Saturday, May 31, 2014

31 may

i had imagined going faster but instead farther
who knows shadows like the sun?
while the instruments compose the scholar listens
too much too little too justright
goldilocks runs and the bears eat honey

i will open the shop and serve myself
it's a small table with few chairs
dawn unbroken spills only darkness
wait until nothing - just go

science also dreams and words
constructions constricting reality
philosophy presses muscles to motion
we are the i am the only

ego is as swept away
self to go
breath to stay

Friday, May 30, 2014

30 may

tomorrow i will run
just one foot in front of all those other steps
having leapt i will fall forward
into the elsewhere next new
i have gone this far before and farther
i have left when told to stay
i have stayed when ready to leave
the exit sign easily marks the spot
the ribbon at the end also beginning
hydra-headed arrow
pointing toward yes

waiting for the sleep the sun the rise the go
ready for the leave the other the start

smoothly forward creates
running with the mind of possibility
certainty and centeredness
opening bright doors
breathing to balance, lean into

Thursday, May 29, 2014

29 may

fading like daisies too tired for sun the overrun fields yield plenty of overlap collapsing barnacles from seas of long ago rowing like rivers that will never have oars stored in the back room the break gloom of a thousand splendid lendors and borrowers we are the dreamers of unseemly proposals the rows billed as tickets and the columns set as seats we meet expectations and we take them out to dinner the better to be thinner by the more chinese rice in the cup the wonder why it's so clean and stuck in styrofoam homework the lurking alarm clocks and additional confusion allusions and trials with denials twisted and thick lips lifted back to where we once won the heavy guns firing admiring all the information but heavy still with fascination passed along and strung like songs too pushy for choruses the more this is happening the harder to adapt and in the meantime we're just fine holding hands and feet under the table so while we're able and adaptable the trap is full of cheesy mice so let's think twice then jump once an easy dunce to cap it off with but other bliss awaiting behind the uncurtained window and i can see it flee it forward have adored words and sentences curved toward reality the sandwiches i would serve hardly deserve the records breaking so no mistaking steps without having leapt taDA in the nick of it the eddies and the flows below as we all rush downstream

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

28 may

the worst part
about jumping
is that moment
just before
you find
you can fly

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

27 may

map spread out
point and click
(shoot too strong)
the power of GO
of NOW
(or SOON)

sun sets into rain
dissolving otherness
here the melting rivers forward
upstream building mountains
angles of skyreach
pointy pointing points

Monday, May 26, 2014

26 may

now and then and now

listening in not out waiting
no need to waste time energy
pouring hope fear any otherwise
now is the when the how

still lofty aiming anyway
balance a pursuit not an end
hold hands jump

glancing back to rearview check the yellow butterfly passed through impossibly safe
missed the deer appearing sudden huge in the road exploding from left invisible to right real
darting across leaning shoulder to shoulder scraping past to gone

later in the parking lot scratches and eight fine brown hairs

no sign of yellow

Sunday, May 25, 2014

25 may

a letter of resignation looks like O but sounds more hum than ho
such alphabetical promise but a puzzle of crossed words to herd into sense
we here highly resolve
to dissolve
re-solve broken truths
let us the living continue to do so
time immemorial hallowing shallow echoes
we chose to enter and now we choose otherwise
subtle surprise so much better
wetter than a slipnslide to ride out the window
as we go unsteadily bicycle high and wandering
elsewhere open fields
yield on the ten-year t-note tenured by those who know the right vocabulary
here on the contrary i was not meant to stay
nothing gold
quotes beholden too heavy as the crown unworn
no words to write igniting those sparks
darker as the night comes
we hum our ho and pack to go
sunny as lemonade hopeful on the porch

Saturday, May 24, 2014

24 may

space between quieter than thought
waiting for knowing is guessing to show
sun spends hours turning the right way
even as the sidewalk
cinnamon changes mind, shreds paper
let us celebrate silence
balance is a story i have never finished
easing toward comfort
challenge as a constant
not mine to know have hold
tomorrow is too far to guess at
oldtime jazz on the fallingdark radio
steady as i go
churning like the dishwasher toward sleep

i meant to tell a story to listen to more to open
forgive impatience and also not knowing
there is nothing to ask for i can't give myself

twine too tight on undelivered packages
peeking toward the parking lot
headlights wide away

Friday, May 23, 2014

23 may

swimming upstream i noticed a frog and it was sleeping on a leaf that had turned into a boat / i didn't want to wake the frog or myself for that matter so i turned the clouds on their heads and we stepped ashore for tea / even as the crocodiles had their say i was ready for a day in the woods and we could have gone anywhere but you had an appointment and so i left the next minute / twins in the sky and sleeping on the ground / around the corner i met a menu too large for the wall and i called out for the check but still no food came / waning sense and attention and i cannot help but imagine tragic outcomes even as the stairs fall down themselves / you are helping to avoid these scenes and you mean well but it's deep to fall into / brewing up drafts we craft our escape ready to move forward and also up / cups full of saucers and sassy molasses / drips and quips and ragtime trips / these are the syncopated garter belts welded together to weather the sunniest of closets / closest to the sea we freeze our assets and i cannot stop thinking of the porch / fathers and antidotes and nanny goats all lined up / i stuff objections and other collections of worry in hurryup brownbags and tag along with the stars the cars the misbegotten gasoline tanking up the interstate heading out of town

Thursday, May 22, 2014

22 may

jumping off i know there is plenty of air
the space around me soft, clear

flying i feel cool and light
suspended in sky

falling i am unafraid
changing directions toward new

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

21 may

walking away from is easier
not always but
when the elsewhere is broad wide sun fresh
the map could not be clearer
following every colored line to better
getting there is where to get to
there is no there yet
there is no landing
only jump

forecasts outlast their usefulness
someday somehow somewhen
there is only soon, now

weather turns up stones unknown before paths unwrapped sideways
glazed over like eyes too bleared to hear
steering toward clear with windeopen hope

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20 may

vague as contagion smoke
rises up through the freshair window
oozing through the molecules
choosing the meanest distance
between two points

these are the mistakes shared by others
cake not taken
range out of motion

to wonder why
breath the path

categories underscored
to have / not
to know / wonder

Monday, May 19, 2014

19 may

more ask than tell
more listen than repeat
more thank you than please
more herenow than any other time any other place

more laced than shoes
more pockets to lose
more than a caravan full of mirrors

more crunch than chip
more sweet than pickle
more thankful than a menu

more piano through the window
more woods songs
more geese in their own key

more welcome than a napkin
more open than new breath
more hopeful than a calendar

more space than me than you

Sunday, May 18, 2014

18 may

pacing not racing
tired muscles tried enough to be true
bluffing the path to pass off and over not out
watching for a turnoff to turn onto
gleaming with signal
subtle or imagined
shadowed with tragedy
these expectations of nations united
dividing to fall through all those miles
headlong and breathless
headstrong and wrecked wits
we speak invent and spin our yarns
nothing left for the emperor to wear
dreams aloud allowed alive
sailboats and caesar salads
bookstores drying like sidewalk picnics
coffee cupboards spilling over
too rich to roast the sun
the patio rehung with hooks aplenty
berries to fall from the sky
stars to wish ourselves full
words to weave to song

Saturday, May 17, 2014

17 may

firetrucks and other fears
barreling down toonarrow streets of inleaning buildings
we are escaping but not fast enough
a dog barks shot is fired
there is no answer in the dark
sliding the window closeder

miles away the inspiration of flowering moments
belief utter and sincere
possibly without sense or sort or scale
strong and honeyed and loving
yes and can and do

cross off one add two lists ahead
instead is not besides
hold onto kites and fly

Friday, May 16, 2014

16 may

what do you mean when you say
soon next we let's
planning seeds roofs business runs
even as the oddest
aisles wandering up and down
shelves too thick with yes
floors too smooth for slipping past
the cost of attention overly paid
memory banks drawn through drafts
again revised reformed resold
solid as a universal landing
trying for angles unseen
appreciate the state
never mind the union
truth in its finer forms: reality
we are what we do how we go as we brew
thick silt filtered to coffeecup bottom
heavy as the leftover day swirled aside
making room for cream, for dreams

Thursday, May 15, 2014

15 may

even as the miles pile the sky high and away stays on course
the horse and the cart play parts on a stage built for the world
hurling insults and drama through complimentary curtains
so certain the worst in the best light will still be much brighter
the tighter a hand is held the more the welding wants to come undone
unstrung like pearls unfurling their flagshine the bring lines of teeth
release and catch as so many trophy fish in retirement photo poses
disposing of expectations and cueing up the timeline
fine as long as events conspire to hire out the softer ware
staring back into the screen there's no between but into
we peek through the mountains and lean toward the shore
storing up clues for useful dispensing dispatching and catching
matching bait to prey the way the dawn breaks the rain stakes streaks
leaks from skyfalling notebooks brooked like trout and dammed like creativity
the fee paid for giving up the cups overflowing with nothing but dirt

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

14 may

forward is just another direction
also there is elsewhere otherwise
no checklist
no recipe
improv saladbowl
mix it up
toss blues with beat
no one has a better map
no collapses of shortcuts into best
training for maintaining/ dashing to crashing
speed is not the only
windows along the way
trails of new design
coloring outside the liner notes
beyond the also-ran
winning thins out
heat goes long
clouds crowd wonderwhy sky
constellations the skeletons of dreams
no need to wait for sun

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

13 may

there's the going and there's the gettingthere
running and arriving
balance these and you'll have more answers than most of alongtheway
passers-by lean toward trying
frying sunshine each new dayup
coffee to power through taste and brightness
everything is breakfast
everything is ingredients
the most important part of the day: being in the day
this is the breakfast
this is the fallingasleep
this is the way the drop lands on my arm before anyone else knows rain
knowing how the cobcorn feels in my mouth
spilling dirt all over the floor that should have been outside
waiting for nothing but the present
ache of muscles at rest
tomorrow is another yesterday/ no past but through/ no then but now

Monday, May 12, 2014

12 may

setting goals means carrying whole numbers past the posts and on through til tomorrow
easy as the time passes the craft crashes in sullen seas upon realization of inaction
steady words and unheard of catalogs fog the smokescreen as the curtains flap loud
wait until the never and it will all be gotten done
outside there are pieces of grass that seem distantly identical
inside is a different place of chopped up similarities
lather dice repeat
we are sweetened by the now and the havehow
ours is to wonder why and to do
motion is the music that we live by

Sunday, May 11, 2014

11 may

hanging up hangups, there is no path
skipping stones and picking pockets

jumble sale thrift shop candlestick prayer
wade through the water til the old moon cares

even as an antelope
soft as a gazelle
falling in the wishing well
no one left to tell

fire off the cannons
sound all the alarms
nursery as the rhyme may be
not without its charms

canteloupe jumpsuit
pickle on a stick
tell me how my day has gone
on and off like tricks

tomorrow's resolutions
today's vague wonderwhy
week awake goes marching on
what else but to try

plant a little garden
steady as she goes
running through the sunday sun
face the wind that blows

push and pull or stillness
no cast but a hook
the fish i am or looking for
i'm sure i'd never cook

time to turn the day off
lists and work undone
sleep and dream endurance
it's no short race we run

Saturday, May 10, 2014

10 may

score goes up
curtain comes down

no need to time time
even as the grass grows odd

we are always adverbs
yay, verily

cross your fingers
break my heart

blocks build walks side
tired as a caterpillar
desperate for food

while the table's set
buffets grow cold

all you can
doubt is yours to drop
easy as it sounds

morning is another
why to wait

Friday, May 9, 2014

9 may

the air comes pre-conditioned
hypothetical tangentials ensue
hilarious results
(not sold in stores)

carry on anyway
who needs all the information
answers aren't always betters
why ask past future

sunny as humidity
dropping to grass level
much to know
barefoot running in uncertain time

catch, release

Thursday, May 8, 2014

8 may

overtime climbs the lines lurking to score
more than earlier the crowd much squirrelier
anxious is something else is not for health
efforts made allaround the countingdown goes up
risk race about face
let me tell you seat edges
all the way there play staring back through
if you ask me it's a task free of thanks
push it back and later will come
work for the numbers unearned and hopeful

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

7 may

hold no breath but pour the coffee
steam freezes frames, catches names for callout
shouting through countertop tablespace
shelves of self-selected
interior designing redirected from otherwherewhens
standing on the porch and sitting in the back
a piano and a crate of games
rotating art and shows of all kinds
music and mimes and active storytelling
workshop group share allaround community
come home in coffee clothes
home from home, begin again

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

6 may

spillover thunder like mudpuddle on the living room carpet
planning to plant to grow to thrive
alive and this is plenty
sounds shake the stage rattle the sleep waves and catch ankles as the running's ruined
is there satisfaction?
sun turns tables over head over healing
dine and fine the china
there are mantras worth forgetting
signatures aplenty and permission still uncertain
hurting for meaning and meaning to look away
hunting for a shift and taking home double
or nothing
waiting for the stopping of waiting
breath to be held is hardly worth the message
it's fine it's mine it's oars upstream
paddling through pitfalls
overimagining catcall insecurity cues
loosen up and care less
open wide and yawn through lacks
meaningful mindful now

Monday, May 5, 2014

5 may

as it rains the petals flush downair toward the grass the walk the guttery splashriver
i meant to take a picture invite a walker to enjoy with me
i meant to
but then i breathed indeep
full of the moment itself
the thin color diluting in the street
waiting for the right clouds to reflect again

Sunday, May 4, 2014

4 may

running allows walking
stop, drink, take air
keepgoing in different forms
give what is needed
take what is needed
push past fear of pain
push past holdingback
answer the question with allgiving

Saturday, May 3, 2014

3 may

how a morning meditation is hard to hold onto all day
how pieces seem to fit from a distance but fail to work out in upclose reality
how far wild imaginings can run
how easy it is to be wrong and unable to know it
how sad to hold onto sad feelings
how simple it all should be
how simple it all can be

how easy the wildgoose guessing
how at ease the grazing sheep being

how wishful to lean toward mindfulness
how powerful to let go, grow empty

how fearfully we grasp at worrywonders
how silently the stillness waits for us

Friday, May 2, 2014

2 may

open is the only way to tell to share compare otherwise blinds down crowning glorious sunrise surprises with fried bliss the sizzle of exceptions breaking rules and tools knowing their limitations the changing stations as we tune in the static as the grooves spin around cushioning the needle the feel full of hope in a windowbright room we are soon and now and fascinated by the carbon-dated present posing as the future we two blur the lines in defined non-rhymes you know i know we show up and cup our hands to pour and catch the switch to fluid was never a move was loose like a tooth in pursuit of the truth wiggled with a tongue and chiseled with a fiddle made of gold straw and rumpelstiltskin's awe as the possible grows gently out of else greening the scene with dreams and sliding safe to sleep

Thursday, May 1, 2014

1 may

everything on a graph
measure the treasure
is there more
less for stress
carry that weight
drop it off from the cliff
sound sucked away
heart falls through
anxious is as does
sadface turns the blues
how was your?
on a scale of

forget to measure
cast off analysis
reflect but onward