree
light changes to go
leaving behind the words

gasoline and slurpees
echo in later dark

Thursday, April 17, 2014

17 april

because the sun will rise
because it's up to me
because water makes a difference
because time tells
because sleep means falling
because there is another chance
because colors mean vitamins
because mirrors differ
because doors go both ways and revolve too
because records are big
because new will age
because music
because not forgetting is remembered
because spelling counts
because posture is in a slump
because you asked
because you listened
because you meant it
because wonder lifts when full

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

16 april

holding my breath
i realized
did not allow me to float

expectation clouds
face falls faster than weather
rainygo crashcrush

weary of wideopening
toofar stretched alert focus
greeting invitations


remind unwind
there is no track
push only up

rollover darkness
waking to shift

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

15 april

even as the odds fall out the sky is clear
open to whether and weather and not
bought to sell and have to hold
waiting to hold my breath again, i see
gotta hand it to you
command performance, demand adorance
too soon too late too early
easy as the time goes the clock turns up
over as the underwhile the strike unstuck
picket signs and pocket mines digging deep for change
let me make that mistake and slice it
smaller pieces digesting, digressing
the things i can do without
the cabinets to be emptied
shelves carrying that weight
let me tell you how i feel about this
a list full of groceries and also no-needs if you like
i like i might i say
plans are for the weary
but the eyes might have it and sidesmiles do
wait until there's no more time
unwind and pass a verse
rehearsals spinning wonder but still no sign of script
no need to know the ending still
no call for any answer
still asking floats up foggyfast
and scenes chase on shockbright

Monday, April 14, 2014

14 april

waiting for eclipse
not totally the heart
the sky shaking to break up:
look over there where there's nothing!
back to where there used to be a something
opposite the usual
sunseekers spectacle gawkers carnival junkies
peering into shadow
broadscale wideopen illusion
fading into space
chasing darkness
no channel to change
clouds to chase along
static in the atmosphere
tuning into what else is
hammocks and porches and greengrass
foundations for the finding
the upside down unwinding
turning off the glare and facing other
open to the wonder nature wild

Sunday, April 13, 2014

13 april

more to say
as sun melts into ease
searching for the lines to follow
no rush no hurry no break
(latter tripfalling into spiraldown wondering)
twilight turns porches to clouds
floating into possibility
no script no plot no rush
static crackles fresh records
glowing as embers into night
finds and keeps

Saturday, April 12, 2014

12 april

april sun melts afternoon from hours away
glarebright morning casts about for feet foundation starting
even as sky strides stretches past and through
waving clouds high as fans
waking lakes smooth as ease
flatlined weekend high on hold
dials and menus and settings undone
dazzled by the toosoon summer
faces and flowers upturned in wonder
thirsty and pale and cool
leaning back to bend awide an open
ready for the next the green the growth

Friday, April 11, 2014

11 april

where the light is i hear colors louder than words and the taste of possibility looms large / harder than expectation is disappointment in gravity / the sense of falling as all the boats are called in from the elsewhere / the lake mistaking itself for a river and flowing into forgetfulness / messing up again the strands unwind and the ducks blind the deer / mind the manners of the hunters who are never calling shots / got another answer and the questions just keep coming / stunning as regret the whetted appetite turns sour when the winds change / rearranged by age and commandeered by time / rhymes slide close while most pages turn / burning sidelines as the stage expands / band together and sing new words unheard of / absurd as sunrise and welcome as the wind / we spin turkeyfast and hopeful / swallowing the sky and drowning in rain / we are complainers and listeners too / truth in the pockets and eight ball ablaze / phases of the window as the frontpage hits the floor / skyline apparitions while you rush ahead for more

Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 april

when the crash comes
it has always been coming
broad as a whale swallowing all else
an elephant steadygo toward stampede
sun dropping hard into jagged dayending
tangled into mountains sharp as breath

too late by the time escape is reached for
time only for disguise
transformation into darkness
cool as an open-windowed pillow

hoping for release
for the press to lift off in kiterocket dreams

lielow to slip past
tender morning uncurl
fresh hope for through passage
easy as spring

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

9 april

i'm not sorry it's so late
not about earlyup swimming through the streets
all the time looking not buying
toolong lunch stretched past
no apologies for lingering
parking lots and doorways
even if the clock dumped hours
we'd still keep ticking
gone digital forgivable
a minute with you in it runs wild
free from sense or science
no clear articulation of destination
even as the sun spins again
while the earth jumps ropes and hope
straying starbright past bedtime
climbing up and onward skystruck
stretching through the easy glow to light

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

8 april

sun middles out in a high stretch
breezy as a park bench
lunch is just a space between
slicing orangelike juicy
half and half make whole

thrift possibility in crowded aisles
sidelong hopeful record deals
sugar bowls and cream
playalong possibility
you should really go inside

breakaway with open windows
tangle hair and brightblown squint
overwhelm in sudden change
escape into and from
there's no time but let's

raw guitar and jangled chords
open to the drifter search
share the sense in making none
add to the list of pileup dreams
stretching into longer days

Monday, April 7, 2014

7 april

different now
leaning toward waybetter
astounding bounces off the glass
nothin but reflection
collecting the day to pass your way:
here is what i need to take out
extractions of non-essentials
pockets full and emptying
mining for yours - jewels tasty for your eyes
i had here somewhere / let me hear...
open to the opposite
salad boxes in transparent repose
suppositions supplanting unpleasancy
making up signals and codes
letters run through it riverbright and fresh
let me tell you a mouthful of
been keeping safe for
while lunch watches its own time
plasticforked with dressing
the regulars creating new
opening and emptying
filling up together

Sunday, April 6, 2014

6 april

downstreet upstream swimming through the sun
search for records: listening not breaking
for vinyl not siding
addresses that don't exist
slipping through fingers and other digits
outreach toward the ringaround rightround
stroll through trafficky twined lines
turn signals and possibilities
anyway no way like forward
uncoverings instead
russian grocer and rusting sliver dreamcar
always cooler in the shade
tea for a turn as the wheels spin
the indecision of spring
there is no track worth affixing to
shoes unglue unclip their toes
pull and push and balance and carry that hill
still and all the call is to the sun
easing into breezy contentment
spilling purple through a repurposed sky
now it's time to know
more searches to come and also findings
diners and bookmarks and indian smells
the blue sign that turns out red
spring lengthens and twinkles to blossom
still early still searching signs
soon turning our feet toward home

Saturday, April 5, 2014

5 april

the idea of elsewhere - of goinggone
you will never believe the Rockies until you see
rising up from flatpast
shocking into reality into view
a child's line-drawing - jagged snow on top
and yet sun
glarewild and opening
turn any corner and forget blanken wonder
we of the smooth rolling grasslands
we are waking in a dream
turning into other
welcoming the whatifs
rising toward the sky

Friday, April 4, 2014

4 april

in the long run
stride should lengthen
it seems
breath should deepen, smooth out
gaze forward at the steady
earth below bouncing back to push skyward
it seems
arms gently pressing energy throughout
legs burning muscle dreams
on and through to elsewhere
neither ahead nor away
all is relative
it seems
time space distance motion
as if the breath transforms to speed
a trail with no markers
invisible energy pushpulling on
it seems
music the light in the action
joyful the verses in progress
all else is chorus
waiting for the sidewalk to end
to break through to knowing
it seems
on into fluid to being
motion in hoping through action

Thursday, April 3, 2014

3 april

no breath to hold
close to the dark the air flies past
gravity drags and legs crank to burn
uphill and through around over
prepositions don't listen but settle in their action
leaning in
dig toward the distance and star the miles
nightsky opens to cool the explosions
wait until the arms run out
go until the muscles shout and turn thick
lake takes its time swallowing the sun
backaround nowhere to be recovered
this is the space to break into
throw off the doubts and cracks
stretch toward whole and full and forward
into the possible
breaking through challenge limit fear
waking into action
faster than giving up
pushing into whatif
nearly there and proud of streaming
headlights sweep and freeze action
tracking seconds of movement in splitscreen
inside outside whatyousay
creating reality in fluid strokes
breathing draws in all hope
ragged out the followthrough
stretching the long line toward else

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2 april

in the meantime there's no use holding breath
a calendar like a colander full of holey days
wait until the sun shines
wait until the time changes
wait until the pages run out
drained through the usefulness
bliss to be sought / blisters bought
soled and souled and sold on some sinister market
parked down and swallowed up
giant cups of hopeful helpful
pouring boring minutes out of space
these are the times and angles to embrace!
waiting in the line for the otherwise somethingnew
arguing against infinity?
onward in discovery
the play the thing the ring of it sounds true
this time around i think i'll
while ticking away the day goes done
dark too soon and cold like a moony vacancy
jealous relish spreading despite denial
want that haunt that opportunity
even in dreams the scenes play through
calling out a name i've never known
seek keep going throwing off tracks
weighted down by underground expectations
just about time to pack those bags
just about why to answer for no reason
seasons change and rearrange hopes
i'm not waiting for a hand and what would i do if given
the drivenaway punch lunches in familiar company
shaking heads in the no thanks tanks full of more the same
come again there is no again
come to pass there is only same or else
seek with eyes open through hopeful thrift
saving spoons and rescuing possibility
listen how i feel i cannot say
words explode exploring chances
dance on the edge of whatnow

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1 april

fools rush in and loud boughs break the mistake and the grind the rewind undefined a course of action with no traction and falling falling down the floor cannot be close enough the bluffed listener as head cracks open and squeezes shut too fast too clashed with the open-mouthed stare the scare-off tactic elastic to the touch and much too unseemly for a dreamy-eyed smile unstyled too old and unfolded like a paper napkin dipped in rain stainful and remaindered to the sidewalk lefbehind cannot tell a lie cannot listen to the truth it's useful to have a mirror but it's easier not to look cooking up suggestions and lessons with no home to work from what is in the basket and whose task is it to fill