Tuesday, January 31, 2012

justwrite 31 january

Swallowing my finger wrapped in silver knot a confusion disjointed this is not a sentence part of the time I think I’m going somewhere but really it’s down a list there’s a twist here in this story but it’s when I set the book down I’m not wasting time in that direction there are plenty of fish in the street down the avenue the view from here steers strangers in the night exchanging strange syllables the differential equations lazing their way from alpha to bet you get your kicks playing soccer but I’m a linguistic leaper keeper of flames unnamed and hardly tamed so it’s better to live alone the burning isn’t contagious the floor more or less outrageous as the waves leap as the wood creeps closer to a different state of being the reason for the season is to go to bed early to curl up unfurl the worries and set aside hurries annnnnd this is where I got interrupted couldn’t pick up again without laying down an unsung strand sing a different band of horses the brand of course is recognizable resizable for keeping in your pocket lock it up for the night and turn up the dark

Monday, January 30, 2012

justwrite 30 january

If you’re reading this then perhaps an apology is in order for the disorder of a sort shuffled all around this table this deck unstable and insoluble at a highly voluble pitch strikes out and the message is doubtfully received easily deceived we cast our lots and forget the candidates the choices the breakfast rejoices in its own completeness and the season changes again shuffled through and a bridge up as all the cards arch high and wide intense surprise as they land in hands headed back to a pocket locked it all up there right for the night and the tight-fisted twist to your purse strings puts you in a bind confines your mind to rewinding and finding coins under seat cushins misspelling pillows and willowing the wisp the crispy feel of baked paper sopping from the flood and starched up by registered heat the slats the slots the paint the pots and we go merrily along the song I’d like to sing is different maybe better mostly other and if this is from a movie check yes and if you also know the title press two please hold while I try that extension it’s a stretch but that’s what’s meant and why not it’s pretty hot to jump those linguistic leaps in the sunshine but in the shade it’s just fine got it made lemonade on order over easy and should it please me and the court the show goes on and the strong survive and the rest marvel the carnival in town drowns out all the homework and the jerky pencil sketch by the sidewalk dwelling wretch captures the quirk of that face just right replaces what isn’t with something that might have been and it’s a spinning feeling to see what can’t have been but still might be it’s a tree that grows in the water with its head in the sky it’s a chair that waits for its table and we’re falling still but the sky grows closer the smell the supposed static that really makes a picture it’s a screen to keep between the blackwhite and obscene confusion but if you press your eyes to the glass the class that’s in session will teach you any lesson you’d like to learn hard to earn interest on a prospect like that but it’s all in the language and I’m happy to invest

Sunday, January 29, 2012

justwrite 29 january

I can’t say that the words are stale at this point but the joints are a little dry the juice that ought to fry is out of the fire by this point remember turkey bacon the almost not cooked enough balance between crispy edges in the microwave saved from dispensing so much grease by a creased paper towel there is no other device quite as nice for soaking up something like that or splattered floormess there’s a case for towels but there’s no washing machine on this scene when I was coming in from the cold today my words were stuck and my face rushmored right up I was blocky cheeks and toobig teeth rocky and solid while fluid thoughts struggled to escape she wanted to ask something else but I was saying no I’m not mad anyway in other ways so I staved that off coughed a few times and feeling fine now though the dow goes up and the bottom falls out will I make baked goods should I deliver them at once or at one and can a class really start at six what else that’s in the mix will scuttle in to push aside any scheduled sitting getting to the point and putting a fine one on it I’ve got no bonnet and no bees no forest and no trees I thought there were two r’s in forest but this deplorable taste in letterature has been corrected I’ve neglected to know everything yet again and the strands incomplete are indiscreet enough to whisper my errors good heavens it’s me again I’m by the hand and off running toward accidental phrasing saving myself and worrying health into existence where the least resistance runs aground yes we all want to be pirates there’s something to admire it’s a different style of life and not the dangerous kind and not the copyright igniters just the sailing rowdylook crew who’d do no damage to anyone who stays out of the way and lets the play roll on forward and through and aroundabout too there’s a view I’d like to subscribe to but I haven’t got an address and the british got will do me in with the friggin slang and the notquite twang of some different flavor in your mouth the south of elsewhere staring back in the mirror when you’re waiting for the alarm to go off and you remember the fire detector is dead discharged from service and you resolve to play it cool

Saturday, January 28, 2012

justwrite 28 january

the inability of sleep to creep up fast enough on the work the jerk of my head as i'm sleeping instead of making progress a resume a formula for success a triumph over buckled floodboards lording it over the rest of the to-do's and the shoes that might be dry try for their own moments in the spotlight but even their sole music can't do it i am carried away and as i slump the lump in my throat floats up higher and my mouth sews itself shut keeps in those what-otherwise suggestions the misdirected corrections of how things mightcould have been we're finished here and that's more clear as my eyes darken and the day fails to continue

Friday, January 27, 2012

justwrite 27 january

My fingers colder than my brain remain impressed at how time has leapt over limits I set to begin with there’s no reason for such a season to be chilled thrilled billed as the worst the cursed cracks in the sky blowing high valves and no salves to soothe the weary fear in the summer cavaliers and their dapper darlings the startling facts backed out of the way and the tray locked in an upright and secure position suggests the physician was responsible for his own worries he hurried along with junglepocket songs and forgot to pack his lunch one too many times and the stories of his rhymes are legendary but it’s another canary in a gold-plated cage the fear of breathless rage consumes and confuses and supports and diffuses with trembling melodies ahead of these moments we can’t wait to get past and the last thing I want is to haunt the past with the present in my pockets let’s lock it up and move along while available for reference its overwhelming prevalence in the current condition should refuse it admission on such a failing trail the park pushed off the rail and ridden out of town clowns shake their heads and the kids are sent to bed

Thursday, January 26, 2012

justwrite 26 january

Days past glassed over eyes surprised by tired fears fired up and burned crispy miss me and call back a big stack of reasons I could just roll over now there’s a towel and a halva bar and that’s all you ought to need plus water water everywhere and just not fair to all involved but it’s a problem solved by solutions no resolutions needed just grains and beans having heeded warnings the corn is on the cob and the answers all are clicking right along there’s a song I’d like to sing but I don’t remember the words the feelings too absurd to justifty the reasons why and the wonders what have cut through to the chase have erased the worries hurried off by more pressing matters the splatter pattern suggests that someone else did it that someone could have hid it behind a smile styled after confidence though the tendency is to freeze steps and slide down the chutes and ladders badder than grammar and dripping like a caravan drips rolls of wheels the feeling makes more sense than the words used to describe but if I had a chance to hide off-stage for a bit I’d hit that pitch out of view outta the park into the dark which warms like velvet a black painting by the roadside rustling as the paper dries startling me through the quiet and off at last to sleep

Sunday, January 22, 2012

justwrite 21 january

And as the scene fades to night the dark the light the bright parks itself on the edge horror and scores evened and odds dashed the crashing through and mythology true enough to play along with there’s a song with no words heard through these scenes the ways and the means when nothing else matters but outcomes the feelings numbed and the flesh bare no way to compare the other views the colored truths a world in black and white with shades of red instead of any other views the truth set free to meet its maker to take a turn to earn interest and the sound tracked lacking sense in the moral way but there’s another stay to this execution the truth in review the few who win and the many who play the rude mechanicals who stay off to the edges who keep their treasures rich who wish toward revenge who trend toward defending some sort of ideal a girl or a feeling a steal from what’s real in those eyes the reeling surprise in a fall to the ground impossibly far nothing broken nothing won stunned and the bandages disguising surprise where skin tried and lost the lines criss-crossed and the smell of cigarettes and stale regrets waiting on the bedside table besides what we’re able to see right now there’s the morning the scoring being rattled and the numbers that we’re waiting on called up in the paper delivered with the coffee we’re still waiting on the waitress must be kept there’s some reason that she’s leapt to her end while the sleep that contends for your attention takes a win in retention of your potential alibi no need to try as the facts line up the details can’t fail to compel your testimony’s unnecessary it’s scary how true a lie can be it’s wild how sweet your hopes can sound from someone else’s mouth and there’s no need to subscribe you can’t resist but it’s in your best interest to liv e through anyway to step out of that passion play and find another savior