Sunday, March 31, 2013

31 march

So what about this what about a try like a not why like a knot tried and true bought where you find all kinds like winding sheets and rinse and repeating records broken like spoken words promises to have to hold to embolden with rings and fingers bells and toes she shall have music wherever she folds her napkins in tiptop shape she shakes her hands and commands attention like a different dimension these are the destroyers of worlds behold! We are the dreamers of dreams!

Tomorrow: a different track to pack, a different whale to pail into the aquarium, to sink or swim through the pipes and ignite the spark plugs—to snuggle up to in the dark gloom and wander rooms full of wonder as the month plunders minds full of mystery and turns history to present futures as the stocks rise and the creek’s a-willin’, if the good’s lordin’ it over the rest of us, as the best of us will say—the play goes on with its things in the wings and the dawn rises early so it catches all the breaks…