Thursday, October 30, 2008

justwrite 30 october

i can tell you there was an entry here but to be clear there was and the scuzzy saving didn't and the hints i received in a awkward breeze swept away the clay fingers i have now but they're back and attacking the recollections as i scramble for all the eggs and stuff them into one basket with runny escapism draping the drama into commas which are pauses and the laws with their mistakes are chafing with irony i had lakes frosted with cold and also cakes but there are no ways to recreate so imagine the paratrooper and his super super something a trusting jump into where there are no words and when he looks into the microscope what does he see and how can he tree that porcupine when everything was fine up until that word that absurd collection of meaning screening out the silver and the cost and why not have lost something and pretend it can't be found when it's just around the corner but to storm on over and bite up clover with your teeth can't be pleasing it's more like treason with a milkshake and you know what dairy america would have to say about that and all those cats and their closeness their spaceless days trading turns with each other and exchanging mothers for dishwashers and there's only space for supposition here but the fear is real and the steel does not cut fast enough for this infomercial

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

justwrite 29 october

let's imagine a supposition an easy-listening hierarchy of needs feeding seeds into my teeth to grow into weaker ideals stealing ketchup from the fastfood altar faltering when the napkins run out the door scoring salt packets and rackets upon which bounce tennis and menacing athletic endeavors clever enough to avoid the draft seeping in from the borders abroad the barns and the nobles hiding out from the scouts and buying all kinds of cookies to fortify their defenses and their minty endeavors though let me say that if it were up to peanut butter this would be a different story and the glory of the color ten would be imagined when the picture clicked faster than fingers could blur the words into impressions the thoughts into lessons to be conveyed to be saved by the waves crossing shores and uncertain curtains opening up on plans in high demand but only by the postman who wants more and doors adore his coming his humming and the dog that bites nobody's hand that feeds nobody's scandal just papering up the floor to keep off the rain and in spain we're talking plainly about precipitation but in this nation united under dogs we know it's not always coming from clouds clearly

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

justwrite 28 october

gentle ferrets earn demerit badges accidentally the tragedies of quiet politeness the frightless herds of flightless birds absurd in deserving their own rewards the just absorption of pleasure in measured doses the hocus pocus holy moses rollers now appearing live and in driven color with wheels and a rink and two blinks of a slurpee in a kery circle twisted around the walls calling out as cannon balls splash into the middle as belly-floppers squash the whoppers right out of their malt the halting crunches that bunch into teeth subverting the cavities and the depravity of the human condition with vegetables missing glistens in a hard candy coating too remote for television too collision-bent like a bumper car starring a collapsible fender lending tender inches to a life worth speeding for the opening of the cellar door drew barrymore found so appealing like tumbling from a bluesky ceiling and landing in a time warp a golf course and the costume having run its track to field stealing each ounce and individual package of divided rackets candywise speaking heaping brackets around each glowing mound of colors and peanuts and the survey of the day says to stay is too long a measure and the treasure worth seeking is keeping its own counsel at my chamber door unsure whether to knock or to lock from the outside the undecided arrogance of knowing the chance is a choice a boisterous voice like a guatemalan watermelon the scandal of a felon and his too-rich uncle stumping for fools and electing disregard shuffling cards into three hands where the pecan pie can fry its own reward and the napkins the napkins are never enough

Monday, October 27, 2008

justwrite 27 october

i am starting to think of the plan but when the words are too many i write and there is not yet space for this language this story will make believers and enemies and my name shall be called not in the dark places the spaces left gaping once teeth are pulled and the nothingness is tender sending our tongues out we taste the absence the deliverance from primeval fears through abstraction for the concrete beneath my feet between my toes grows closer to my sole salvation i sleep in the space of giants and my prologue has been eaten whole stolen in the night with its liquid eyes blinking back the day staying wise and quiet despite the uncertainty of land and an understandable thrust bursting through an accidentally open door the store room of the previous devious message-taker the eraser of shaken mistakes but where could they go and to know is impossible to deny with a try and seek mission statement a fate meant to be magical a carnival of supposition glistening in a caramel smile creeping up the corners warning all comers that these numbers are by the books that these brothers are made by brooks and this elegance is never too hasty never quite a reachable fad clad in long limbs swimming in light and the laughter of a kind not quite understood or intended for common consumption mass production these calls are too fine for this dime and the ring goes unanswered

justwrite 26 october

maybe in the headlights there will be directions corrections in the tone of voice involved a flattering shape than a flatter escape no paler shade than this light this bright open scandal to handle the bars and the wide-open doors is to store up a shed full of answers chancing cancerous delusions to grow up in confused adolescence a complete convalescence of excuses the damaged bruises of dreams we have not filtered and in the meantime apologies that could be dealt with differently are free and far between in comeuppance the chance to faze a stance out to cash the chips about the edges and sorry sorry the ride again i can't imagine how the stage is set until the paint has dried and yes i see how this will turn out right and left

Saturday, October 25, 2008

justwrite 25 october

now there are quiet places
right out in front of everyone
and they are watching but
no one wants to be the one
everyone wants to be everyone
unless that one is so good
unless everyone is wrong
put your toe into the mess
squish your fingers in the
well we're not sure what it is
to be right but wrong is not
the way to go and when you
know which way to well
what i'm trying to say is
there are places and people
some of these are important
when you take notes well
it doesn't help you don't know
when you meet them face them
end up smack in the middle of
but sometime later you will
stop right in the middle of
something completely else
and say where was what again
do i remember to remember all
of those pieces of some other
picture the frame rearranged
with capital improvements
this project funded by a
rubber band playing its heart out
strung along on a shoestring
and a secret and also memory
which is like luck which is not
to be relied upon although everyone
everyone all and one and all
does definitely

Friday, October 24, 2008

justwrite 24 october

there will come a time
when you will wait
because you have no
other choice although
it will seem you ought to
be able to get up and run
also yell and tell them
with a capital t that you
are the capital letter here
and you need a sentence
and also end punctuation
but the question of what
and how that sentence
may develop is of concern
and it may be too long
or too troubling to maintain
or a painful reminder of
the quiet time before
when the words were unsaid
steady on the blank edge
a plastic seat a metal frame
unnamed like the fears here
sometimes unbalanced
with chance and also yes fear
the dancing which is falling
waiting for the steps to add up
in a small room with uneven
pictures and a very loud clock

Thursday, October 23, 2008

justwrite 23 october

well there are suppositions
and there are glistening listeners
twisting into the spotlight
bright enough for the occasional bulb
plugging along plugged in
crackling out of step out of whack
back in again like a handful
of chestnuts yesterdaywarm
pockets full of vegetables
grown your own excuses
you were young and foolish
there was love at the table
time in the stable
sodium had done no wrong
songs sung out to dry
so as i was saying to the sun
let's you and me see this through
to the end of the day
and to play was exquisite drama
the charming kind with popcorn
worn slippers and a neveroutside
sweatshirt hurting for a hem
rambling into toughlove cuffs
scuffed into substantial advantage
the hood goes up and ears are in
back in vogue and other collages
the letters all mailed
female subscribers crying their hives out
spouting relevance
i am the answer chaser
we see the now come true

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

justwrite 22 october

there will also be toast
if the bread doesn't light
the sun on fire
we had that once it was a
twice-bitten mistake if i do
say so and i did but there
were other considerations
to considerate so i did
well to make a longer story of it
i wrote my life a novel
i called my name a song
i ate my breakfast for tomorrow
i have some plans i cannot discuss
the distrust is not my own
to own to give away or keep
stowed away in a locker clocked
up like stocking feet in a barrel
over the falls and under
the calls of foul balls and
line drives out of line
in time for money for there's
always time for satisfaction
i will need to eat some more
whatever happens to be
in my hand is the answer
and the pencil dusts what
needs to be erased when
ere it goes again against
the grain whole or half
styled into piles of ashes
clashing with my stubborn toe
rolling over the pins
and needles teetering on
their haystacks to be good
or i'll turn you into a page
and you'll turn and fetch
and catch a cotton tail
in your teeth out of reach
of the ears to hear and eyes
to spy my little answers
all out of their questions

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

justwrite 21 october

by the time you're ready to start i'll be halfway done and out the door boring the pouring rain out of its cloudy little mind with behind-left cards and flowers showering all the crops with drops of clay pigeons easy on the smidgens of sense left in the russell stover box with the top lopped off there's a window and an opportunity for immunity from the community but if anyone looks twice you'll have to wonder how many ones will it take to make two and what brew will you witch up in twitchy bubblewrap warping the health from your tender selves and halves with whole sets of chances dancing to be good and misunderstood mistletoe pointing out a better location to reach as a destination when facing the nation is a hardball stall-out tactic just relax and practice your moves take the sidestep it's just a turn away from perplexing your next-door-neighbor the savior of all accomplishments you worried about when you lived alone and away from the stage and the street didn't meet your door well now it does so feel loved and remember that if you call out or your microwave stalls out there's someone right there with a cup of sugar wishing that you had walked your dog in the rain just that one time

Monday, October 20, 2008

justwrite 20 october

and then all you have to do is jump like up and forward or wherever you land that's probably fine too just mind the blue water line twining up your map camping in a backward toothpick gulch you know how those are and suppose cars weren't allowed then how quiet it would be and how far you'd be from me but we'd get by byebye buying our way out of sorrow like two peas for a nickel and a circumstantial pickle for your vest pocket where the bottle rockets go freely and the carrots cost extra to text your best friend's answers onto the price is right with twice-a-night access to a sparkling darkness only bright enough for one so the sun will have to wait and the work you thought was great is really only slightly reasonable it's mostly treasonable but if you don't say anything i won't bite and a two tootsieroll night is one worth mentioning in the trenches which is where the mind goes when it's disclosed that only so many words are permissible and more are inadmissible but who's to say what to say and how claylike the restrictions twitching between tongue and ear and fingers keying up the go-down page one for the money and most for the money but it's not about the money and it's all about the show

Sunday, October 19, 2008

justwrite 19 october

heed these words that absurd courage stuffed behind your eyes is enough to surprise even the cheapest saint the faint of heart have no cause to start in alarm when finished by your charm the arm-wrestling chess champions camping out inside the dungeons never budging beyond the locusts the plagues the stages of denial both pre- and post-trial out of sorts with courts both supreme and gleaming with the grime of real-time drama the crime in the sauna and the alligator alleged to have wedged his tail into the high-rise mail slot when madam ought to have been keeping more than a leash on the beast to say nothing of the rugs after the fact the tracking of the exit polls the preferences for rolls instead of slices the joy of mincing instead of dicing and the icing on the cake is the guilt spilled all around and found on everyone's shoes so no one can lose a beat over such discrete feet and yards on hard-scrabble stones and excuses and yes the juice is too sweet but no one told you to lose your teeth over it

Saturday, October 18, 2008

justwrite 18 october

buying water by the hotter chart the flow goes swimmingly until it's run dry crying foul at all poultry the hocus pocus promotions devoting seven grains of disunion illusions contusions confusion in the lack of reasoning the track of seasoning keeping the soup from dulling the tongue the steady hum of paranoia drilling thrilling will from the holes stolen out of the walls with their ears turned clear upside down frowning every which way past the sixth page and its secondary cousin not budging beyond the banal the last chance to declare you'll be running in that race and sunning the cool place beyond the stairs the declarative sentence in which my dish of choice will cost exactly what it ought which here means 2.74 and more or less exact change in exchange for three bills and five blueberries stuffed in the nap spaces to trace their graces flung along the pairs of sticks and a single hoop looping the troop where once were many and now is one apple cinnamon hung out to dry like canada in an evergreen sense multi-dimensional and hypersensitive in the deliverance of mail carriers eating chicken melts however those get delivered from eggs or from evil weaving a frame into nameless hours glowering at space but chasing the empty and asking for more adoring the deplorable which is the only lonely stance to take in mistaken misstep never yet given up on though coddled by songs too long for their titles and too thin for their riddles

Friday, October 17, 2008

justwrite 17 october

so let's go then
there are always specific details to be mentioned
concrete dimensions too real for abstraction
what kind of bread is in your fingers
what time is the alarm clock set for
when will i wake up
when will the money run dry
what vegetables are good for dreams
i will keep asking questions unless you answer
please to let me ask again
when the water bottles break us
when the cracks run into our skin
i am caking mud on my feet in the springtime
tiles on my wall are falling off once more
into the breach they reach and then clatter
no matter they are but dust and no wind
all we are and sometimes a song
along the path the map changes
rearranges shape/ preventing escape
where is there to go now
where to go will be there
when the going is gone and i am too
as well it's well to be well nigh gone
i am leaving leaving like the trees
blow your wind softly into the night
there are too many apples to swing in branches
pencils too sharp for forgiving missives
i am sorry for the disregard
i will ask forgiveness from tomorrow
the sleep that will come/ will come for all

Thursday, October 16, 2008

justwrite 16 october

there are
there are stuttersteps
shaky lips shuddering through grocery lists
kiss your clear eyes goodbye
your silver teeth and cracking gums
now we will all decay
to defray costs and also edges
badges of courage sideby letters
varsity adversity A plus HS
ra for the homegrown team
the splitscreen reliables
try on the size that fits first
curse no bubbles too large
charge for all conveniences
the gurgling has got to stop
where has simplicity been put
shoving aside all sentences
we will weigh our guilt tomorrow
heavy on unrelated pages
if everyone had more sleep
if every cake had candles
cup your hands around the flame
shame the light into brighting
writing the wallflowers on the names
claiming leftover fame for the fridge
ridges with ruffled feathers
treasures worth recounting
the doubting too steady
presumed relief too heady to face
to go with going gone
to know the goings on
let me eat posture for breakfast
such a reckless fool

no unreasonable stone will be turned

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

justwrite 15 october

so just pretend it was a park in the light
like sunshine like late afternoon
and this couple right they're like the only ones
there but there are others of course
but today's their day and you can tell
they have on the right outfits it's pretty
obvious all that black and white shiny
whatever and a veil and pants with lines
down the side but no top hat come on
and so they're having this day right and it's
right in the middle of everything else there
are kids running around for no reason
which is the best reason and there are
people playing tennis even doubles but
also singles and some of them are having
these extensive conversations so you can tell
they're not really working too hard lots
of love going on over there for that set
and joggers and yeah you pretty much
know what they're doing it's like all hours
these people are out just trying to make
everyone else look bad and it's working
but not for this couple look how shiny
they are in a glowing showoffy way
and the cameras are flashing their teeth
brighter than ever and they're walking
gazing posing with posies and rings and
rosies as you might imagine but in the
elsewhere they're setting up for a movie
on the big inflatable screen which is a pretty
big deal it looks like and the country
music is blaring uncaringly from a minivan
full of AV cables unstably shifted all about
inside and twisting through the hands
of a redfaced man and his crew doing
what needs to be done clearly no one's
got time for just standing around but
at least two do and put your hand here and
smile like you mean it oh you do well then
that's even better

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

justwrite 14 october

sever that cleaver!
leave it out in the cold to mold into jell-o!
there is no cause for such alarm

bells ringing in the apple trees
orchards too ripe for bees to sing
there are apples as well
there are trees that spell their names backward
birches and oaks choking with laughter
wait until the rain comes again!
there are there will be always with to be verbs
why not scintillate the great expeditions
the transitions ought to botch boredom
ruin the deep sighs
transpire tired sentences into perspiring dimensions
wait wait wait now go!
this is too short for words
words are too short for this
ideas are too long for words
stop and go your traffic breaths
in and out red and green yellowwwwww
easy on the condiments
spelling counts its own fingers
letters its own litter
recycles its resources
courses its own grades its syllabi with spades
too deep to dig too soft to sweep
the brooms are back in their quiet closets
closing each doorknob at the same rhyme
too easy to end there
stomp into the marsh with white socks on
show everyone who's writing imperative sentences now

Monday, October 13, 2008

justwrite 13 october

a new leaf turns its head
over wondering how it got one
where the parts were delivered
the shiver of a wrongseason bird
out on the lawn drawn to itself
hesitation and fascination
leaving blind the blinds
drawing closed the pencil line eyes
a line drive left of center
measure for measure unto all
peace and pie and plenty for all
stalling out at the light
a bigdeal lookatme/ but now it's green
long gone over that curb
columbus day observed in alternate time zones
the phonographic alternatives
the f and x derivatives
never the original math
the solution too pure to erase
chasing the absolute/ chewing pencils
too few dimensions for so much attention
soon we will print graph paper
again we will laugh at the carbon dater
in love with soot he is
she trips the lock and he is what?
caught? found? is a trap collapsing?
four miles later a treadmill
the priest and his beard for a run
plugged into a cable comedy
not for this congregation!
running beyond and not to!
running past! through
there are indulgences and there are calories
no one's salary is heavy enough
let it ripen
peel back a layer but too late
safe on the branch/ only chance
gather interest and juicy lips
dripping suggestive encouragement

Sunday, October 12, 2008

justwrite 12 october

parked at the park again
the dark a no-show
heady glow from the overhead
projecting positive redirection look
over here! mom! but it's mostly to the dogs
heavy breaths and dangly bits
loping the loops in pursuit of scents with no reason
noses into the air tanning for a scandal
too brown to handle much more
adoring the chance for sandals
these days are numbered
unencumbered by sideby competition
the tennis lesson includes wilde shots
haughty discussion of dorian grey
loudly witty repartee parry parry thrust
and thus the image is shattered
no matter there's analysis
twisting its way through overtones
sports cars and politics
awkward shorts on mostly-seated hips
there's something worth noting here
a balloon arch and hoola hoops
patriotism fit to burst
first the strollers/ holy rollers/ easy rhymes
chased by replacement images
imagine a situation developing
and suddenly there are sirens
an unmarked car and an echo across town
mostly unbidden
uncovering the hidden
the silent spring of a noisy fall
not going gentle into that winter dusk
trustworthy like a frisbee
tossed and retrieved by the same hand
a telephone conversation, changed shorts
the shadows lengthen, appearance of annoyance
a lawn chair, a sprinter
i am wearing this park bench like a trophy
let me check my strings for error
unhinged like the bearers of bad shots
an ugly bounce in a fastfood wrapper
let me trade you this water bottle
all i ask is your sombrero
a wax figure laughing through the window
i thought you'd already learned to ride?
try those training wheels on again
be gentle gentle you're showing her wrong
it has to be the same every time
or she won't learn
every step every time
not the same and i'm glad
but now you won't need those sunglasses
campaign signs and frontporch dogs
building signs out of fingers
lemonade out of commerce
see and be seen out

Saturday, October 11, 2008

justwrite 11 october

when i said i was angry
sorry about that
a coffee cup and a tea stain
framed behind calico curtains
an uncertain truth percolating
saving the date for a previous engagement
the stage set for marionettes
you can't catch this cold
you can't embolden the truth
there are facts and also uncouth bargaining
the jargon spilling over is enough
to exchange your stocks
to box up backward ears
to call in favors by their first names
wait until the change purses its lips
trip your tongue over chewing gum
the toothpaste rust mistrusted
23 beans in the canteen soup
a troop selling nuts and also bolts
jolting all colas all callers from their ledgers
treasures unmeasured
leisure doesn't suit you
the sailboat pond and a diamond ring
calling but no answer
a dancer but no chance for a partner
do you see a future there
do your socks match each other
what will happen after the soup
my arms are melting into fingers
drips dropping candlewax cataracts
i once was blind
i twice am found
in a corner shaking ink from the well
feeling not so
jotting smokestacks from reddened faces
we will chase the truth
and we will set it free
i'll apologize again
there was no call for that answer
now my legs are done again
the strand loosened, unhinged
the twinges of coursing compassion
trashing the outfield
yielding clovers and the apocalypse
there will be four leaves
forty thieves
a barefoot madonna
a half-open curtain
there will be three encores
by the last there will be no end
the trend will reverse its rehearsed course
charting the design
the end rhymes
everything will be taken seriously
gold will be eaten deliriously
i will hold your hand
you will poke a joke horse in the stomach
the cave will in
we will out
the sun will be brighter and
all the green will sing

Friday, October 10, 2008

justwrite 10 october

she has cabled her arms to mine
a third person transmigration
a sole soul wholly evolving
i am the she who took that step
she is not her own author
i am not my own creation
there are cables upon tables here
permaboud in resounding hardback
my legs are weak
she dances on
and off the scale there's no comparison
the verification alluded to
has come unglued
the third eye within a wheel
and a cart full of hearts
with apple pie smiles for breakfast
no one needs eyedrops tonight
this much is real
she clears my throat
i am her remedy
where the pencil ends
a sharp start
wait until the page
the destiny in front of me palatable
as in to draw from with paint
quaint metaphors stored up for sale
entailing two quarters and an hour
she is my doubt
i can not stand without legs
fade the screen to charcoal
fingers smudging the budget
factoring the figures into fractions
the snow-white yield of the crabtree field
we walked all night to be the constellations
flashlight barnacles/ tired parkas
rest your face in the wet grass
this too will become you

Thursday, October 9, 2008

justwrite 9 october

macaroni and cheese occurred to me very suddenly then like a shock like a best-case scenario unpacked before my very eyes a valet a stomach with a mind of its own a heart of gold and a searching servant undoing the buckles on what's been carried around under seats and in deceit there are no secrets within these table legs so if you're climbing down here to tell me something i don't know then you can just go because i've heard that one before and you can drop the other one like that accent that trapping you've hung out to dry over your tongue an affectation a situation i'd like to have you treated for but five or six years down the road you'll have no idea and it'll goad you for me to mention this occurrence and furthermore you won't know who i am or where i planned to meet you that october morning without warning there on the street where you live so smugly so snug and free in the tucked-in safety of untested lunacy waiting for the moon to ruse to rise to surprise the letters out of bed and when you gather them up they will be ready to gather you up so what will you do and how will the zoo react when it finds it's become a library a mall a stall for curiosities not like the fair but an excruciating care of a fact-finding mission the fission of admissions and omissions twisting the menu out of my hand and scanning the shelves for the previously mentioned in a hypertension version of metaphorical conversion the cheese into sense and the sentences into unmentionable sounds waiting around to see if someone will add peas to the quiet

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

justwrite 8 october

it's true what they've been saying
the certainty of the eventual preventatives allows me to stay out of the loop
preservatives keep in the hoop in your skirt/ the dirt in your teeth
catch and release the sleep you pocketed last night
the fright of the dream coming true again
with a vengeance! a menace!
the time of your lives less lived by the half hour
a shower of health melting in coins/ a pricey suggestion
what if you just held your breath in your left hand
what if your commands were followed with a keystroke
artichokes and heart attacks wait on your every syllable
anything can happen when you wave your nails around like that
pounding in and creating something new
spacing and entering all over the place like a phenomenon
like a common grounded punishment for exceptional tendencies
my dependency on your dependency has got to be stopped
there are just too many kernels to pop at this point
the joint in the bridge got fudged again and now the ships are stuck
sunk in like teeth in the bay the mud the stay and play recipe
there is nowhere else to go on this island
the supply line has run aground astoundingly
my canoe has no sail and i am not impressed
i was not told to dress for such an occasion
my shoes are highly unsuitable
my thoughts are wildly dilutable at this point
just add yes water yes a lamb and three chickens
we'll have a zoo or a stew and if i'm you i prefer the former rather than a platter of the latter


is working is working is working
is an odd duck and a cruel pole
a lap not unlike the one currently being sat
being up and awake and omnivorous
and actions that require typing
tapping on my cellar door
hot options glide by
saddled up in pre-occupations
glittering self-demonstrations
the lunches i have and their self-worth
given four stars for the sake of two
wearing out for the sake of it
being arrhythmic
listening to the toilet be itself in and out constantly flowing
for no apparent reason
people is all free i gave them a cloak and now they is +1 on the richter scale
the scalar dimensions of getting old
and being a spell-checker
and going out to watch a movie
and staying in to watch a movie
and being frustrated alone
and wearing lots of clothes
and being short
and having short for the sake of it
is self-evident

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

justwrite 7 october

there's a chance i could be done with this
have run two fists too early into the nighttime wind
when the mailbox blows cold i wonder when and why
but the circumstances are beyond stamping, lamping
dark and parked like a school bus ferris wheel
around and around the lot like you've got to be kidding
everyone is and everyone isn't
twins to the sky and the ground
hounding the beach like dogs and wild haystacks on parade
wait until your shoes find out where you've been!
push harder into the sidewalk talking right to the core
how much more do you need to do do i need to get through
i am pushing and pushing but i'm not sure who's there
where am i running this race beyond
like a mirror clearer than the original copy
hopping on paradox and clocking citrus speeds in the wind
a sunrise in scurvy like a hurry-up weather vane
too shallow for a hummingbird or a bid unbidden
the mittens on my ears would make a small roethke dizzy
but i hang on and hand down pick up turn around
like the next best bet the great debate the state of illusion
i am the answer and i am the asker
i am waiting for ferlinghetti and i am hoping for rain

Monday, October 6, 2008

justwrite 6 october

there's floss stuck in my bicycle the wheel well is well not well so to speak
so to leak oil from the tires is a surprising mire of admirable consumption
out of nothing i have made hope and also spaghetti
out of a slight fever i have baked up a cocktail of dirty dishes and sausages
no one wants to eat those sidewalks
which is for the best for the rest have already had their dinner and yours too
there is something in the way of the world that i haven't quite figured out
i've figured in the bigger and the better but the beefier leaves are left out
doubts in my mind grow smaller on days off when i know where i'm going
home is too roman for this holiday nose like a bath with clothes closing again
let those slippers out to play and let the connections be french once more
unto the breach and out of reach the whales pin their pictures to your bulletin
bored with pen pals they make up pretend tails and sign their names in inky joke
stoked we are and the crocuses are out of season again like someone i know
the curry is too powdered and the fresh-dressed snow ought to think again
on the blink again i went to see my optometrist and she was like what
so that didn't help too much

Sunday, October 5, 2008

justwrite 5 october

i've been trying to load for hours
the trunk is empty and the screen is blank
i'm tanking up the miles until i see rain again
wait for the strike to bike its own way out
i will serve you my leftovers first
a course of course most deserving
there are three chances left before tomorrow
one is the raincloud
one is a gas station
one is in the bathroom mirror
i turned the music up louder than morning
i opened the window into the cold
shivered through new exits
acoustic on-ramps
home to no home from home
word bound

justwrite 4 october

the first sign is
that the first sign
has passed/ away/ by
gone like an elevator
shafted downstream
discordant with no cords
no cables to car/ to carve
the floors into paced spaces
and the falling within is
down deep dropped
plummeting into space
chasing the next sign
which is a knot realized
tied up in tangled metaphors
and also missing cables
tabled debates reheated
gardens re-seeded with weeds
planted with romantic melancholy
and the shine suddenly focused
attention hocus pocused to this mass
a crash into realization
a taste and a waste of ties
and the twist is the solution
the shape-up snipping
presented as deliverance
a shiver of dense pain as the cut
is fast and deep
imagined as the one wire to snip
to trip successive successes
the end to all messes
but an outdated blueprint to blame
shame in the mistake
relegated to an outtake handmedown
this time it'll be better
cord letter B is twisted
from the wrist up and down
comes the hatchet this time
climbing deeper into the matter
shattering splinters, diffraction
a quick distraction from the tangle
a cow in one headlight
a deer in the other
chewing separate scenarios
just imagine perspective
the knot tighter, larger
charging twice the rent
meant to be sent away
insurance too high for mailing
bailing out by an opportunity
full fresh of immunity
long before the scissors grow numb

Saturday, October 4, 2008

justwrite 3 october delayed

have a good time at that scene
shake your legs like you own the place
like the race is long enough for your own spoils
like the trouble is worth bursting your own bubble and a new pair of shoes
the truth is i can't stand it
can't stick the landing
handing in my resignation
stating the nation is on alert so i can't be brought to bear
baring the facts in counteractive decisions
i'm sorry for the circumstances
i ought to never look up the skyline
the chart was pretty easy to read 
that's what the doctor thought but i begged
to differ in proliferation
the signs are up and out and i can't do it
wait until the brew is dry and creaky
there are feet and there are fiends
there are two minutes left until the center
of the earth takes a jump 
shot over the edge and lands
in unknown lands 
stranding kisses out to dry and i know i said
thank you but i meant sorry
i want to be an industry leader
i want to fly the coop
i want to cook the half-time show
growing disregard behind a curtain
i was certain i didn't need to see
but i was mistaken
misbaken like a fruit pie underwater
there was no chance at that point
anointing the last best chance
wearing different pants
seeing different seas
scenes obscene to my eyes 
disguised as normalcy
a quarter past three and it's too late

Thursday, October 2, 2008


no no
give it one more chance
hot rocks keep falling
childbaby wonderballs
give me some
give me some of your real soul
just just lay it on me
like a tidal wave from neptune's shorer
give me somes

justwrite 2 october

ready my legs
together we will write
these next steps
those past wrongs
songs of bamboo and forest fires
there's a carnival at it again
a trend of deep knee bends
pretending to be glorious but the boringest of them all stalls out with an inhuman drone phoning home and in and out of tune so that by the moon and two more such a deplorable condition heretofore inadmissible was divisible by three and to stay just to see in any dawning light early parking spots notwithstanding not spelled by aladdin or his genie bottle meanie betwixt and beside himself with her elf-like nose wiggling halfway between a snake and a rabbit measured by a rare bit of vegetable lore a haughty broth scoffed at by the rest of the seedy bunch a munchable topic of conversation the common destination of a denominator a co-habitator with hope and a soapy pail of what ails who and to stew over that pot has got to be the worst decision an abhorrent collision with fission in a rudimentary sensory development eyes spyed and my little suggestions dropped into a box criss-crossed and marked with a t which could be a plus but has no advantages the caramel panic sets in and the oven's too hot to reason with just pass me over the table my self

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

justwrite 1 october

you're my track star
my guitar heroic
a chord and a quarter note
smote by spoken word
the absurd reheard through thinking ears
steer my station right
creation of light and physics
the gripping trends, knee bends
static in the rain
i thump my fingers on all the right keys
mining for major chords
absorbed in the absolution
solutions to answers unphrased
unphased by classified tendencies
free from dependency
there are reasons why
but who needs to ask
who needs to collapse order upward
outward appearances
double-signed clearances
the cosine tangentially important
the glory of the hypotenuse
fast and loose playing
to your strengths at great length
please forgive my wide eyes
save joy in plastic wrap
ecstatic recognition
stretching beyond cognition
my legs ache
i am catching up slowly
speed would be ideal
but also depth and waiting
stating the obvious in three keys
two are for you
clues losing their way on the stairs
climbing clefs, falling off
tossing free grace notes/
skipping ropes, hopes