Wednesday, August 31, 2011

justwrite 31 august

there are tales to tell there are ties to till together the weather finds itself fine the field wields its high-yield crops till it drops and the rain cranes its head to see wither the vane strains toward the wind or without a prayer the wing and there it goes supposing knows no bounds and having hounded hope there’s a rope to climb and one to fall there’s a call for all birds and a pear for the partridge tree two for tea on the orange settee and the sitter’s always starting when the irish setter sits it’s a bit of a mess and no one quite knows how to dress when all the king’s horses go suddenly norse and the morris dancers prance through anyway saving the stage and serving the scene quite coarser than expected as we find the lights neglected and the orchestra just the pits but the bits between the end and the start really made out with heart and other pieces the innards the guts sputtering all through and rummaging brews of looseleaf heart attacks strategizing the hungry lions out of their suppers giving up the bread and having fruit instead or better yet cucumbers or better even by the numbers the whole grains remaining the contrary juices staining sleepy teeth there’s no relief in sight and the bite is worse than birch beer the clear conclusion we’re wandering through and counting down under the spell the well-worn cornucopia of plastic veggies wedged into displays of the culture the ways of the people with their new England steeples and their chasers wasting away the autumn afternoons pretending to swoon at archaic sights when really the nights light themselves with fireflies surprising no one in the fastcooling grass we are crashing forward but there is the catcher and I read that book of course but it wasn’t for the course or even for par just to move farther through the cannon and closer to the spark the light in the dark of American fiction twitching with originality crawling with all-in risks and twisting ties around the trash and setting it out on the curb for everyone else to see

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

justwrite 30 august

Caffeine means well it steams fellowships off to be granted it’s enchanted with the dances it performs abnormal waves saving graces staging chases of sleep too deep to imagine therein lies the tragic but it’s all in your view if you knew the quilts to be done the songs to be spun and the yarn to be knitted you’d jump in to get it down pat where what’s at and how can I get some how to keep unnumb let’s take a road trip a doubledip let’s head on outward bound and clowning around if I don’t look right at you you’ll always be there just a rare comparison of angles trying to bangle out of time trying to realign the obstacles to make the complications fall into place rearranging the space that timed the continuum to bring again the transporter the timelapse again the warp speed we might not need in a variety of circumstances I’ll call back later and the fader on the radar screen is bleeping green neither blue nor read and I already said I’d eat alone but the drone is a bee and the leaf’s from a tree yes the pen has blue ink and the drip’s in the sink well the light can’t go off and the kid’s got a cough but there’s an end to this trend and you’re sleeping my friend

Monday, August 29, 2011

post 29 august

I am turning the other cheek into a peach counting a chicken as it catches a wave sittin’ on top of the world I have whirled a-rightround like a record baby right round left down blue foot right and left hand green what I mean to say is pretending not to care might just be the way to go there’s a show that goes on and a ground that gets stood upon and without doubts we crawl about easily for months and days the ways we find are natural the paths we pass by the doors we don’t try and these are the scenes we stage ourselves so who’s to tell what’s worth pursuing and who’s to say what I should be doing I have a list of the sort of I have plans to report but in the meantime the streamlined cannonballs are stalling out they’re catching trout at the Canadian end of the rainbow it’s a long show but on it goes the geese are fleeced but caught and released without too much trouble there’s no way to double down or up or back we lose such track it’s good we’re not trains I once was on one but now I remain unbound self-crowned I am taller than I remembered and in pictures this is levered somewhat against me as I brush against trees but the truth frees itself it’s a matter of health and the wealthy wise early risers breed feed read take heed and lean forward this is the kind of thing I say when I’m thinking about something too important to write out and so I write about its edges pressing up against the hedges and flailing out again if you know then so what and if you cut then what’s out the shouting goes on the laundry’s all wrong but the list won’t be missed just as long as these wrists keep together

Monday, August 22, 2011

justwrite 22 august

we gonna stomp that trash that cando that attitude we are the dreamers of wideawake possibility the windows in our living rooms we are assuming but not in a bad way we are zooming all along the highway not quite the danger zone not quite stallone but maybe seagal stalling on a livingroom mural whirling a hurricane that’s the story of bob dylan and patty valentine it’s a movie you see but also a song singing along with real life and racist strife but pleasant valley scenery drifts through in the time you take to thank in the time it takes the bank add up the sums and cash out its chums all the chips before they’re hatched all the yards before they’re hashed the dashers and the destroyers running hard in the morning and easy in the night it’s greenbright delight and a grin again spinning again in pleasure the measures treasured in uncommon time there are lines I cannot bring myself to say but it turns out I already have and the buzzing in my ear is an unpleasant fear I’m batting away and quite the average it turns out to be it’s evenly played it’s steadily laid out and the doubts fall off in the middle I am fiddling with the wrong instrument I cannot play the strings the yarns won’t harm any of the artists the fibers undisturbed and the nighttime sky perturbed only by stars the larger charges the cash and carry scaring ourselves with possibility but also yawning into home the feeling of reaching out for a known juice glass a mug handhugged through many mornings tea for the tillerman and also for the rest juice for the grapefruit fiends and also for the press paper-azzi-ing it up in awkward conclusions the depth of illusions plenty fine to swim in and so I do and it’s true I could make more sense it’s true my name’s not hortense but I think I’m being honest and I’m thinking that you know so gram those bananas and add some extra stanzas toward the next development a skeleton dancing in naked joy reaching for a little more to wrap around itself to toast its fragile health and to turn emptiness to wealth we are the creators and so we shall

Sunday, August 21, 2011

justwrite 21 august

this is a warmup this is practice I am making art to live life I am living art to make life under the trees the breeze grates across the phone cloning its own noise into static traffic transmitted in living numbers all across the glossy pages of imagination there are so many stations to visit the points to collect neglect themselves and toast the healths of the readers the dreamers of answers the fancy prancers and the chancellors of any season the reasons alternating in alliterative debate looking straight into the mirror and seeing something else something that wasn’t there once but now shows up twice it’s nice to get ideas it’s nice to give them too but it’s nicer true if they’re received again a standard cycle bikes with two wheels and no waiting I’m dating myself but the company’s good and the year was full the commercials were flashing and the clouds were cashing out and crashing into the ground having found more than enough solutions to dissolve the issues it’s true we’re looking for the light it’s true that dark is cooler than night but the afternoon is a safe scene and I can easily teem with silent grins when you step in and bust that move all over the sidewalk I was talking but now I’m listening waiting understating and the signal is clear enough to broadcast outlasting the birthday of the city or any nitty-gritty that’s keeping me from my ticket click it and clock it and mark it with a B or any other letter that I’d rather not forget or one you’d think should be remembered and which bustles on unfettered into further adventure the next time let’s be closer the next time I’ll answer questions the next time we’ll teach lessons more directly correctly though is the only way and so I’ll stay in line biding time and rhyming letters ready to send prepared to defend intensions to create dimensions to sing this new song without missing a beat turning right on the street that leads thataway I’m ready play on

Friday, August 19, 2011

justwrite 19 august

hovering discovering the clovers shoved out of the way the spray of the waves the saving graces the erasing the spaces we are getting things done we have strung the lights and music everywhere we scare our faces in the nighttime mirrors it’s clearer by the moment the hopeful proponents sending prompts we’ve vaunted saddles and herded cattle fiddle faddle and other sweet treats we eat ourselves silly and we travel past frilly details and openfaced sandwich sales they’re half off you know and there is snow in the air we fare well we tell ourselves stories our glorious forebearers carrying torches scorching marshmallows the fellows around the fire the whiskey spires twisting up into the sky and it surprises me when I see these words I heard them in my head I reddened in the face I replaced the cases with accusative the news we didn’t hear the fears we kept in our pockets got unlocked accidentally spilled all over the scene we mean well we can’t tell our secrets anything they don’t listen they glisten with black tea and other thoughts they ought to have bought more groceries and the ghosts with the mosties the toasty floats the ice cream boasts itself into existence the paths of least resistance fall away we cannot tell where the yellow wood ends and the less taken trend extends