Wednesday, February 29, 2012

justwrite 29 february

It’s an alarming trend to tend to pay forward debts the rest of the listeners the glistening shuffleboard turncoats the most of the least and the shiver that phrase gives me the bigger the reward the larger the dog in the middle of the road barking at the bicycle the success is understated we’ve waited this long already and when I see that claim I laugh when I miss that turn I crash into the surprise I packed for myself well look at that well catch that trap and eat it right up the mouse and the cheese and all I called that play weeks ago and so you know it didn’t run the fun got squeezed out and I did all my missing and then my doubts took over the redrover the beebee gun and the runalong fun that other kids had I can’t help madness it’s what comes naturally in those sorts of scenes what I mean by this is an unstrung bliss I am watching a movie that I helped to make I am eating a cookie that someone else baked there are strings wrapped around this present pressed into my hand this moment and the feeling of flowers I don’t want to get just laughing in my open ears and mouth the south-drifting feelings the imaginary yacht what I’ve got to say about this is a few feet too short I’m important but only on this page and at any other stage I’d enrage the competition by only pretending to listen when what we wanted was ruthless soup when what we wanted was a vegetable coop we have only so many dreams it seems and most of them are haywire disregard and sandpaper elegance these are the words I’m putting together these are my blinds against any other weather yes I’m happy to see you yes you can’t help but be you though you could try not to be so obvious the clauses full of closeted wishes the maybes full of bedroom fishes I cannot tell you why bananas I can only tell you this much is clear and the coming decision is split

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

justwrite 28 february

Whether you’re high or low you know how that goes the scene the mean and the average got together laughed at the median and went on their merry way not married you say well who cares who shares those values who worries those hurries off into the elsewhere we’re scaring ourselves our weary elves rushing about to doubt the bouts as the bell rings as the ding-a-lings go off to school go play the fool and ask for another quarter the sorter starts early the worry whirrs around the ground lands before the sky and the wonderwhy behind such statements is a bagel without cream cheese it’s a wheeze where there ought to be a deep breath what we’ve got left before we score any other sort of wonder is the hurry under the bridge with the billygoats gruff if you start getting tough and the problems pile up you’ll be stuck with leaves and silverware you’ll be tasked with fears and self-made scares let me tell you something let me call your bluff in and out of sorts I’ve cavorted with that type before and the time I ignored your advice I regretted it so now I’m asking what you’ve got to say how the plan rolls out to you today there’s something to be heard and I’m waiting on your word mirror I’m waiting on your pleasure my own dear self wealthy in the confidence of spinach soup praise faint but truly meant the sweet-sent messages needed by closeheeding ears we have our fears but they will not destroy us on this occasion we’re saving the blame for some other deal for today we have our stamps today we’re in the camp of the good and the righteous and the leftous are wondering where to turn

Monday, February 27, 2012

justwrite 27 february

At this point I’d like to announce that the south is rising the heat is on and I just can’t go on this way this stay this go this irrepressible flow the jet stream cleans its own path and I’d like to laugh but nothing funny’s been said instead I’ve just been stalling been calling out the spaces between the races you’ve seen run the hunger games no one’s won and the avalanche that comes unstrung each time we start again just imagine that hello was also goodbye was a goodfaith try and we’ll see the next days onward it’s absurd to imagine any other way and this is the play I don’t like to watch this is telling and now showing and you’re knowing by now that there’s nothing told rightly there’s nowhere that’s spritely enough to pop bubbles all through that green glass bottle thick enough for a developing country hungry enough for starters which are appetizers which are served ready and waiting which are carbon-copy dating we are tired of having fired all the missiles early on I’m sorry I’d like to tell you a different way there are black keys in play too and even that means something every step whether it lands sharp or flat it’s a dropped hat and a pickup game the chords rearranged to raise the scores and if you thought you could you think you can if you already have then you definitely will but in between scenes try to talk a good game try to feed yourself greens and go easy on the red

Sunday, February 26, 2012

justwrite 26 february

If I were making films this would not be one of them aside from the fact it’s already made I’m not smart enough to look that sound to hear that smell right in the face there are too many angles wide and spied-upon the cried-out scenes and the shootemup deals are never making it into my movie there’s something to be said but instead we’re waiting it out there’s a doubt I could manage but really with a team the coen brothers and so many others the collaborators who don’t end up haters because really many due and it’s true enough a bluff to call I’ve stalled out plenty but only made one film with my name on it anywhere toward the top it’s a crop that’s not bumpering a middling round of answers in a sideways prize fight we wait for Saturday nights and then we call all the wrong shots what you’ve got and what I’ve bought down the street at the shop-o-mart it’s a cart full of savings and an otherwise allusion there’s a strain in my arm from talking on the phone and the puddles don’t quite make it when you’re crossing different zones what do I think could happen what really doesn’t dampen the mood like reality confused with disappointment there’s an all-night wonder for you to hunger through straight on toward breakfast and if anyone wanted to ask me I’m sure I’d have an answer I’m a really awful dancer and basically just awkward but that’s its own reward in some way I’m sure to say with confidence some day but let’s just play along for now let’s strongarm hope for now and it’s a cash cow for anyone to milk I’m up to the hilt with wild wonder and the joy that waits outside or elsewhere can take its time I’m doing fine now since the grapefruit came in just a sinking-for-to-swim carry-me-home lullaby another time another try and that’s the job I want

Saturday, February 25, 2012

justwrite 25 february

It’s not that I need something like that so I’d rather have cheese on toast and the most comfortable of foods are carbs it’s not hard to see that coming it’s rubbing the wrong way on strawberries and other fine goodnesses the less is more the story goes but the flow is always off in rooms like that something about the way the chair is angled tries me every time like an end rhyme that just won’t slide into place that can’t erase its presence nor can it slip into seam the way I stitched that snap the way the pants collapsed into the crease these are lines I’ve defined myself these are roles and a finer health will see its way toward tomatoes the gray goes with any color so clip that tie and rip that rye out of your sandwich there are questions left to be answered I have danced word off of tongues and I have hung vegetables out to dry the beets did try for half of Friday and all today too but there was nothing to do and nowhere to slice I tried to play nice but the auto got bioed and the graphing just didn’t take we’re faking our mistakes for now but by the time it’s tomorrow those puddles should be gone I’m singing too many songs and I’m starting to wonder the words into different orders the sorts and disorders that make us all right are being dissolved in the middle of nights we are quirky human sorts and the only way to keep that up is to drink fast out of a juggling cup and make the most of what we’ve managed the strategy of wanting more is a score that subtracts itself the wealth and the honeypot wondering what the other’s got is rather much ado about well we’ve read that story before and it’s the one without tigger it’s the one with bigger fish frying while the lying carries on and the standing gets up straight we’re waiting for the bell to ring when really it’s a much simpler thing to do ourselves

Friday, February 24, 2012

justwrite 24 february

If this is really what we’re talking about then maybe we should change the subject it’s s surprise but the issues matter the scattered thoughts caught up in the hearts and minds carry that weight a long time and I’m quite fine as a campaign strategist for a non-running candidate a half-hearted dinner date and a wanderingwonder of a someone there are plumbs in the pudding and some in the pie but sticking in your thumb doesn’t mean you’re so good and what I should be doing is looking for a job what I should be hoping for is a bank that will self-rob and deliver me the profits which ought to be the whole shebang which ought to break the record and set it again while I’m pitching this you’ll be interested to know that there’s one week to go before I need to make a call before I need to stop the stall tactics that are keeping elastic my future hopes it’s not earning me votes to wonder this way but I’ve got no sway in any other direction I’m looking for corrections from the steps I’ve already taken and the head’s already fakin’ out which way the shot goes which way the pointed toes will lead to I dreamed I was a dancer but I lost an earring and I re-entered the hall to retrace the fall and when someone realized it was me I couldn’t help but blush and the plush seats and red aisles hid the sparkle I was searching for but what’s more was the less the press the fancy and heading back to nothing is a hard road to imagine at this age at this stage I am ready to be doing I am ready for a run but the roads are full of water and there’s just nowhere to drain the mud and the pain all iced up and flooding there’s a budding future but I haven’t got the directions I haven’t had the right lessons and I’m not sure when to jump it’s one thing to have a safety net and it’s another to get stuck in it there’s a toughness I have not got yet and I’m wondering if I’ll need it I’ve always seen where I was going before I had to leave but the steps here aren’t apparent and my intuition might deceive me might leave me waiting in the dark looking out a window into the melting winter night as the cross-courtyard windows blink shut