Tuesday, July 31, 2012

justwrite 31 july

As we puff up our own upper crust and compliment each other yes it becomes clear so plain to see the words we are saying are true yes we are skilled and yes we have our moments and there are many of those there are mountains and we climb them there are words and we can rhyme them sometimes like now we have hiccups and our flow is a little off we scoff normally at such unnimble typing like hyping thimble writing as if it made sense as if the fence crossed no borders and the sorted warders are looking out for their own particular flocks we are locked into battle and the cattle don’t call like they used to we’re through few and many stages of raging against machines but the scenes remain to be and we yes we are the conquerors of lists and the missed opportunities are minimal we’re spinning full and fast curves around the corners and water under the bridges of any other county we’re bounty hunters and we’re getting things done no gold medals won but the to-do lists ta-done and all we’re stunned to find on our resumes plays out pretty smoothly the grooved beats on a percussed record sets up pressure to stream on dynamically I’m sending out some wonders and you wander as you go and you gaggle with the flow of a thousand tired birds waving and weaving their flighty paths through maps neither googled nor explorable by conventional means and so it seems we’ll wrap today as long as the hiccups continue I’m sorry I had hoped for something more from these moments but exercise of the fingers lingers in my mind as time well spent

Sunday, July 29, 2012

justwrite 29 july

There is a pause I’ve been feeling a breath held back the space waiting for me to begin again I am telling the stories aloud and they are falling all over I am repeating myself I am toasting the health of all welcomers and well-wishers we are well and we are deeply grateful while these waters run swiftly soon we cannot swim fast enough and again they slow and we float the moments flip up click by and the digital display model is out of date it’s late to return to tell you about the beginning of the end but perhaps there is no end because the next beginning is slurred and not staccato not punctuated or abbreviated but perhaps extended when it begins I will know and I will make note the note will be whole and will sound out like a goal scored and other options ignored but in the sage sort of way that means having been considered and found wanting not roundly haunting all the other options seeking out adoption of parallel possibilities as the freezing snow turns to blazing heated debate staying up late to search for next and the text scrolls into itself slipping through the margins and beyond we are unsure of what comes after or what might be called before if we knew what this space was for we meaning I could use it better and the weather wouldn’t matter I would grab what seemed of value and fashion it into the next big thing ringing bells and yelling with flare of the extravagant sort yes I have found the way and it is the right one!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

justquick 22 july

the good news is that i'll be back soon and when i am we'll have a lot to talk through the news the weather and the dependent clauses just hanging in there to see which way the wind will turn we'll earn our daily breakfasts by hesitating just long enough before no enough to allow maybe though not so bold as yes we're testing the limits but there's plenty more to run through before the tide turns tired