Thursday, July 31, 2008


hot luck
the wrong number. sorry

a new finland in which i was born
raised by myself i have bootstraps
there is no other population just myself
i have a cabin
there is a march continuing and a poster i have authored
iam currently authorizing my bibliography with many citations
iam the most notable member of a fictional supergroup
currently iam reading the words iam writing

most times i have soup but others i have the occasional cereal
i wear a polo i like polos
born to myself i have organs
give me one leg and i'll find the correct pant

iam dead my author didn't like me any

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

probably never

a rim to a rim
hart on hart
parting that fashion
okay okay whose knew?
whose hose and hart who?
kitchen and long feet i had some long feet
how's about a tellin?
mooch canvas blank dirt

a pronuncuation quiz:
bit boot and bolly
don't be emphatic or pretensious
fit for fat foer fix fax fox
stop it i see your lips moving too much
i see your eyerow and it's not attractive
bog gloat ram roam fourteen farten
look what you just said.

justwrite 30 july half

please forgvive this short stack
the plastic wrap is attacking and i've lost my shoe
there's no way out to shout down this tennis match
catch your luck in a bucket and shake it all about
that's what it's all about
shouting from the mountaintop you think why isn't there a new verb
absurdly repetitive you pet your belly and rub your nose
wishing for good tidings of great joy
toying with the spinach and wishing to be a sinner
lingering over the cannonballs stalling out silently
cutting out unreliably

justwrite 29 july

i'm sneezing for no reason but it's pleasant to know that the show's on the road and all the irony has turned to silver the quivery sparkles in the occasional spotlight getting it right again with friends to witness the wonder that is blundering without paper asking the mayor for forgiveness and his name though with intent to return it to earn it a spot after what's got to be some sort of job he's doing since the streets are brewing sidewalks and the chalk is talking the celery stalking and all the little ducks are having a row going at it like two beaks to three at the top of the ninth did i mention there's no paper which means fingers can't linger while subtle thinking does its blinking just the clicking of fingertips licking the letters from their homes luring them with the farm boys to the broad shoulders of emboldened paranoia i know i saw you and your orchestra and what can you say about that what cat has your tongue now and had you sung an octave lower the chandelier would be singing a different tune or at least be around to bear witness and witness a bear in its bare witnessed state fated to be repetitive just conjecturing the lecture tour ought to be wrapping up right about

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

justwrite 28 july

the darkest i've ever been is a spincycle away from a heart attack counteracting the lemons squeezing their seeds and freezing their toes a glowing row of townhouses soused by condensation the frustration of listening too closely and hearing more mostly you've overstepped the bounds you slipped into once the caboose passed by and the cabbage rain dry crying all the black sheep home to roost with toast on the side a ride of ducks in a row like a big boy on show circling the notes and doting on rote behavior leaning a savior up against a crankshaft just burned marshmallows in the smoky shallows callow work sticking with jerks and their funky bunches the trenches unmentioned by multidimensional schedules handling the cranberries with leafy fingers the delicate lingering of crumbs on lips and sips tripping on seventy-five dollar tips in honor of the season and we should be fine if the gold pans out if the gemstones have filled out their tax forms and billed each employee for their [which is his or her] purportedly free meal ticket a sticky trinket fanning the wrong hands of in-demand erasers printing between the spacers of perfect teeth and museum frames naming same-colored shapes through rosy glasses the tumbling masses yearning to drink free with no cover and to color with no number

Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27

candid berries
a watchdog list
lisps washing machines
no one showed up
sad to report from the secondary lines
forts and mobiles
routes swishing and switching
a new open love
wide open and keyless
except not in the way your dad says it
extremely very big
new in the cosmic sense not in the car sense
a real new yes
really and not synthesized created like gods do except you did it and god isn't real
excuse that last line
it's just so exciting is all
big in your mouth a big rubber ball made of appleskin
cotton in your veins
and stuff like that
a blooming cottonball behind your eyes and that
post your scooters, vacation, fall

justwrite 27 july

definitely an alibi would buy you some time but the dime you're spinning on is no sit-upon it's just change gone wrong meaning for the worse like a hearse outside when you wake up with fried egg on your face trying to erase those mistakes with a frying pan but that's a candyland defense running off from the fence from the trench full of unmentionable unbearable parables the walrus eating the carpenter and the ivory furs provoking all of hoboken to climb on board with animal rights and human lefts the palette cleft with only one primary color left in hand painting everything yellow all those dangerous hellos and goodbyes the disguised trials wrapped up in aluminium foiling and ready to boil all the king's men a bubbly bath a mythological wrath called down from the hardbacks where the cardsharks sit up straight and contemplate the changing scene before them with not a friend behind them and not a key to wind them as they slow down as their frowns slump and dump plastic eggs into the grass jingling with store-bought beans of the jelly variety a demo of piety of some sort as fertility symbols mingle with chocolate and the sun comes up like a bonnet on parade

Saturday, July 26, 2008

hot shoot game

Concurrent with the unfortunate events last yesterday we were fashionably able and swinging like sweaty bachelorettes down the openhouse speedway
don't be fooled
we stated
it was a smarty pants compromise with the doorman who was a fool and therefore was passively required to apply for a steady position at the halfway supermarket
we were not at the supermarket
tilting all the time we bounced around unnoticed along lettuces and heads of lettuces and carrots pointing phallically at us and we didn't do it your honor at the supermarket and that is when this is when i mean we were spotted by the federal feds who were opportuned at the correct time of our appearance and disappearance
it's a whole new ball game we stated
and then we stated again
and that is when the event happened which we are most regrettably being informed of

justwrite 26 july

just a phone call just a letter is all it's spelled out to be like the birds like the absurd words twisting my tongue and when you see where i'm coming from your unstrung hopes will rope-a-dope those doubts clouting their soapy ears out with dirty words unheard of through this passage the middle compassion in complicit fashion trashing all the call girls answering their ringers rounding their rosy fingers those diamond zingers clinging to each glimpse of normalcy in the way things work in the lurky jerky circus the turkey trotting around the ring and the thing is where's the master? is it inevitable disaster if we can't see those coattails that tophat and other compound words but the whip is another story creaming all that glory in a stroke or two choking you and your bedroom features the uncomfortable creatures perching on your pillow and looking over your shoulder your dreams your candlelight imaginings the tragedy of one thousand hours cowering with moos and hooves giving way out giving coupons for tomorrow if you'll just go away today you'll save no money but the sun will be brighter no doubter and the louder you shout the larger the crowd to see what it's all about but by when they've all gathered you can't see what's the matter yourself

Friday, July 25, 2008

justwrite 25 july

under the afternoon tea there's a spree waiting for its chance there's a dance waiting for its steps to net the next big swing the thing of it is though a pogo stick didn't stick the trick just right and i've been up all night at 5 am ramming a lamma dingdong all around the block and frankly i'm thick with it sick and tired and well fired up like a cup full of steamrollers like my mum would say nibbling on a biscuit i am yes and what of it oh get off it and yank your own chain for a while until that drainpipe smile goes the way of the tophat and the kazoo for when you were looking the other way i pinched your hay and replaced it with decaf straw oh you saw the difference didn't you well the joke's on who now since i was joking just hokey-poking you in the ribs just a dran can of laughs in those mosquito rations cashing in our agazines for shaving cream and hershey bar foil smelling like sensation and dreaming of the vacation we ought to be on and possibly are but the sun's too far to bounce off of and the moon keeps shoving the ocean and showing no devotion to the dirt either if you want to know the truth not that the youth care with their uncouth hair and tomato stomachs flummoxing their elders their betters and the letters we will write to their parents--! well!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

hot skit dad moist pants shirts and watches
a family movie and a movie that we watch
a timber and a timbre
a sweat and a sawhouse
developing the noise
screens ambulance
mocha boy and a thin lipped mustache
ketchup and a kid blowing a horn
a pepsi and some sipping
the magical developments of films

justwrite 24 july

long away and far ago a tow truck arrived to carry that weight which was macaroni salad and sleepless nights and the bites too big to swallow the birds too skinny for nesting all of the rest in the way of a blue sky trying its best to shine through with no sun to turn to though by the way it was day which is questionable but the best of times were stolen in the worst of crimes and the alarm never sounded which astounded the grounded wires the red wagon high flyers with steel toes and a renegade wheel to boot to know more of but no more of that we know better than to catch it all in the exposition when everyone is listening for a plot point for a hero to emerge for the soup to surge forward but you've been forewarned and the storm is coming anyway to carry on when the tow truck hooked up to the scene obscene amounts of doubt spouted off the ramparts and the carts were full to overflowing with questions like what lesson are we learning here what message are we steering our children to there must be some cleaner way to save the day but the crafty laughs scattered the clouds crowding the sidewalks talking it up and marking it down selling futures at a rate past prime when thirty seems not dirty but inevitable the buckets full of clams are scamming their little lives but and down the seacoast with remote changes of learning the dances and all the proper steps

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

justwrite 23 july

there's some such going down underground around the corner standing like lemonade demanding the overpaid refunds be spun into energy a felted sleeve leaving the body with apparent stitches with electrical glitches dropping off the grid knitting one kite and pearling two oysters the cloisters overflowing with those glowing hot in search of silence no one able to shut their mouths but on route four south there's a house party with your name on it your claim on the famous roof chewing up the truth and spouting it out the chimney please forgive me for transgressing the speed limit but the lemon law was about to call my bluff to stuff my overnight bag and stag a stagehand with demands for oil and horns and warrantless alarms wire-tapping unarmed civilians a nation of millions held back easily with some penstrokes choking with laughter with an AC adapter crafting a homespun appointment book with a good look through the window wondering how the wind blows no one good or ill spilling built-up thrills down the alley and into the sewer a stink like manure and a drink mixed to cure an avalanche from slamming into your head before the storm beyond the norm but short of a quorum touring several cities before landing on a final fantasy destination the lack of reasons to leave pouring out the sleeves of the even traders baiting the switch and scratching that itch to create to raise the interest rate until all the carbon copies adopted stop and stare and wonder where the original went

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22nd

how to creep:
fashion stellar
port wine panzer
mode is mote give a hug
give a body a hug
give a new body the bare minimum
give it a whirl
it's your instigation to be bold true and lizard-colored
be a general
be a general the behind your cupboard next to the white thing
no not that one the thing next to it
write letters and fold

a new me:
a no avoidance policy
the polis and the hare
catch that fry and eat it too
eat it and like it
beach volleyball
best basketketball
wear east
hooch and collar
that is all

justwrite 22 july

whatever else you want is a haunted future gluing together the back pages in stages in chapters adapting from the crowdsurfing cafeteria servers the deserving desserts just and hurt by the cheesiest reasons the treason is too big a weight to carry and the stereo goes around the block on its tick-tock track the scattered brains remaining the refrains draining distraction and collecting compacting into a no-talking walk-in closet a deposit of your attention between dimensions a glass revolving door storing up the glorious porridge the courage to breeze through an interview and to dump you in the orange juice burning pigtail lines in a scalp defined by twine and brown paper an escaper draped in cottontails flailing up the bunny trail to no avail a whale of a good fish a mammal like a camel but a swimmer a dimmer switch hitting your knees and bringing it all down a notch down one more notch a botched panorama dripping out the camera and clipping up the dotted coupon corners the reformers the old transformers done good again the scandal in the treetops resulting in a cyclops boogie an oogie woogie choo choo train just shined for a nickel and a pickle worth its weight in cucumber lumbering through the orientation with shorts okay and tank tops no way supplied with an apron and a stewed-upon answer just no exposed toes growing forth or fifth from non-slip soles the holy rolling stepping carefully bewarefully and with an abundance of caution

justwrite 21 july

all day on the road unloading from the maps strapping on wheels and feeling the road pulling along strongly with music or using its silence to convey the wonder of clouds the loud and the softspoken token minivans the transatlantic flyers the RVbuyers all along the same path trekking the final frontier which is over there not over here clearly so steering the stars along there's no time for an egg moon to break to scramble just a ramble in the bronx the jungle the bungled directions the corrections to your order sorted out by the rest stop queen obscenely in charge and living large in some tiny kingdom winning no fans and airing no condition listening with interest to the best and the worst of the gas station matrons too old for their prime ribs to be harvested and built into spillover confusion waking and shaking off closed eyes in surprise in wondering why it's so late and how the time zones phone home ahead easily led around the block to tick off the tock and to apologize unnecessarily for the minutes missing but the broken shoulders tired of holding up a head plead for bed instead

Sunday, July 20, 2008

justwrite 20 july

spying skytrains there's a break to the left and a cleft palette spilling rainbows from the veins glowing perpendicular spectacular in the common vernacular the rectangular statistics dropping out the bottom feeders seeding the meeting places with new toons loopy in their spontaneous expressions lessening their tolls and raising their roles to the levels of trebles the triple soprano threat out the inlet and back again the bass escape the race to lace boots to the body beautiful the dutiful row boat smoking itself into gasping grasping for the bus reaching for a preachy stretch catching all the fishes and throwing back the wishes glistening with bristling watercolor trends the deep and of pretend fancies free and dancing in the park marking all the alligators with seeyoulater mashed potaters the whatever fading into mangled slanggold trembling in excited fingers bringing the world to chicago and stamping its book keying its card living it large in charge of the catalog blogging sweet treats to meet the eyes trying to look the brooks to be bridged the centers made to be targeted the hardened search for outlets catching the international cash the trash of a thousand suns spun into redone cycles the bicycles built for too many have stolen wheels feeling inadequate the bits and pieces stretching out to net bets on their varying squares spelling scrabble shares from here to triple word score and more so wildly more

justwrite 19 july

elevated above the train there's a rain and a hard place erasing the space where that once was which means filling it up which means a cup overflowing with glowing apples stapled to the trapeze freezing its eyes off which makes others scoff at the sense which it hasn't and the dark horizon stretching out its fingers into the sky winding by the stop full stop this is about something else this is about trees in the city and the sidewalk gardening shiny by the library and broken pipey in construction zones this is about the city vertical the purple and the glaze of rain and no chickens but they would be free range or rearranged in strange combinations with potatoes and glowing grill marks sparked by midwestern flair and redirected there and where the pingpong stalls and the calls go out for panda bear but nowhere to be found on the green line or the pink just a blink and there's rain and then it's gone once again this is about the corner bakery the fakery and the truth the time zones transposed into bunk beds the locks lead and followed heavily with hanging heads and swollen guts nuts to those cartwheels you've got to steal to feel real and the price isn't worth the advice given to your back which is to attack and retreat in constricting predictions of collapse lapsing into lines over water and mud seen as fodder for the tour of duty art and the departure from the ranks pouring out from tanks and into new zealand

Friday, July 18, 2008

justwrite 18 july

so i lost the check which was left out to dry by a guy and his dog but a clog in the wheel set out to steal the iron from my pan cast away like a sham like a pillow a comforter retorting dry replies surmising the pizza will have to go just replaced by noodles with puddles of sauce glossed over in a pre-fab sandwich slices ready and steady to go to overhaul the stalling and press forward to drink something richer with ice cubes and stars clinking about about five ten about time to get a new height to turn right when the track goes straight into the water where we ought to be if we have any minds if we wrote in times new heroic visions of collisions between the cue ball and the welcome brigade saving muffins in tender pockets and pretending that they're cupcakes in the mistaken dark though no one knows where the icing grows and the thrift sale sprinkles tinkle the ivory tower and play a piano by the hour rating carbon and dating four stars out of one car like a clown stand branded for easy sale and trailing the competition closely a supposedly strong investment but a disturbingly tight distress meant to unplug the trees and tell the dog all about it

Thursday, July 17, 2008

justwrite and a half 17 july

rumpus mirage the pretend fun the one and the only table jumper the chairs underfoot the tootsies rolling the cannon balls stalling in mid-air it's times square squared faring well and welcoming hello a mellow marsh too harsh means gone and we sing along only with songs that catch our eyes that surprise with size in depth with air that's leapt into an atmosphere too clear for words too absurd to be heard like monkeys in space taking the place of their patient tin can floaters major tom and all those gloaters those got-there-firsters the worst case scenarios sold off to the highest bidder getting rid of that negativity a proclivity toward propensities like fence sitting point missing which is as plain as the nose on your yogurt a hurt in your eyes which is surprise realized canonized by lesser saints tainted by sandals and dirt carrying candles and going by handles like big white joe and kalamazoo pete telling us what you see when you look in here steering far and wide away staying on the straight and narrow path as it collapses into a funnel tunneling up from the ground and loudly landing long ago and far away to play a separate scene to clean the dishes and earn more wishes to switch the flick up and to fly right to ride kites home for dinner and swing our legs wildly scissor kicking the stars who don't seem to mind which is stellarly kind and the comets unwind twine like time and there is no is no end

vermilion fetish a catch and release retreat into the background abounding in brilliant poppies the copies of nature used in abusive abandon the random tandem recognizing surprise in every corner store boring holes into the coals that light my fire come on baby and drive you crazy around the block ticking and tocking with walkmen and scandal the sandals flapping in the breeze in the shirtsleeve afternoon the crooning calls for more summer and less fall the stalling out around the odd even the bends breathing to the ends of the day and beyond georgia beyond o'keefe the thief of the landscape stealing the feeling and pressing it into acrylic the texture underfinger lingering in the canvas pressed behind frame and forced to serve the same as a window glimmering in a museum hallway staving off the same and letting in the new

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

justwrite 16 july

rummy hypnotherapy the cards enlarged in tired hands slipping down seven and dripping the eighth laying them straight around the bend the matching portends success but the best three for me missing a fourth in irregular course of course and the reshuffled leftovers drift no drafts into tupperware hands landing in cold storage when tense but the lid slips off and the fingers trip off one of those interrupting the flow but seeking a row and so what have you been doing with yourself your health your wealth stealthy questions seeking self-taught lessons but nothing mentioned seems to fit so restart it with a new draw like an outlaw at a party just to keep the guests hearty and pleased though he or she may have to go for the good of the order the gentle re-sorter resorting to the loose hand trick the shake and bake mistakes quaking and breaking free when lying on the couch proves insufficient and the truth will free your mouth but the tongue spies the wrong cards and hides behind the teeth despite the new hands dealt and shaken in agreement the deceit meant for another venue can do no better than bubble up and the poker face pops up to scold back the honesty to scold for the tendency to let slop just a stiff upper lip is worth the best of times standing in line waiting to apologize to wipe the eyes of those with their hands out laid about and played stout and solidly with what they were dealt

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

justwrite 15 july

ominous crimson swims in tiny streams screaming loud and clear and quiet fearing riotous living preferring solemn death? or a catch and release program darting into the net and let go again into the abyss of endlessness the undefinable hard to write about to find a way out of to trouble the waters and seek out reflection the rejection of ideals and stealing of meals in immoral ways the cannibalized trays with canonized saints tainting the judgement of a smudge muddying the surface the nervous tension unmentionable the full throttle coddle in the aren't you sweet beat the music of a different truth the loose tooth brigade fading into pillows into dreams where obscene amounts of caramel lead to cash too fast to compute and an empty mouth trailing south at the edges with sticky lip hedges wedging the curtain open hoping for a fairy with a tail and a mail-in rebate a reprobate proposal but not easily disposed of for what would you do with a magical creature a fish or a fairy or a wink from uncle larry the electrician but you know he's missing at least one degree some separation between he and the training but in the dark when it was raining and the lights went out around the corner you saw the purple sparks dancing in his hands and the words that he whispered were not words at all but a gentle call to order and the sparks went their ways and the lights were brighter for days afterward glazed sometimes with purple lines if you squinted just right and believed

just an idea

So, I'd like to have justwrites online. That way I can post them regularly and share them with others without bogging down your inboxes. How many of my justwrites do you really need? All of them, I know. :)