Tuesday, March 31, 2009

justwrite 31 march

capitalizing letters no need for sweaters but the better taste is laced with flowers and smells and the spices like rices of all flavors to savor under fingers lingering into sticky memories the freezer and the ice block talking back and forth like the scene of last resort the moonlight delighting in fantasy in fancy dress a revolutionary mess of revolving doors the trains the glorious stories and the secrets answered the chances heard and misspoken in token looks at mishandled books and a boy and a girl squirreled away into nature sated with waking dreams and lullaby scenes unsighted ignited by language a market street full of delicacies in gentle arrangements a steady stage sent for and set forward into the past blasting dramas pausing commas in the middle of the next diagnosis a new psychosis strange and beautiful and warm underwater like a fatherless story and a summer without sleep

Monday, March 30, 2009

justwrite 30 march

as i'm designing time i'm finding yours and mine in two hands to hold together like weather feathered out into paths of least resistance of a scary distance worth suggesting like a dimension worth protesting and when i stretch the calendar square i want to scare off all those doubts crowding around and tumbling over into your view and you are truly worth the flown-away suggestions the creatures and the feature pages turned open by the wind skimming through the suggestions again no one's firm enough no one's tough enough to bluff the contestants to waste the digested responses i have chewed repeatedly and the deceitfully packaged storebought cotton balls are stalling out in my ears steering my tongue into a dryer escape and i'm not talking sheets just relativity or at least it's a theory weary as i am and as scamming as the transmission is in this day and age in this marvelous stage of development i am waiting for your speech and i will keep it in my pocket but not you and no lock it's wide open for any bits you wish to offer and the toffee slips onto your tongue and it's a younger you an older you brewing in your glassy eyes but try and you will sleep softer the race is not always to the victor

justwrite 29 march internot delayed

there is no today would be the say to thing to bring on the questions but at this point the lessons are too forgivable the deliverable tenses subtracted from the dimensions and the driveway stays closed having arisen we arose to show a different step having leapt from promises to silence i have slept for many hours i have showered my sorrows in tomorrows and the lasting permanence of the past for this too coming unglued let us join our zippers together

justwrite 28 march internot delayed

if this was february there would be could be no tomorrow the show would be on the road the explosions already subtracted from the budget i practice my art in misshapen cartwheels happy that when the time comes i will be able to life off to fly to sigh gracefully into the air in a complicated set of moves no contusions or illusions no chains springs attached on me the real thing bringing smiles to all and to all a good night delighting in the end of the page and hungry for another there's a southern exposure worth seeking worth peeking toward on the other side of the blackboard stored up for an accidental holiday the kind with ears of corn and fireworks and the circus is in town but i am drowning in swamps and also with work and my kneejerk reaction is to cancel the contraction of a weekend squeezing out the deep end and landing in the middle of a rustic country pond spawning fog in the dark and parking a number of nearby movements just in range of the presumption something strange is underway staying on the porch the light across the night torches the trees pressing their shadows farther this way as if the night ink can't stay on its own side spilling across to our springchilled bodies decided against cold

justwrite 27 march internot delayed

the starch is out of my sails and the stale air is stalling out is calling for more hardcore adoration with the state of the nation united and divided to conquer she stoops and reluctantly droops a willowwild child into the water like window panes abstaining from such duckery like the goose you see plucking peoples' feathers out from their tails while quail and other such adventurers leave their dentures full of teeth in retreat at the bugle cry the hue and lie down like a town with no name i once heard of that made it all the way vaguely into the papers while misdirected papers stapled backward a time slot you've got to be kidding about and shouting out the doubts the trout's at the market and the shag's in the carpet like a cherokee without a cherry tree as george washington always used to chop down like a crop grounded for growing out of season and eating eggs for treason

Thursday, March 26, 2009

justwrite 27 march

i am thinking about drinking in a new water a weightier state of matter that doesn't that buzzes in a noisy ear and steers fear into a sideways mess a stress test that no one can pass that masses all the cathedrals into one noisy boysenberry pie as if that was smellable as if i meant spellable but the question is mainly how ungainly one will seem without another's dream to balance the valence and pull up the shades with glades of storied glory and roaring fires to admire by the side of the chat and where it's at scattering brains and strained trains streaming through the rivers forgivering and askering and takering from the makering there are so many questions! and the lessons are there for the spare parts but the rebuilding arts are lost on the cost of living increased the easybake mistakes with parental fixes calling in the shots when what you've got is a lot of nerve to think you deserve but with verve and vigor and also vihm or vim or the him and her sets of table tennis nets you can bet that the baker will be calling out for faker sugar to pull together into the weather and out of the rain draining through a strainer and suggesting absent danger to be our biggest fear the only greater delirium steering them again again and back

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

justwrite 25 march

let me update you with this flash there's no cash in the pan and the pot boiled over the kettlecorn mourning the quarterback the big mac and the attack on the world hurled out of a paintcan and into a window the widow called it quits but the bits of dust rusted in the sockets and sparked the dark into a parking lot masquerade and when i fade is it to gray is it a black scattered slice of cold molding into the holding hands the scandal the panhandle and the states with no name the dogs with no game to play no way to tray or something else once upon a time there was a lollipop and it was eaten once upon a different time falling in line meant a trip down the stairs with a rope in the left hand and a banister in the right and goodnight! they all shouted as their doubts came tumbling out like short squat glasses crashed full of ice and the nice thing is the cream seems to be indubitably the best word you've heard all day and i've given up two things for lent and one of them is eating ice cream alone and this is a rolling stone that has no boss for the teeth released from the pound are worth dozens of hounds like the folks on the beach reaching out for escape in their binoculars and i have seen it seen it dem bones and the like

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

justwrite 24 march

all aboard the snoring is overwhelming the captain has changed the orders and the disorder has got to fall into line has got to chime in and help out the shouting ever since the film began is a scan if i ever saw a scam and that's jam in a fix if you ask me if you task me i will tell you to take a number and blunder your sole fillet and weigh in like pike's place market a point in my life and tiny doughnuts in a brown paper bag justhot with slight grease creasing the dividing lines between gone and arrived the miles hours states late at the beginning and early at the start i have departed from these moments again i pull them close and inhale the plains plain as expected the great spaces between superstores and the cars from all over seeking the parking lots the mountains out there the curves around the tracks you can see both ends while you're safe in the middle where you means me and it's me in the past tense anxious to arrive and now i am in the same boat in the midwest the transcontinental split scene weaning my way from safety into elsewhere because why not take a risk why not just jump and would it be better to stay and roll back over that's a notion like the business worth saving

Monday, March 23, 2009

justwrite 23 march

in yoga today in a one-room pre-school with hardwood floor and a chilly sun outside with a playground aroundabout children yelling i have never experienced such a spring i have never lived such a life and the floor is so hard the mat so yellow everyone else has purple except for well and then i thought about how it would feel like an opportunity a watermelon crashing gently onto the sidewalk in front of me a piece of surprise in the summer and there's a crack in the green the shell opens up enough for a hand to reach in and it is mine and when i find what i'm looking for it's a cool fistful of red fresh crisp deliciousness my fingers sticky and pleased and when i pull out a handful the seeds slip out and the juice runs down my wrist twisting down and my elbow offers a drip but my lips are reaching for the pink the red cool the escape from the heat and by the time the sticky drops make it to the sidewalk i am remembering that it is not yet

Sunday, March 22, 2009

justwrite 22 march

darling my starling you are flying so high today and the kits are laughing in their tails their winds winding their ways all those plural stays of agreement a fee meant as a tax on kindness though no one would attack the counteractive counterintuitive blue notes a few throats short of a whistle i usually say i rarely stay too far ahead of the equation those equal parts coffee and creamer steaming their ways through suitcases the trunks unlocked like monkey's uncles the bungled peanutbutter parachutes opening in cahoots with the trumpeter swans playing along with the lutes for chutes and ladders climbing up into pieces and peace is the answer i found it right in the corner when everyone was looking the other way or ways and the means we seem to declare unaware of expectations are the jams into awkward frustrations like for time and five time and the lines we draw we caw out like crows like rows and rows of antecedents waiting for the next decadent bite of right speech of peach cobbler and the bobbed apples whose shoulders are bare and apparent and the press will be stunned running fingers over the letters and the sweaters all say varsity and the carseat says adversity but no one is wondering what it spells

mock cabin

enough of the plants will survive into the next season to call it a season after all and so we can all stay inside and read and write books
for as far as the editor is concerned our contract is for only once per year and that's a lot of days as far as that is concerned
and we have a station wagon and a sofa there and when we mention it to eachother the heat is on and the covers are up
and if the light is on more yellow than anything and if it's on through several trees and the door is open and the light is on then that's okay as far as that goes

Saturday, March 21, 2009

justwrite 21 march

sitting in the kitchen having bitten off more than i could choose with any encouragement the first burst meant for giving and living it up knocking it back and down and around the corner the reformer and the ladder stepping it up a cup full of copper tones and bones rezoned like a catalonian salad dressing messing up the prescription listing the ingredients in an expedient manner chattering up the saturn and ringing up the planets planned by holst and hosted by the most splendid arrangement of cages meant for keeping out and not in and a sink or swim situation spiraling out from a destination unnamed and reframed in ashamedly nonsensical unmentionable stories the glories of a recorded blessing stressing the lessons of the past and the clash of the titanic manic impressives lookatme lookatme see my strength of jaw and caw of crow and eye of newt and that sort of thing shuffling through the minutes to thin it out and doubt where the time will end and if my friends can extend the greeting into the meeting of the mindfulness and the forgiveness the bigness of heart let me depart from the normalcy of language to banguage it all together safely and sweetly and with justice for all

Friday, March 20, 2009

justwrite 20 march

it is I the next waiting customer the one spoken of on the sign to the right of the triple-load washers and when I remind you that I have the right to remove your unattended quandary please do not misread my desires I want nothing more than to fire a store full of useless necessities the breeze blowing in from the costly south a well-traveled route worth conserving for no one's deserving of the retention of such tension not to mention the lessons unlearned and the paybacks unearned I am asking for the bigness of your spirit and for you to hear it from my mind first from my unrehearsed habits like rabbits jumping over fences to change your tenses into the past to lap your lapses up and cup your winnings so you can catch the overflow too strong and run along ahead instead of leaving anyone in the dust you must not worry about the trail the stale steps the wrecks of the gone-before stories with glories unheard of then or now and how we long to recreate when the new view is true and change makes sense in any pocket the bottle rocket expectations replaced with sudden vacations with a lack of traction grasping at each footprint hinting that each step is one not yet caught but easily bought at the right price but quite nice to know that it's you who's upstanding and no demanding will ever change your weather when your grass is green and you feel the sun in your hand

Thursday, March 19, 2009

justwrite 19 march

there are only so many acorns in my pocket and if i have to lock it then we'll all be in for a disappointing toaster oven of a shoving match and the catch is that to give all you can get you've got to have bought a connection worth twenty thousand pounds and that's not around the block i can tell you i can smell you a mile off broadway and the stage is the thing where to sing is immeasurably more acceptable than in an undirected role strolling about the street with a treat and a trophy case trying to lure in something worth mounting which means a fish will not do or even two with large jaws and surreptitious claws which you'd never expect which is the direct reasoning behind the use of such an adjective and if you ask me there's a dashedly wild number of clauses without pauses fences without borders sorters without disorder and i know you didn't ask but there's a trash that can and a recycling bin that's well in the way of the play on words and you've probably heard but i'm well bent on mentioning it again that the scan can only see what's there and it can't compare to what you thought you were who you knew to be the answer when the chancellor came to call and all the king's horses turned to chess

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

justwrite 18 march

i am thinking greener now this is new fresh recycled the sameness like felt held in a pocket for so long it becomes the pocket and the locked box never spoils the iridescent fishface never boils and the glorious reminders i have tucked into your lunchbox will be appreciated with a small smile when you open your fingers and find that the banana is in love with the peanut butter and they're just smothering each other happily with flavor so let them savor these moments before their peels reel in the onlookers and the swallowing is too much with us too warm to touch in the heated moments while the donuts are off thataway and to stay unseen is a sight too clean a mite too lean on the details and the meat we've deleted from our diets worth any try-its which are also expiring as i've been hearing we're clearly fearing where the arrows will land when the expanding stops grandstanding and like i've always heard there are letters and there are numbers but you still have to do your laundry and i know you know what i mean as that scene gets seen again again for the twenty-second cycle of time

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

justwrite 17 march

comfortable captions the entrapment of collapsing numbers bugging the honey off the trees and freezing the digestible triangles the space between the green and the green again the scene you've seen to look beyond to abscond with to double-check your intellectual capacity the audacity of sound the drowning and the clowning and all the red noses the roses growing beyond their potential which everybody has the razzleberry pies and the skies as the limit the toxic beginning it's swimming in like asking for forgiveness before the bigness of heart starts beating sense keeps changing tense like a clenched fist that fits in the past and all goodwill willing will fit in the future the suture as my favorite word to fit there to admit square pegs into round drowning proxies the epoxies and their shiny glasses their useless but exotic phrases phasing in glimmers of hope of remote chances glancing in the mirror and filling up ads piling over clover with four leaves and no waiting overstating the questions and undergrasping the lessons in the trenches the third dimension much too real to feel a part of to start a chart of where x equals zero and the hero of the situation can't grasp the gravity and bring it all down two steps a few reps more and channel four is at your door and begging for the inside scoop as your drooping oregano laughs on the windowsill and vaguely suggests water when you get the chance when the sun comes around

Monday, March 16, 2009

justwrite 16 march

while we're waiting let's each state claims we'll be unable to name when our ships come in and what if it's the same ship and we have to share will we be able to bear such an animal with triangular snoutmarks parked in the dark on the sliding glass door ignoring the rustling in the dark as the park's regulars come on out and sniff a spell and fare just as well as can be expected with such directed instruction pointing out the granola and i stole ya from that storybook i just couldn't look another page ahead i wanted to find the ending with my fingers lingering over the vowels smooth and clean on the velvet palate and if you have sensitive knees you'll be pleased to know that this pose will make you forget all about them and wonder if your back is supposed to crack like that and whether the smattering of pops is a cereal-based adventure or the loss of elbow dentures and if you don't know what those are then please just pull around the car and we'll take the drive and arrive at a destination slightly more enlightening to someone of your skills with your thrills tucked under like toes indisposed to roses and glowing like noses in the hedgerows like hedgehogs dogged by cats matting their fur in perfect frames rearranged by careful tongues among the thorns

justwrite 15 march delayo

driving home away from home
roaming rates apply like deer and antelope possibly buffalo
khaki pants in the roadside dark
i am waiting for the power to return
headlights and breadlines
anxiety in the backstory
there are fines to be paid which is fine
glory on the inside carving out the instep
calculating persuasion and lazing into a jam
i will cram my hands full of noodles
the horizon will wait for the shading
trucks and trailers sailing by sea by land
scanning eventual codes
exploding just the facts into discord

Sunday, March 15, 2009

justwrite 14 march

all quick-like the thick-like coffee brews up a story in an untoldly glorious manner the scanner faxing out dilemmas like commas with no come-ons like plays on words unheard like scourges of misbegotten dramas and when i say go i try to flow and show no signs of stoppage like a drainpipe stovepipe hop on poppage and how high the flyers and so far the penguins reaching the capitals with the golden hurricanes scurrying on more thousand miles west young man and the transfer of power is a coward's way forward and the word at the moment is a jelly donut and a smelly pro nuts about broccoli and the fee is free if your speed is hasty and the minute you're wasting could be your own your clone could be out there wearing your face and chasing your dream so if it seems that someone else is pulling on the other side of this subtle divide it could be someone who is wearing your hide and if you've never thought of that then keep it that way for now until the trousers in your personality disappear and the fear that you've been replaced will not save you from grace or a work-out plan for the only cheer we have to leer at is our mirror-glanced romance with a self-created image

Friday, March 13, 2009

justwrite 13 march

the general feeling is that stealing a piece of the future is like trying to suture a cattail and a moving train and it remains to be seen whether this be plant or animal in origin but the species is nothing special in the demonstration that such separation is more reasonable and reaching out for something that does not yet exist should be resisted like the path of least and the out-of-reach preachers who are suggesting further steps into the next the beyond the pond from which reflections fall out like trout into the rainbow glowing with promissory notes and remote chances of tributary branches streaming out from pockets like a suggested schedule knowing full well the dance has not been done and the song has not been sung with the right letters yet sent out with doubtless millions of spillover opportunities and when we dance safely we waste our arm movements but the fear i have is a responsibility to carry and when you have none i wonder why so heavy over here and what cheer can be offered when no balance is proffered here i made you this and here we bliss this tryst out of bounds and around the block with the clocks locked in step and the second hand falling off first

Thursday, March 12, 2009

justwrite 12 march

We are reviewing semi-colons; those are the signs with the comma and the dot.
Confusing for people; I see many semi-colon errors.
Some people think semi-colons look sophisticated; and they are right.
I am such an English teacher; ravioli for dinner tomorrow.
Ten minutes later; I have written very little.
Vocabulary quizzes are exciting; Especially if you know the words.
Can you believe it?; tomorrow it will be 80 degrees.
I will post this exercise online; millions of people will review and practice.
Maybe not millions; lots of people.
If you believe that; You are an optimist.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

justwrite 11 march

i appreciate the effort but the wet blanket tanked at the opening bell and in one fell swoop trooped across the brownies the plains rearranging names and taking footprints for later verification the hesitation of innocence and the gel spelling out coolness the blue truth in a crystal case the trace elements remaining only in the mind blinded by song and strong accentual syllables the thrillable sense of tenses that don't shift that life their eyes to watching nodding off noses supposing their own opportunities the immunity of juice that rhymes with orange the purple cow and anyhow what i meant to be saying is a palindrome but when in rome it's hard to buy a good sandwich and there is no need for those videos whether jealousy tells three fibs or a half-truth and forsooth and forewarned those socks are below the norm with their stripey type accidents and the slippage of the toe showing all the nails a good time planting the dancing dogs their clogs notwithstanding and their appointments made just in time for crimestopping topping off the best of crimes and the sweetest of limes you're thinking are lemons like an apple so good it tastes like a pear and so there i did say it and i replayed it again again the scandal!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

justwrite 10 march

sticking it to the man
like candle wax
leaving tracks and peeling off
in a steely gaze
lazy and luxurious
the glorious surprise of rubber cement
just meant to be plucked off
in one sinewy strand
grandstanding all the attention
in a different direction
a subtle correction
without whiteout
the snout seeking bouts of
a train meant to derail
to flail in endless circles
the convergent work world ideas
settling for nothing less than
all time
my time
all crime too expensive to pay for
and a glorious choice
for rejoicing relaxation
the state of this nation
has seceded
has greeted the invitation
with applause
and a dangling clause
too awkward to modify any such angle
whether you try three times
or not
and have gotten it all
worked out

Monday, March 9, 2009

justwrite 9 march

i am looking at all these bookings and i am wondering who has done the overwhelming who will wash the old cantankerous shakers of salt walloping their eyeballs from stalled-out candybars and onto the stage raging against the frying of the right and the dying of the brighter shade of pale which is to say bleach which is to reach out and touch the unwashed hair sharing suggestions like unwashed lessons blessing you and your handmedowns the overgrown gowns crowning the gold standard like a hand you wish would reach out and not preach about other peaches that ought to be picked because these pockets are full and the lockets looking back in closeup faces chasing each other across the spaces clicked together like closegrown feathers and what i want to weather is a storm and what i want to wonder about is a brook trout with a tricky eye smiling to see the dream come true and laughing to see the stream in you when it ought to be the other way about with a stout step across an unsturdy stone groaning as the water rushes by always toward moscow and how does that furry hat make its way toward the reddened fields of spilled paint the taint of history and the blistery smile of the sun warms and runs away to play with the hopscotch alarm clock always on the seven

Sunday, March 8, 2009

justwrite 8 march

ladybug picnic
racecar driverface
jellybean reindeer
fearful asparagus
chinatown rigamarole
picnic picnic
pocket full of dirt
cheese town
honey butterface
arrogant associations
prickly toes
static klingons
cereal addiction
tricky mug
seven rabbits
peace in a pod
grilled please
carrot dreams
cloud flowers
notebook jackpot
paper plate pirates
dirtbag hungrybones
happy knees
noodle town
cherry pineapple
grapefruit parakeet
sweet rock
care tunes
manna moon
bicycle something
cycle of life

Saturday, March 7, 2009

justwrite 7 march

i told you not to skin that knee that sock you ought to have washed yesterday but when you play with sidewalks you're going to get a talking to and the walking through doesn't always happen when the cracks are laughing up at you and you love your mother like no other but the chances of dancing successfully through the incidents remit the victims back to their tables waiting for dessert to be served and a lastminute change in the kitchen means many are missing the ingredients for an expedient exit to the occasion the lazing about means nothing without sandals and the tragedy is the toes exposed with no warning but the warming of the trend which lends itself to air over the sea to skyhigh songtitles bittling tongues strung along but throngs of imaginary pets waiting eagerly at home for you after you roam straight through everything else returning back to take the food from the shelf and the water from the sky delivering into bowls while whole bodies shiver with pleasure at seeing you measure out a serving size and adoring eyes wait to meet yours and be sure you will always come home always fill up and pet and coddle each pawfound step forward into the safety of green grass and the great blue elsewhere

Friday, March 6, 2009

justwrite 6 march

peculiar charm the alarm goes up from a field a-flame changing the game and its name with tame tigers floating upriver with delivery charges reversed living larger in unrehearsed sentences paid out played up ended with punctuation and the station keeps changing the commercials keep selling spelling words that don't make sense that aren't worth mentioning here because to be clear i'd have to use letters to litter them better than sound although in a roundabout way i'm waiting i'm stating misdirected missives the submissive forgiveness growing from that bigness your hotairballoon heart departing from a ground floor from a deplorable storage locker ticking tocker on the waterfront all along the watchtower the goodwill shirts toward men and the pants that dance in the aisles never saying yes never i do always i wonder always i wander and when the checks are cashed the trash overfloweth like an ill wind filling up and spilling onto the floor the story keeps chaptering and the verses don't rhyme but there's some time hesitant in the present lent by the future drifting into questioning but the lessening of options sets up the adoption of supposition in a drifting mission toward burma or a filmstrip stuck on the number two ready to move on but apparently not

Thursday, March 5, 2009

justwrite 5 march

there are sentences that must be written smitten with their own importance that back and forth sense drifting between capitalization in tall order to the small sorter-outter which is end punctuation uniting nations by dividing sentiments for when the run-ons run on as they do then it's true that you and by you i mean i and we and see how hard it is to follow when the hollow lines get broken split like hairs as the hares leap away beating the tortoises at mixed purposes and the porpoises are like hey let's get outta here so the do they beat it too they fly in the undersky clouds louder than floods hugging the earth in a oceany way and the pause for jam can not be downplayed must be saved for a last bite a good night and the good night herd of whom we've heard often in multiple choice rejoicing where you always pick yes and c and the shining seas blow breezes through opposite treasons not picking up the newspaper for the daily scrapers the window drapers and the mannequins that spin dizzingly from reality to notquite and the lights can't pick up the subtleties of the subtle tease ongoing between the showing and the telling and the guessing how to spelling which induces internal yelling for the lack of editing and the pain gained without pleasure and the measures for measure looking for a half-dressed whole rest

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

justwrite march forth!

it's just a phase they're blazing through keep true and unfazed just raise your own roof and raze the proof from the pudding because who wants to eat that anyway and when your elbows fade away and there's no reason for your hands to keep squeezing then rewind these lines and rephrase the page you'd like to pen the den where we keep our fakeleather chairs and our castiron cares it's a tough place that space but the fire is crackling like the spackling like i always say like i always pay to play and raid the cabinet like a rabbit full of chocolate and not made from because nothing like a bummer to find your number's come up and your ears are about to be gone the crown of your head or your beautiful ears torn like tears in one messy chocolate bite and the night before your only care was where this funny grass had come from and who would grow such staticky cellophane pain-in-the-tail stuff and why would it be purple and yellow and what kind of fellow imagines grass ought not be green but between you and me and the basket there's a task it doesn't take much to manage ravaging the brain for a plain answer to green though the rest of us have seen that's where it's at with two turntables and a stable full of hot pockets ready for a lockdown and happy what we we have in our hands will fit in our coats

justwrite 3 march excusery

well i slept for fourteen hours and i scoured the moments far and between few coughing noises for the clarity that should surely come given such time and no rhymes to be forced in of course for this is the truth i am speaking or so to speak anyway this writing way so to say i am not lying but i'm trying to breathe through my nose which is more than you need know so i'll just cut that off at the pass and beg forgiveness from the bigness of your heart which is a start that i hope i'll never finish

Monday, March 2, 2009

justwrite 2 march

can you believe the weave of that traffic that graphic reminder of the visual the indivisible justice which is thought to be for all which is taller than an icescraper which is admittedly fairly short but the cohort gets together because that's what they do and the true measure of accidental treasure is whether it fits in your pocket and if when you dock it you're ready to sail for to master such disaster creates a faster shade of pale whaling ships eclipsing sense and taking on dents and density you are my and i am your chore but before all that let's toast to bread and instead of alarming each other let's send letters to mothers thanking them for their tireless cars their cares the fares they never charge living large on a steamy barge enlarging sense at the mention of improbability i like it how it is and what gives is what takes the stakes higher and wires together the teeth in a catch and release smile styled after the ancient memories saved after waves of forgiveness come through and the coffee that brews needs no excuses but the fever that delivers us from everyday schedules reddening our ears and cheering our delirious misspellings telling all that to stall is human to wear snowy jeans just to travel through the scene is the price we pay to play with the hours in such a breezy calculation thanking the united nations for sticking together and wondering whether the same thing would work for against

Sunday, March 1, 2009

justwrite 1 march

i just typed all this lovely such and now it's gone error code bX-7429vc exploding all over the place like a disgrace chasing its tail to no avail i've gone back to track i've cast out into the help group but the letterful soup is not that healthy too wealthy to spend what i've been lending out to others and if i had my druthers and my mother's cup of coffee i'd drink up the silver lining defining my own steam as a dream that life is but a search engine go-go a-go-go and the shown results catapult my attention into extraordinary dimensions searching for oooh yeah baby and finding what may be the worst idea though there's a lot of competition and the missing links of vertebrae stay stuck together in disappearing weather and the snow that blows no one any good should be on its way but say can you see where those words went because a herd bent on grazing would find them amazing and now you think i'm lazing because i'm focusing on the hocus-pocusing that happened instead of grappling with it personally and moving forward anyway and to stay out of trouble i'm popping my own bubble filling up this window anyway the minnow stowing its trunk in case a monk comes knocking because anything can happen after a little more unwrapping